• What's up, homies? Here's another hopeless attempt at a fanfic. So... if the others were good, then, hopefully you'll enjoy this too.
  • So! We left off with Heather meeting a eyebrowless woman who was apparently late.

Heather walked back into the hallway and looked at the end where the woman was. There she was, waiting there... staring at Heather.

"So um..." Heather said.

"Just shut up and play along. Ahem. They have come to witness the beginning. The rebirth of Paradise despoiled by mankind."

"What does that mean?"

"I am Claudia."

"So what?"

"Remember me... and your true self as well, also that which you must become. The one who will lead us to Paradise with blood stained hands."

"Claudia... right? Did you do all this?"

"It was the hand of God."

"Aaah! That hurts! Wicked migraine!"

Claudia walked away, mocking Heather's pain. "Ooh, my head hurts! Ooh! Wicked migraine!"

"Shut up! This really hurts! Aah!"

"I don't care. Hate me. It's important to hate me. See yah," Claudia said, leaving sight.

"Aaaaaaah.... I don't get it. What does she want me to remember?"

After recovering from that severe headache, Heather walked down the hall where Claudia went. There were only jammed doors and an elevator. Heather pressed the button and called the elevator, and the doors opened. She walked in, and was going to press a button. The preoblem was... there were no buttons. There was a dark square where the buttons were supposed to be. Then the elevator started going down. "Woo. AAAH! MY EARS!" Heather exclaimed.

A few seconds later, Heather heard static. ssssssssssssssssssssss.

"Where the hell is that coming from?"

Then a small red radio fell through the hole in the elevator.

"Awesome! A replacement for my crappy radio! Aww, it's broken! There's nothing but static. Dammit, it's broken. But I'll take it anyway. Hey, the doors opened! Wha- another elevator? Wow. WOW." Heather said. She walked into the other elevator, which looked like a bloody rusty cage. The doors to the other elevators closed, and then a cage-like door closed the elevator Heather was currently on. "Whoa. What is that noise?" Then a monster appeared and was with another monster on the other side of the elevator. "CRAP!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Heather tried to get out, but the cage-door wouldn't budge. Then that elevator started going down. "Not even a kid could believe in this... yeah right. I could believe in this. In fact, I do!" And the elevator kept going down, not stopping.

When it finally reached the bottom, Heather stepped out. It was dark, and the walls were covered in rust and blood, with small abounts of black mold. All of that created shapes in the wall that looked creepy. One even looked like an upside-down girl. Heather was nearly blind because of the darkness, but she could still hear the sloppy eating noises of nearby Doubleheads. She spotted one eating a chunk of meat, and she readied her pistol. She aimed and fired at the dogs, killing them one by one.

Heather spent half-hour looking around the creepy Otherworld mall, and she found a flashlight. She returned to the small boutique, and picked up a hanger. "What do I need a hanger for...? Whatever, I'll just take it." Heather walked by a hallway. All the doors were jammed in the area except for the bathroom. Heather had no choice but to enter the bathroom for now.

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