• Hello, once again. These things are barely being read, but screw it, I'll still write sequels for those who were nice enough to read my work. THANK YOU!
  • So! We left off with Heather entering the red-shoe-labeled women's bathroom.

Heather opened the bathroom door, and walked inside. "This place looks like trash," Heather said. "It's like if Godzilla ate someone and puked in here." She walked in, and remembered the last stall. "Hello, is someone still in there?" she asked, knocking on the door.

It knocked back.

"Damn, you're still in there? Did you eat a really bad enchilada or something?" Heather said. "Screw this, I'm leaving," she said, and walked away. Then the stall door opened. Its squeaking annoyed Heather. "You're doing this on purpose, huh? HUH?!" She pulled out her pistol. "This is it, step out with your hands up! You annoyed me for the last time!"

Nothing moved.

"Dammit, get out here!! Don't make me come over there!"

Still nothing.

"That's it, you little- gah, I'm coming over there!!" Heather yelled at the person in the stall. She stomped over there and pointed the pistol in the stall- only to find nothing but blood. The walls and the toilet were completely covered in blood, and no one was to be seen inside. "Where are you, you little shi-" Heather attempted to say, but she was interrupted by a dog's yelp. Whining and crying came from the next stall. "Whoa. What is that?" she said, and walked out from the bloody stall. The adjacent stall had blood leaking from under it. Heather stepped a little closer and bent down to examine the blood. Then, a long blade penetrated through the stall door, not even an inch above Heather's head.

"Oh! Oh, hell! I'm gonna die! For reals this time!!" she exclaimed.

The blade retracted back into the stall, and it opened. The corpse of a Doublehead tumbled out, a huge hole in its chest. A three-toed scaled foot stomped on its head, crushing it like an insect. Heather watched in horror as a humanoid, armored thing walked out of the stall. It was completely covered in bloody armor, with small pieces of gore stuck to it. An ivory horn portruded from the front of its bloody helmet, and two shards of metal similar to the horn jutted toward the back of the helmet. Its spiked tail flopped behind its body. The bladed gauntlets completed its horrific look. The gauntlets covered its forearms and had three spikes on the left and right sides, and two-foot-long blades were in the center of them, but only one foot of them actually touched the gauntlet. The other foot of the blades were used to stab things, and the blades were retractable, too.

"What the hell are you?!" Heather shouted.

The thing stared at her with lit eyes and said in a distorted voice, "I am the Blood Knight."

"Such a long name. Can I call you... Heather?"

"You'll confuse people, so no."

"Darn. How about... Robbie?"

"Robbie? Uh... that sounds childish, but I don't give a damn. Whatever."

"Awesome! Will you come with me?"

"For what?"

"I can't be alone! Actually, yes, I can, but I don't want to be, since this place is extremely weird. And creepy. And... wait a minute! You're the one who hit me in the head!" Heather realized.

"I am, but I did it for a good reason," Robbie responded.

"Which is...?"

"I'll tell you later. Now is not the right time. So, are you going somewhere?"

"Yes, I am. Come with me, please! I've seen weird stuff, you included, and I don't think I can take any more weirdness alone!! I forgive your stupid action, so come on! Come with me!"

"Thank you. And I will travel with you."

"Thank you! I have a new friend! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now! Yeah! I got an armored friend! Come on, Robbie! Let's get out of here!"

Robbie now thinks he regrets letting Heather call him that.

"Hey! I'm a monster! I'm no 'he'! I'm an 'it'!"

So what. Saying "he" is a bit less confusing, don't 'cha think?

"Well, okay, whatever. READERS!! Remember, the story says 'he' but in reality, I have no gender. I'm like a Pokémon! Or another monster in Silent Hill! Remember that, kids! Though it really isn't important."

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