• Part 8, homies of the street- er, Wiki! Okay, So I thought, if this gets successful, that every two parts (so, like, every even-numbered Part including this one), I will ask a question. Or more. Today's questions are...
  • You've met five characters so far (I think): Heather Mason, the Happy Burger employee, Douglas Cartland, Claudia Wolf, and Robbie the Blood Knight. Which is your favorite so far and why?
  • Which character needs more speaking roles/action/development?
  • Should I add more characters? If yes, who do you suggest?
  • So! We left off with Robbie and Heather going into a dark abyss in the Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center.

Heather slowly went down the ladder, worrying that she might fall off. When she finally made it to the bottom, Robbie was there, waiting.

"What took you so long?" Robbie asked.

"Um, nothing. What are we doing down here?" Heather asked. Then, a loud noise echoed in the darkness. Heather turned around, and saw that the ladder was broken. Something was down there with them. "Oh, no. How will I get out?!"

"Don't worry. We'll find a way," Robbie said, and then more noises echoed around them. There were six huge holes around them, and it seemed the noise was coming from all of them. The middle hole in front of them had a metal grate, and it was the only one with it. Loud noises came from it, and then, a huge worm-like thing broke the grate and roared.

"Holy crap, we're gonna die! That thing's gonna kill us! Aah!" Heather screamed, and ran around the perimeter of the room, flailing her arms around. Robbie extended both gauntlet blades and was ready for battle.

The worm hit the ground, and caused a small earthquake, causing Heather to lose her footing, but she recovered and still ran around. Robbie was able to stay still, his claws were digging into the ground. He dashed at the worm, stabbing its inner flesh. The worm recoiled, and retreated into its hole. It appeared behind him, and shook the earth again. Robbie jumped high, and landed on top of the worm, slicing its tough outer skin, revealing more inner flesh. The worm cried out, and shook Robbie off it. Heather, however, kept running and screaming like a little girl, crashing into the wall once or twice.

Split Worm retreated back into its hole, then suddenly rushing out, trying desperately to grab Robbie. Robbie kept landing blows, so the worm decided to focus its attention on Heather instead. She was doing nothing helpful, now, was she? So the worm retreated, and waited in the hole until Heather ran by. It quickly exited the hole and grabbed Heather's leg, dragging her into the hole.

"Robbie! Help!" she shrieked.

"Heather!" Robbie shouted, and ran into the worm's hole. The worm exited through the other side, and went into the open space, thrashing its head about, hoping to tear Heather apart. Robbie ran out of the opposite hole at full speed, and stuck out both blades in front of him, and leaped at the worm's head. The blades pierced the worm's flesh, and it started bleeding heavily, which caused it to drop Heather. It bled out most of its blood, and it collapsed, now dead. Then both exhausted Robbie and miraculously unscathed Heather dropped to the floor, now unconscious.

Heather was the first to get up, and she saw the mall back to its normal state. "It's the mall, just like it was before..."

"Ow, my head... oh, hey, Heather. Did you see that thing? That worm?" Robbie asked while rising from the floor.

"Yeah, I did. Let's get out of here. The exit's this way," Heather said, and she and Robbie walked down the hall, passing by the Happy Burger. Heather looked inside and yelled, "Hey, Pizza Face! What time is it?"

"12:30. Why? I know you have a watch, and, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING??!!!!" the employee screamed.

"Oh, him? That's Robbie, my friend," Heather replied.

"Robbie?!! What kind of name is that for a freaky thing?!" the employee said, his voice getting higher.

"Uh... a good name? Look, he's a good friend, and a powerful one, too!"

Robbie made gestures of slight embarassment, anger, and evil happiness.

"Aah! Just... get that thing away! What else do you want?!"

"That's it. I just wanted to know what time is it. Oh, and what's your name, Acne Apple?"

"J-Joe. Joe C-Car-Carpenter."

"Joe? Well, okay. see yah," Heather said, walking away. Robbie extended a blade toward Joe, and he screamed. Robbie laughed, and followed Heather out through the double doors.

Heather and Robbie were heading out, then Douglas rose from a bench. "Heath- OMFG WHAT IS THAT?!"

"My friend Robbie. What do you want?"

"What just happened? And that monster... what the hell was that?"

"I don't know. Things are getting really screwy around here, and I think it has something to do with me."

"What's so special about you anyway?"

"If I knew that I wouldn't be so confused, would I? I'm taking the subway home."

"What should I do?"

"Hell if I know," Heather said, and she and Robbie went down the stairs and into the subway.

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