• Part 12, people! I have so much spare time and quite little imagination that I made like, 20 million blog posts in a week! Most of which are bad!
  • Here's another episode of Stupid Questions! Today's Q's are...
  • Was Robbie's return a miracle or a curse?
  • Should Robbie have a catchphrase?
  • Is Hilltop Center actually interesting?
  • Should I make more Parts to this story?
  • So! We left off with Heather and Robbie discussing Heather's catchphrase.

"Wow, I wish I thought of that catchphrase before."

"Ha, ha! It's copyrighted now!" Heather said, and noticed ammo and a health drink on the other side of the shelf. "I'm gonna get that stuff!" she said, and ran around the shelf. "Shotgun ammo! Yes!" she said, happy.

A high pitched scream came from somewhere in the room. "OMFG, OMFG, WHO SCREAMED??!!" she shouted hysterically.

Robbie looked at eather and said, "What happened? Did I miss something?"

"Someone screamed! Who did it?!"

"I don't know, I wasn't paying attention."

"Cheap basta- OMFG, IT'S BLEEDING!!" Heather screamed. She saw the mannequin, now with its head severed. She took her pipe and started beating the hell out of it.

"Heather, there's no use beating a dead horse."


"Not an actual dead horse! It's an expression!"


After a few minutes of telling Heather to stop beating the mannequin, they managed to start exploring the building. There were many offices, but only a few were open. Monica's Dance Studio was one of them. Heather stepped inside the office and spotted a map on the table. "Hill...Top... Center. Hilltop Center. We're in an office building called Hilltop Center!"

"Good for you! You can read!" Robbie said.

"Ha, ha. So we're in a place called Monica's Dance studio and... hey, what's in that drawer?" Heather said, curious. She went to the drawer and tried to open it, but it was stuck fast. "Robbie, a little help?"

Robbie pulled on the drawer, breaking it. Inside the drawer was some rope.

"Rope? They make the drawer stuck so people can't get to some rope?! What, was this guy planning suicide?"

"No, I think it was just an accident."

"Oh, okay. I'm taking the rope," Heather said. They exited the office and entered an elevator. Robbie pressed the fifth floor button and it ascended. When the door opened, they explored the floor. They found an open office, and they walked into KMN Auto Parts. There's lots of car-related things in here."

"I can see that. Over there's a jack."

"What would we need that for?"

"I don't know, but I think you should take it."

"Okay, I will. There's an art gallery nearby. I want to check out the art!" Heather said enthusiastically.

They exited KMN and entered the Gallery of Fine Arts. Inside were a few paintings and vases on display. "Hey look at this. There's a price tag on it... 5000?! Man, what a world."

"I could easily paint the same thing. With blood! Mwahahaha!!" Robbie said.

"Cool! I wish I could do that! Anyway, there's a storage room over here. I'm gonna check out what's inside," Heather said, and opened the door. Inside was a stand holding three katanas. "Those... are... awesome! I'm gonna take one. Stolen! Oh! Score seven for Thief Heather!"


"Yeah! I stole a handgun, a shotgun, a pipe, a maul, a monster field gude, a flashlight, a radio, and... oh, wait, that's eight. Score eight for Thief Heather!"

"Whoa. But I don't care, since I've killed thousands of things."

"Yeah! Partners in crime! And I'll use my new katana! Two would have been cool, but it would be too heavy for me to carry. Oh, well. Down to the second floor, Robbie."

"Kay." Robbie said, and they headed for the elevator.

They approached the elevator, but the 2nd floor button was broken. "Let's check the other elevator. No! This is broken too! There's no elevator here! It's only open a little!"

"Hey, you could use the jack!"

"I could! Yeah!" Heather agreed, and put the jack between the doors. She widened the doors until the jack stopped moving. The door was open wide enough for them to squeeze through. Robbie went through and entered the floor below them. "Robbie, I hate when you do that! Wait for me!" she said, and tied the rope to someting on the floor. She climbed down and entered through the open elevator doors below the floor. "We could try the stairs," Heather said. The door was open, so they went to the second floor. The only open office was ECHO Interiors and Floor Fashions, so they entered that. Inside were display items for the bathroom. The tub there had a dark stain at the bottom. "Gross," Heather said.

"There's a back door, so I suggest we go there," Robbie said.

"Okay, we could..." she said, and she and Robbie entered.

There was a lone bathtub and a few shelves. Heather approached the tub, and opened the faucet, but nothing came out. " *Scoff* I knew it," she said. When she took a second look, blood started filling the tub. Immediately, Heather got a terrible headache. She doubled over and cried out in pain. The walls and floor were starting to be covered in moving blood and rust.

Robbie watched it happen, and tried to help Heather, but he started to feel light-headed. He started limping toward Heather despite slight pain, but then he fell over, and lay flat on his back, falling unconscious.

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