• Part 9! Aaah! I actually got this far? Naw, it's just a dream. Just a dream... Just a dream...


  • So! We left off with Heather and Robbie entering the Hazel Street Station subway.

The stairs were really thin, and Heather tripped once or twice because of the smallness of the steps. "Was this made for midgets or what?!"

"Just be careful. Maybe it's those boots. Get a new pair of footwear."

"Hellz no! I love these boots! My father gave me these boots! You can't take them from me! AAAAHH!!!"

"Jeez, sorry. Hey, lookit, a cat food ad, Growing strong and healthy... Minmo! Ha! Such a funny name for cat food," Robbie said.

"Yeah, it is!" Heather said. There were many ads along the walls, one for cat food, one for make up, one for a magazine... et cetera. The place looked run-down, like no one had used it for years. There were torn ads, littered newspapers, and other trash. Heather was looking for the Bergen Street train on platform 3.

"Platform 3... where is that? I don't have a map," Robbie said.

"Just follow me, I know the way," Heather said, and walked ahead of Robbie. They got to the turnstiles, and Heather put in her ticket. The turnstiles didn't work for some reason. "Come on, eat the ticket, EAT THE TICKET!! DAMN! IT'S BROKEN!" Heather yelled in anger.

"Hey, the gate over there is open," Robbie said.

"Huh? Oh, heh, heh. Why isn't this closed? Ooh, a cheap bastard didn't want to pay, so he opened the gate!"

"Or... maybe it's broken or an employee left it open?"

"Oh, well, that too. But, hey, we're over on this side, so who gives an f ?"

"No one. Okay, where do we go now?"

"Down here. It should leat to Platform two, which will lead to Platform three. I think. Whatever, let's try."

"Okay," Robbie agreed, and they went down the steps.

"Damn steps!" Heather said, nearly tripping.

"It's the boots..." Robbie said.

"GODDAMMIT, IT'S NOT THE BOOTS!!" Heather yelled at Robbie.

Most of the gates down there were broken, except for one, with a bolt and chain closing it.

"We need a nutcracker," Robbie said.

"Yeah... but where will we get one?" Heather asked.

"I don't know. Let's look around, maybe we'll find one."

"Okay. Hey... why did you say 'nutcracker'?"

" I'm psychic."

"Okay, good enough. Let's check down here. Whoo, there's lots of trash here. And hey! Here's a nutcracker. Damn! I can't move it!"

"Let me try... there, it moves. Let's go back upstairs," Robbie said. While they were heading back to the stairs, they heard a monster's cry.

"That sounded like, Eeeyaaahhhrrrr," Heather said.

"Yeah, it sure did. I heard it, too, Heather," Robbie said. "I wonder where it came from?"

"A Numb Body? Those things with extremely severe varicose veins? Y'know, fish with legs?"

"No, it didn't sound like that. It sounded more high-pitched. And scarier."

"Let's just forget about it, let's get back to that gate."

Heather and Robbie made it back to the gate, and Robbie cracked the bolt closing the gate. It opened, and Platform 4 was open. They walked, and saw a train car. Heather walked in, and saw a wrapped gift box. "Ooh, stolen!" she said, and stole the shotgun that was inside. Heather heard snarling and growling when she approached the box. Robbie, outside the car, heard snoring. He turned around, and saw the fattest thing ever blocking the stairs.

"Whoa, look, Heather. Turn off your flashlight and sneak past it. We can go up the other way," Robbie said.

"Okay. I got an awesome shotgun!"

"Good for you, now, shh!" Robbie whispered, and they walked past the Insane Cancer. It sat up, and Heather and Robbie held their breath. Then it lay back down.

"Whoo," Heather said, and they kept walking. They went up the stairs, then tried maneuvering through the station, and they finally found Bergen Street.

"Heather, there's a door over there. Let's see if it's open," Robbie said.

"Kay," Heather said, and stepped on the tracks. She walked to the door and tried opening it. "It's jammed!" Heather said, and a train's horn sounded throughout the subway. "Crap, crap, crap! Robbie!" Heather shouted. She ran back to the platform, but three Doubleheads came and tried to stall her. Robbie jumped on the tracks and killed two Doubleheads with his blades. The thrid one pounced and bit Heather's arm. "Ow!" she yelped. Robbie severed the head of the dog and tossed its body aside. They scrambled up to the platform, but Heather's boot got stuck to the rail. "Damn! Help, Robbie! Help!!" Robbie pulled her, but the boot didn't move. "Ahh! I see the train! Hurry!" Heather screamed frantically. Robbie gave one strong pull, and Heather was pulled back onto the platform. The train nearly hit Heather, and it stopped at the station. A door opened on the far side.

"You okay, Heather?" Robbie asked.

"Aside from the dog bite, I'm okay."

"Here's a train. Let's see if it's the right one, though," Robbie said. Both walked up and down stairs until they got to the open doors. Heather walked in, and Robbie followed.

"This isn't the right train. Let's go Robbie," Heather said, and attempted to get out, but the train doors closed. "Hey! What the hell?! Let us out!" she yelled. Robbie walked toward the back of the train and looked out the back window. Their train was already moving, and it was moving fast. Heather was still banging on the doors.

"Hey! Let us out!" Heather yelled louder. "No use, Robbie. We're trapped in here till it stops. What are you doing?"

"I'm looking out the window," Robbie said.

"Well, I'm going up to the conductor's car and I'm gonna ask him to stop."

"Okay," Robbie said, and he opened the back door.

"What are you doing, idiot? You could fall out!"

"No worries, Heather. I'm the most powerful friend you have. I'll live. I won't get hurt stepping out here," he said, stepping out of the car interior. He stared out into the speeding darkness around them.

"Robbie, you should come back in here. I don't like you being out there, I'm lonely."

"You'll be fine, and so will I, I assure you," Robbie said, still staring.

"Fine, I'll just sit here till you come back in," Heather said, and sat down on the bench. "Ew! I sat in some gum!" she said.

Robbie didn't move a muscle, and everything got suspiciously quiet.

"Robbie?" Heather called.

He didn't move.

"Robbie, I'm getting creeped out."

There was no answer.

Heather started feeling really nervous. Then fear crawled all over her. "Robbie, come back in!!!" she cried desperately.

Then something on the train roof pulled Robbie out from the train. Heather watched in horror as Robbie tumbled out of the train car and rolled on the tracks. A few snaps and cracks came from his body. Robbie was left sprawled on the tracks.

"Robbie!!" Heather cried out, but no one heard her except for the darkness in the station.

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