• Part 13, people! Ooh, will this be an unlucky post? I don't know, possibly!
  • So! we left off with Heather and Robbie experiencing a shift to the Otherworld in Hilltop Center.

Everything was dark and bloody. The bloodied walls released a stench that would burn someone's eyes. Hanging corpses made the air smell worse than it already was. Holes in the metal grating created a hazard for whoever was lacking light. Outside the door, groaning and nasty slurping noises bounced off the walls. As the camera panned to the left, blood still moved on the floor, surrounding Heather and Robbie. When it became stationary, Heather came to and sat up. "Robbie?" she called.

The floor was so bloody that Robbie's armor was nearly camoflaged with it. He regained consciousness and rose from the floor, holding his head in pain. "Yeah...?"

Heather stood up, and looked at the tub. The bottom was covered in reddish-brown stuff. Immediately, Heather forgot her question, gained angry feelings and kicked the tub. "Did she do this too?!"

"Ow... 'she'?"

"Claudia. Some woman I met in the mall. She's crazy I think. She told me to remember her and my true self. I don't know what that means, though."

"Let's just forget about it and get out of here," Robbie said.

"Yeah, let's move," Heather said, and pulled out her now-loaded shotgun. She and Robbie opened the door to the next room, and Robbie took one last look at the room they were in. "Creepy," he said, as he stared at a small mummy-like doll which was in a wheelchair.

The halls were just like that room: bloody and it smelled bad. Most doors were now inaccessible due to holes in the grating. A few doors were lit, but they lacked the labels they once had. Heather opened one door, and she was led into another hallway, this one with an elevator.

Robbie entered the one working elevator, and Heather followed. He pressed the first floor button, so they could exit. The cage-like door to the elevator came down, and they descended. When they exited, Heather's readio emitted lots of static. Heather wanted to know where it was coming from, and she walked around the corner. There, blocking the exit, was a huge leech-like monster, with a constantly convulsing single eye, always watching.

"How will we ever get out of here?" Heather asked. When she looked at the floor, she saw a book. When she examined it, she found out it was a storybook, and it read,:

Once upon a time, there was a monster living at the gates of a village.
It was a very scary and a very bad monster.
It would catch people and crunch them up with its big teeth.
The villagers were afraid of the monster, and no one would dare approach the gates.
Everyone was stuck inside the village.
When the king heard about this, he summoned his knights.
The knights eagerly rode out to defeat the monster.
"Ha! Take that!"
Their swords slashed and their spears flashed, but the monster wouldn't die.
The monster tossed the knights into his mouth one by one, horses and all.
What was the king to do?
He fretted and fussed and paced the floor, but could think of no solution.
Soon after, the village priestess came to the castle.
She was a very kind and good person.
The king asked her to defeat the monster guarding the gates.

"The rest of the book is torn. Where is the ending?! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!" Heather said. "The monster in the story must be the monster in front of me! I better be careful or it'll gobble me up, too."

Robbie was near the monster, poking it with one of his blades.

"Robbie, what are you doing?!"

"Poking the monster. Why?"

"It could eat you! Get away from it!"


"Now we know we can't exit the building. Let's explore, maybe we can find another exit," Heather said, and opened an unlocked door. Inside was a counter, some spilled cash, and light coming from around the counter. Heather approached the light, and she saw it was an open refrigerator. It was bloody inside, and it was empty except for some pork liver. "Pork liver? I hope it's not rotten..."

Exiting the room, they reentered the elevator and headed for the fifth floor. "Heather, how do you know where to go?" Robbie asked.

"I don't know, I just get these weird feelings that tell me what to do."

The elevator door opened, and they exited the elevator. Another door was lit, so they entered that one. Inside looked like a conference room, and there was an ashtray with a lit cigarette on it. Heather saw a matchbook and a pack of cigarettes. "No more smoking for me. I quit for good," she said, and picked up the matchbook.

When they exited the room, a weird creature was slurping up blood spilled by a dead Doublehead. "Gross!" Heather said. Her voice redirected the attention of the monster, and it slowly headed for her. Heather aimed her shotgun and simply blew its anteater head clean off.

"Wow, you really changed since I fell off the train," Robbie said.

"Creepy noises and people screaming 'No!' does that to you."

Heather felt like she forgot something, so she wanted to return to the second floor. Robbie agreed and followed. When she exited the elevator, she spotted a door with a weird blood spatter which looked like a face. Heather entered, and Robbie decide to stay outside, guarding for any stupid monsters.

