• Part 11! Wow! Is it dying out yet?
  • So! We left off with Heather crying her eyes out.

Heather soon recovered after flooding the room with her tears. She stood up and opened the door at the other end of the room. A "keep out" sign had fallen off the door, but Heather failed to notice it. She entered the room, and there was a metal bridge over a deep pit of water. There were some spots of blood in the water. "There's something in there...!" Heather said. She took out the heair dryer and plugged it in the socket. She turned it on and threw it into the water. Electrical crackles were heard in the room. After a few seconds, a monster's tentacles rose to the water's surface. "Whoa. That thing..."

Heather walked across the bridge and opened the door. There was another lit hallway, with a flight of stairs on each side. She walked down the first flight, and kept going. As she walked, she heard overhead cacophony. It was annoying her. Heather then walked up the other flight, and opened the door. There was more stairs, and it led to a manhole leading to the surface. She walked, and heard the same noises she heard earlier in the hallway she was just in.

Walking up another flight of stairs, she finally reached a ladder leading to the entrance of a manhole. She removed the cover and climbed out. 'Yes! *breathes* Fresh air!" she said. Heather walked around the building she was next to. She walked, and then she heard gravel crunching. Heather turned off her flashlight and leaned up against the wall, hoping whatever was there didn't see her, and she took out her pipe in case it did. She saw a faint shadow cast by the scarce light round the corner of the building. She stopped breathing so the monster wouldn't hear her. It came around the corner, and Heather saw it. It was limping, and she saw blood, blades, and an ivory horn on a helmet. It limped by, and it made small noises of pain Heather could barely hear. It was holding its tail, keeping it from touching the floor. Heather walked away from the wall and turned on her flashlight. There, injured, was Robbie.

"Robbie!" Heather cried, and hugged the bloody armor Robbie wore. Her vest got stained with blood, but she didn't mind. She was just happy to see Robbie again. "Robbie, what happened?"

"I don't know," Robbie said in a broken, distorted voice. "I was outside of the train car, then something forced me off. I don't know what it was, though. When I hit the tracks, my tail fractured in four places, which isn't good. I think I sprained my ankle. I don't know what I did. And I forgot how I got here."

"I'm glad you're here with me again. I nearly got killed in the sewers! Hopefully your blades are okay."

"One is broken, but the other one is fine."

"Crap! Well, I got a pipe, so, let's enter this place."

Heather and Robbie entered the building and walked up the stairs up to the fourth floor. There were loud noises, but Heather shook them off after the incidents in the underpass and in the sewers. There was a huge hole in this floor, and there were no accessible stairs or ladders around. Heather noticed the spot in the wall that was a different color. "Robbie, hit that wall." He used his free hand to punch the wall, crumbling it. Out fell a silencer and a pair of legs were visible from behind the plastered wall. "Whoa, that's nasty. Hey, a silencer! Awesome!"

Robbie examined the huge hole in the ground, then jumped in.

"Robbie! Why did you do that?!"

"Just jump down, I'll catch you."

"With those sharp claws you have? Hell no!"

"Then find another way down here."

"Screw those claws, I'M JUMPING!!" Heather shouted, and jumped down.

Robbie caught her and put her down. This floor was crappier than the floor above them. "Whoa, did Godzilla come in here and take a shi-"

"Quiet, Heather! I hear a monster!"


Outside the room, two Pendulums were floating around. Robbie stepped outside and the Pendulums headed straight for him. He stabbed one and threw it into the dark abyss. The other one dodged the blade and retreated. Robbie leaped for the Pendulum and grasped it, and he and the monster plunged into the darkness below.

"Robbie! Again?!!" Heather shouted.

A few moments later, Heather heard wings flapping against the slight downward wind. The flapping got louder and louder, and finally, Robbie returned up to the light, holding one of the two torsos of the Pendulum in each hand. His torn bat-like wings let him return to shocked Heather.

"O. M. G. You have demon wings!"

"Yep. But they hurt. Past injuries and this Pendulum's blades tore them. It hurts to fly, so I try not to."

"Ooh! I have a murdering, bloody, scary, demon-winged friend!"

"Sure you do. Come on, let's get across this scaffolding. It looks old, so it might fall," Robbie said, landing on the scaffolding, tucking his wings in behind the armor on his back.

Heather and Robbie traversed the scaffolding and came across a window into another building. "Let's go in here, Robbie. It's cold out here," Heather said, faking a shiver.

"Okay," Robbie agreed, and stepped in the window. Inside were two chairs and a table with papers on them. On a small table in the corner was a coffee pot.

"Hey, this is still warm... someone is in here!" Heather said.

"Good, I'm tired," Robbie said, and picked up the pot. He tried drinking the coffee, but his helmet got in the way and it all spilled on the floor. "Damn it."

"Here, let's open this door," Heather said, and opened the door. Out in the hall was a catalog. "Store Front Poseables. It's a catalog for mannequins. Hey! They don't have clothes on! Nasty!"

"Store Front Poseables is the name of the office we're in. The catalog is called, Mannequins of the World."

"Oh, right. Let's just get out of here. Mannequins creep me out," Heather said. She walked down the hall and turned a corner. She opened a door, and inside were tons of mannequin parts. "Screw this, I'm leaving!!" Heather shouted, and opened the nearby door. There were Insane Cancers in there. "Screw that, too!"

Robbie explored the mannequin storage room, and observed a standing mannequin. "This is the only one with a head. The others are headless, but I feel like they can still see me or something. Ick."

"Hey! I was supposed to say that!" Heather growled.

"You weren't in here, so too bad!"

"Screw you!"

"Is that your catchphrase?"

"Yeah. Do you like it?"

"Oh, I love it!"

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