• Part 10. Wow. It made it this far! WOW!! But I'm sure it'll die out pretty soon. Whatever. Anyway, It's time for my Stupid Questions segment! Today's questions are:
  • We saw what happened to Robbie. Are you outraged, or happy?
  • Are any characters really grabbing your attention, and you enjoy their presence?
  • Are any characters becoming boring, or need more "screen time"?
  • So! We left off with Robbie being pulled out of the train by something on the train roof.

"Robbie! Why? WHY?!" Heather cried out, tears streaming down her face. "I know he's just a monster in bloody armor, but he was a good friend. Why did he have to go?! Waa!!" she sobbed. Puddles formed by her feet. "Pull yourself together! I have to go home. Just, let him leave your thoughts. There! He's gone. Time to exterminate!! RAAAH!!" she screamed, forgetting about Robbie. She pumped her shotgun and kicked open the door to the next car. Numb Bodies were walking around and being retarded. Heather shot them with her shotgun, blasting off their heads, and they bled out. She opened the door to the next car, and saw a huge Numb Body. She aimed and fired. It fell down dead. Opening the next car, she saw it was empty. The lights flickered down the car, making weird lighting. Heather didn't hesitate to open the next door. In the car, on the floor, was an Insane Cancer. It got up when her flashlight shone in its eyes, and it hobbled over to her. Heather pumped the shotgun, aimed, and shouted, "EAT LEAD, BITCH!!"

The shotgun blast formed a huge hole in its body, and it fell over. "A job well done, Heather," she told herself. Striding into the next car, she was ready for anything, except for the sudden stop of the train. The force threw Heather to the floor, flinging the shotgun out of her reach. "Damn it." Heather got up and retrieved the gun. The doors opened, and Heather stepped out. She took one last look at the train, and realized there was no conductor's car. "Holy crap, this was driven by a ghost."

Heather walked away from the train, and the doors closed. She walked over to the wall, and there was graffiti all over. One piece said, "Dragon". Near the graffiti was the same blood-colored symbol Heather saw earlier. "This symbol is among the graffiti here. I'll touch it again...!




Whoa, such a weird feeling. Like someone's peekin' into my brain...." Heather said. She looked around at her surroundings. This was completely strange to her. She'd never been here before. And at the end of the wall was a pathway, and there were stairs. "Where does this lead?" she asked herself. She headed that way, and pumped the shotgun, ready for anything.

She walked down the stairs, and the walls started changing to a blood-like color. "Uh, weird," she said. The walls continued to be that color until she reached a large metal door. There, they changed back to the grey concrete color. "How bland... blah." She turned the valve and opened the door. It was another concrete hallway. Blue doors and other large doors were here, too. Fences and orange cones were near the ends of hallways. Heather opened one door and saw a locker on the floor. It was badly bent, and a big, spiked, rounded weapon was embedded in it. Heather picked up the weapon, and noticed the map on the wall. It was stained with blood on one corner, but Heather didn't mind. The other two lockers were not dented, but they leaked blood, and the strong smell of it was wafting around the room.

After taking the maul, Heather opened the door to the next hallway. This hall was well lit, and a pipe or two were on the floor. The ceiling and walls had a light blue tint to them. While she walked, Heather heard moaning of some sort, like from a ghost.

Ooooooh, hhooo, ooohh, hooooooooooOOOooooh... OoooooooooooooOoooh...

"Creepy," Heather told herself. She really wished Robbie was by her side. He would've made some stupid remark, but that would've made her happy right about now. The moaning was not creepy, it was frightening, scary, nightmare-giving. Heather actually started to shiver from fear. She thought she would have a heart attack because of her eerie surroundings. She held her shotgun closer to her, just waiting for something to come and attack her. She opened the next door, and two things walking on their blades were in front of her. Heather screamed and shot them with the shotgun, unaware that she was actually closing her eyes. Her shots missed, and one monster started screeching and grinding, and it started to fly in the air. "Aah! Oh, hell, I'm gonna die! Robbie! Aaah!! HELP!" she screamed, and shot the monsters point-blank in their heads. They both started making noises while they were squirming on the floor, but Heather didn't care, and she stomped on them.

She had time, so she looked in her stolen monster field guide and looked up what they were. "Pendulums. Monsters made of two torsos stuck together with a metal contraption. Makes screeching noises and can fly. Has very sharp blades. Best dealt with using firearms."

That's the writer's favorite monster.

"Seriously? I never knew that. Wow, we learn something every day!" Heather said. She grabbed her shotgun closer to her again and walked down the hall. She entered a room with crates of wine bottles. Only one bottle was empty. "Let me take one with me for some reason..." She left the room and kept walking.

She went too far down one hall, and she heard a high-pitched voice saying something close to "No!"

Heather ran away the opposite direction, and had a cold sweat, like she awoke from a nightmare. She stopped running and tried to catch her breath. She was certain that whoever said "No!" was after her. She ran down another hall, trying to get away from the voice. Numb Bodies and Pendulums got in her way, and without Robbie, she took a while taking them down. She was on the last Numb Body, and aimed at it, and pulled the trigger.


"Oh, no."

Click. Click. Click.

"Damn!" Heather said, and pulled out her pipe. The Numb Body bashed her with its head, and knocked Heather down. It was looking down at her, ready to pull off another hit. But Heather didn't want to die. Nope, not Heather. She took her pipe and thrust it into the Numb Body's eyehole. It instantly died, and Heather got up. She pulled out the pipe, and a nasty crack! came from the Numb Body after Heather broke its skull. She dusted off her vest and continued on her way.

She entered a small, dark room with a kerosene heater. Heather wondered what to do. Then she remembered the wine bottle. "I'll fill this bottle with that stuff, and... okay." She filled the bottle with what was left in the heater. She left that room, walked, and entered a similar room. In here was a hoist and a flooded ladder. The hoist was out of fuel, so Heather dumped the kerosene into the tank. She pulled the switch, and the ladder immediately drained. Heather noticed the hoist stopped working right after. "It's stopped. Maybe I ought have used gasoline instead?" Heather headed over to the ladder and climbed down. It smelled really bad, but Heather got over it quickly.

Heather walked along the path until she saw one room with a bunch of trash. "Is this where trash found in the sewers goes? And hey... what's a wheelchair doing down here? That dryer looks usable. I'll take it, though my hair does not need it!" she exited the room, and entered another, and this room had a desk with some papers. The papers were not important, but they had today's date on them. "Creepy," Heather said. She suddenly felt extremely sad and depressed, so she took a seat at the desk. Her eyes started to water, and she knew a song that was perfect for the moment... sort of:

Blue sky to forever

The green grass blows in the wind, dancing

It would be a much better sight with you, with me

If you hadn't met me

I'd be fine on my own, baby

I never felt so lonely then you came along

So now what should I do?......

Heather sat at the desk and cried until she could cry no more.

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