• Part 7. Wow. Seven parts in like, what, two days? I probably will never stop making useless... *sniff*... stories starring my hero. Seriously, Heather's my hero.
  • So! We left off with Heather naming her new friend Robbie.

"Okay, Robbie, I have a wire hanger, yet I have no idea what to do with it."

"Let's just go over here, in this place."

"AAAH!! I have a scary armored friend! I feel so happy I can't stay still!" Heather squealed.

"Shh, monsters will hear us. In fact, I hear one now. A Doublehead," Robbie whispered. "Get a weapon ready."

Heather pulled out her switchblade.

"Do you have anything better?" Robbie asked.

"I have a pistol."

"Then use it!"

"But it's empty."

"Oh, wow. Then just stick with the blade."

"Okay. Gasp! There it is!"

The Doublehead walked around in front of them, and spotted some fresh monster meat in the women's bathroom. It smelled it, then chomped on it.

"*Gasp*! CANNIBAL!" Heather shouted.

The Doublehead dropped the meat in its mouth and dashed toward Heather.

"IDIOT!" Robbie shouted, and extended a blade, impaling the Doublehead right between the two head halves. Its body split completely in half. Both halves split apart in the air, and stopped on both Heather's right and left sides.

"THAT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" Heather said.

"Thanks. Now, try not to do that again. I don't want you to be in danger."

"Awww... is it 'cause you love me...?"

"Hell no, it's because you asked me to."

"Oh. Well... on with the story!"

A few minutes later, Heather and Robbie came across a room with a ladder in it. Heather reached for it, but she was too short. "Uh, a little help, Robbie?"

"Use the hanger, dipstick."

"Oh, right. Heh, heh," Heather said, and took out the hanger. She straightened it out, and pulled down the ladder. "Wow! That was brilliant, Robbie!"

"I know," Robbie replied, and they both climbed the ladder. Their first sight up there was a bloody stretcher.

"Ew! This isn't a hospital! What is this doing here?" Heather asked.

"Don't know. Hey, let's go in here... er... the Chinese Restaurant."

"Kay. Maybe I could get a little something to eat in there," Heather said, and followed Robbie inside. They walked in, and on the table was a cooked dog.

"Was that what you wanted to eat, Heather?" Robbie asked.

Heather looked at him, then started to gag.

"I guess not. Hey, there's something in the dog's stomach," Robbie said, and reached in. Heather ran to the nearby trash can and vomited. "Whoa. You okay?" he asked, pulling out a key from the dog.

"No... I don't wanna touch that key. At all!" Heather replied, and puked again.

"The key is for a place called 'Cafe Paradise Noon'. Let's go there."

"Okay..." Heather said, and vomited for the final time.

When they got to Paradise Noon, Robbie used the cooked key and he and Heather walked inside. On the wall a pipe burst, and steam was leaking. Robbie walked over to the pipe and tore it out from the wall. "Here, Heather. Take this. It's much better than that knife you have."

"Thanks, Robbie. Whoa, it's hot! Ah! Ah! AH!"

"You'll be fine. Here, let's go through these doors," he said, and they walked out. They walked around the second floor, and Heather asked him questions.

"So, Robbie, what were you doing in the women's bathroom?"

"I was fighting monsters, and I grabbed a Doublehead and ran into a stall to kill it. Also, I was in there to find you," Robbie replied.

"Interesting. Okay, let's go in here," Heather said, and entered a small room with jewelery. "Check this out! A walnut! Oh, but I can't open it. Hey... this doesn't sound like a walnut's even inside! Let's find a nutcracker!"

"Okay, fine with me. Let's go," Robbie said, and they went up a non-functioning escalator. There was a door on the third floor with a red crescent and a small space next to it.

"Hey, Robbie, look at this door. It says,

'Piling up the 300th day and night
From beyond the door,
cries of pain are heard
And the final destination
has become real
Though not a blessed beginning'."

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"I don't know. But this small space is kinda suspicious. Hey look, a sports shop! Let's go!" Heather said, and ran to the shop. She and Robbie entered, and saw stains on the wall and tables shaped like humans. "Whoa. This looks like it was used for torture... whatever. Hey, a vise! Let's use it to crack this nut!" she said, and stuffed the walnut in the vise. She tightened it, and the nut broke. Inside was a moonstone. "Well, I can't eat this," she said, and threw it over her shoulder.

"Heather, we can use this to open the door!" Robbie said, catching the moonstone midair.

"Oh, yeah! We can! Let's go, Robbie!" Heather said, and went to the door. She took the stone and placed it in the door. It unlocked, and they were led to the center of the third floor. In the middle was a long ladder leading to the ground. "We... gotta... go... down there?" Heather asked.

"Yep. See ya at the bottom!" Robbie said, and jumped into the darkness.

Heather went on the ladder and slowly climbed down.

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