• Got nuthin' better to do, homeslice. Well, let's just see how far this thing will go. It won't get any farther than five, cuz I suck at writing. Remember kids, tell me the cold, hard, harsh, freezing, hard, cold truth.
  • So! We left off with Heather killing her first monster.

The bloody corpse on the floor leaked blood endlessly. "Damn it, the blood stained my boots!" Heather said irately. She walked around, suddenly jerking her feet to flick off any blood on her boots. She walked around the counter, looking for something to clean the boots. She looked all over, then she was moving toward the boarded up door in the back. She backed up and touched the boarded door, and a loud thump came from behind it, startling her. "Crrrrap, that scared me!" she said, and quickly got away from the door, slipping on some blood that trailed on her boots. "Damn blood!"

Heather walked back to the other side of the counter and looked at the shelves and clothes on it. She spotted a bullet-proof vest hanging between bloody shirts and stuff. "Awesome! Bullet-proof-ness!!" she exclaimed, and put on the vest. "Awesome! It fits perfectly!" Then she spotted some bullets on a bench. "Awesome! Free bullets! Hmmm... but I have a feeling that I was supposed to get this stuff later. Who the F cares?! I got it, so HA! I'm outta here!" she said, and exited the store. She banged her head on the grate while getting out of the store. "Ow. Oh, look, that door was locked. It should be open now... after I unlock it! OH! I'm the best around." Heather spotted a door with the word "exit" on it. "My lucky day," she said, and opened the door. She heard strange noises coming from around the corner. "It sounds like one of those little idiots who stray from their parents and get lost. Nothing to worry about," Heather told herself, and looked around the corner.

This two-legged thing was slowly hobbling over toward Heather.

"Whoa. That thing has serious varicose veins. Well, time to go, little bitch," Heather said, reloading her pistol. She aimed right at the little hole in its head and fired.

It made sounds like a little kid would make. It kept walking, though, and Heather kept firing. It finally fell to the floor and started making crying noises, and it kept moving around. Heather walked over to it and said, "Hasta la vista, baby!" and stomped on the monster. "OH! I'm the best! I'm the best in this mall! The survivors from Dawn of the Dead couldn't top my achievements!" Heather did a little dance, kicking the monster every little while. "Ha, ha! Oh! Let's see, where to go... I need a map. Oh, here's one. This place is so convenient, even more so than Wal-Mart! Okay, let's see. Check that out! A storeroom!" Heather exclaimed, and opened the door. Inside was a dog eating some beef jerky. She took out her pistol and fired. It went down in a few shots.

"Hmm, beef jerky. You know, now that I think about it... I am kinda hungry..." Heather said, and took a bite out of the beef jerky. She made a face of disgust, and spit it out. "Ew! What's in this? 'Brand Beef Jerky. Only the best ingredients for your dog!' Oh, no wonder. It's made for dogs. Better take some, anyway. it could be useful for distracting those dogs. Actually, it tasted okay! I'll take another bite. Blah! No it didn't. Next stop, this room." Heather opened the door and saw two bottles of stuff. "'Health Drinks. Good for restoring stamina', and ammo! Yes! What the hell? This symbol again? Whoo, it still smells like blood. Nasty. What happens when I touch it-




Whoa, what just happened? Whatever, it isn't important. I'm out of here. Wait, what's this? A key under the pallet! I- can't- reach! My arms are too short. Damn. I'll come back to this," Heather said, and left the room. She entered the center of the mall, and saw a bakery. "Helen's Bakery. Mmm, I wonder if there's cookies!" she said, and rushed toward it. She looked around and saw bread, donuts, more bread, et cetera... but no cookies. "No cookies?! What kind of bakery is this?! Hey look, tongs. I can use these to get the key! Oh, I'm so smart." Heather grabbed the tongs and went back to the room with the key. She bent down and tried again to get the key. "Success! My bestsellers... a bookstore? Oh, I saw that out there. I'll go in there next." Heather walked out and saw My Bestsellers. She used the key and got in. Books everywhere. They all looked boring, except for one book. "The Stupidhead's Guide to Monsters and Other Things. Huh, sounds... interesting. Okay, let me look through. Oh, I've seen this! And this too! The huge thing is called a Closer, and the dog is called a Doublehead. Okay! I'm prepared!" Heather said, and walked behind the counter and looked at the keypad. "Dammit, there's a code. Those books are on the floor! That's no way to treat Shakespeare! Wait a minute..."

She looked at the book's spines, and saw red markings. She put them on the shelf in order and saw four digits- 2063. Heather walked back behind the counter and put in the numbers. It unlocked, and she walked through. Inside she saw an empty hallway. Nothing was there. So Heather took this time to research things in her stolen book.

"It is not stolen!"

I didn't see you pay for it.

"I... um... you see... SHUT UP!!!"

So Heather researched and read about what she just saw. And she read, wasted time, and trailed blood... until she heard some footsteps coming up the hallway. Some barefoot, eyebrowless woman in all black ran up to the end of the hallway and leaned on the wall, panting. She turned her head and saw Heather, and then stood upright, her hands behind her back, looking embarassed.

Heather just looked at her. "Uh... okay... are you late for something...?"

"NO! Just... walk back in the bookstore, wait a minute, then come back out," the woman said.

"Okay..." Heather said, and did what the woman said. She walked back in the store, waited a minute, then walked back out.

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