Inside the room was the same symbol she saw earlier, and a wilted plant. "Poor thing," she said. Heather opened the first door she saw when she entered the room. In side that room was a man with glasses, a white shirt with a brown vest, brown pants, and brown hair.

He stopped reading and said, "Heather... that's what you're called now, isn't it?"

Heather replied, "And who are you?"

"The name's Vincent. Don't forget it, okay? I'm on your side!"

"So you say... but how do I know you're not with her?"

"Her? You mean Claudia? Pleas don't lump me together with her! She was totally brainwashed by that crazy old hag! Well, crazy old hag seems a bit harsh. She is your mother, after all."

"My mother...?"

"You don't remember? Ah... so Harry didn't tell you anything. He probably hid the truth to keep you on his side, huh? He's a pretty sneaky guy."

Heather pounded on the door, and yelled, "Don't talk about my dad like that!"

"I apologize... please calm down."

"How do you know my father anyway?"

"I know everything... I know, about your past too!"

They kept talking about the same thing over and over, until...

"Doesn't this place get to you at all?"

"Oh, it gets to me all right. I find it most fascinating..."

Heather was headed for the door.

"Wait I'm not finished talking!"

"I knew you were on her side."

"How do you figure?!"

"There's something wrong with you, too," Heather finished, and left the room. She entered a room filled with stuff, and she found some oxydol. On the nearby desk was a biology book, and it mentioned how to make oxygen, and how it helps things burn.

Heather returned to the hall through another door, and Robbie was leaning on the wall. Near his feet were the corpses of five slain monsters. "Whoa. You are a killing machine."

"Thank you," Robbie said, and they headed once again to the fifth floor.

Adjacent to KMN Auto Parts was the Art Gallery. Inside, the interior was slightly altered. A few vases were broken, and a few paintings were gone, but there was one new painting. It had the caption Flame Purifies All. Under it was an empty bucket.

Heather thought quickly, and she put the liver in the bucket and poured the oxydol. Heather then lit a match and threw it in the bucket. The painting caught fire, then in a few moments, completely burned. Behind the painting was a door, and Heather went through. There was a corpse behind a grate, and six pictures, five of ears and one of a smiling mouth. Heather went down the stairs and noticed more pages of the storybook on a table. It read:

The priestess accepted the king's request and went to the village gates.
But when she saw the monster, she tried to convince it with words instead of killing it.
"Shut up, you! I'm going to eat you up!"
The monster didn't listen to a word the priestess said.
But she kept trying to convince the monster to give up.
"It's wrong to eat people, you know."
The monster grew very angry at this and attacked her, killing her with a single mighty blow.

"Poor priestess," Heather said, but then instantly forgot about it. She entered the door, and was a hallway. She walked down, and she heard wolf howling. When she continued, there was scarce light, glass, and a lone wheelchair. This was eerie.

Robbie explored the other parts of Hilltop Center, and he entered a small room called One Stop Imports. There were silver coins scattered all over a table, and Robbie took one. He then looked at the rest of them, and took those, too. He used one coin and put it in a vending machine, where he received a can. It felt empty, and when he shook it, there was loud rattling. He opened the can and shook out what was in there. Out fell a key to Elberton Life Insurance.

Heather got lost, so she returned to the first floor. When she arived, Robbie was by the life insurance office trying to open the door. "Here, Robbie, let me do it," she said, and took the key. She opened the door and walked inside. She strolled down the hall and spotted Slurpers, but she ran in the unlocked door instead of fightinf them.

In this room was lots of blood spatters, and some gurneys and cots and stuff. There were also the bloodied end pages of the fairy tale.

The king and his people shed tears at the death of the kind priestess.
God took pity upon them and, granting their wishes, healed the priestess.
The priestess opened her eyes just as she had done every morning of her life.
She went once more to the monster's lair.
"Fool! You wish to die again?"
"No... this time it's your turn."
The priestess had come to defeat the monster once and for all.
As the priestess was very very kind, she felt sad about this task.
But it had to be done.
"Swords and spears won't work. Arrows and bullets will just bounce off. You can't kill me," the monster laughed.
But the priestess used neither sword nor spear. She chanted but a single spell.
Do you know what happened then?
The monster let out a huge cry and then died and vanished!
Thus the villagers were able to use their gates once more.
Everyone lavished their gratitude upon the priestess, and they all lived happily ever after.

"TU FUI, EGO ERIS? Weird writing."

Out from somehwere on the floor, a monster roared in pain.

"*Gasp*! What was that?!"

Heather and Robbie returned to the exit of the building, and the monster was gone. It was not in sight. They were able to leave the building once and for all.

When Robbie and Heather opened the door, a bright white light filled the building.

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