• Part 3 of this "I'm sure it's the worst story in the world because I'm a horrible writer and I have nothing better to do and I'm spamming the wiki so bad I'll get banned and people will say I hate Silent Hill and I'm disrespecting it with a crappy story no one understands because of my horrible writing skills and such when I completely love Silent Hill but this story makes it look like disrespect because of my horrible writing skills and repetitive statements and other things but I try my best when writing stories like this and I hope I'm not spammin' the wiki which I'm sure I am cuz no one reads my blog posts because I'm a wannabe editor or something but it's bad" story.
  • So! We left off with Heather waking up and finding out there are no cookies.

"Oh, no! My cookies! But I loved them! And ow! Why the hell does my head hurt? Hey, employee!" Heather said.

"What do you want?" the employee replied.

"Who hit me, Acne Face?"

"I have no idea, your Bitchness."

"Well, you better find out, ZitBoy, or your face will taste a blade of fury!"

"No worries, I'll find out," he said, and went in back, looking at security tapes. He fast-forwarded the tapes to the part where Heather walked in. "Lookit, Dog. This is you."

"No duh."

"Yah. Okay, so here's you getting your food, then eating, then deciding whether you sleep there or not, and ooh, that's when you said 'Scuh-rew you!!' at the other customer. There! That's who hit you."

The tape showed something in a bloody metal shell whacking Heather in the head.

"What the hell is that? I've never seen that in my life!"

"Don't know. But maybe it's still here. If you want revenge, just go look for it. But, I would suggest going home."

"Scuh-rew you. I'm gonna look for it."

" 'Kay. If you ever need me, which I doubt, you know where to find me."

"Which is...?"


"Oh. Duh. Well, thanks for helping me."

"No problem. See yah."

Heather left the Happy Burger, and headed for the pay phone. She put in two quarters and called her dad. She pulled out her little radio and started playing End of Small Sanctuary.

"Dad! It's me. Yeah! Sorry I didn't call sooner. Yeah, I guess I was. Anyway, I'm going home now. Oh, I didn't get that thing you asked me to...Oh, ok. I love you too, Dad."

Someone in a trench coat and fedora was looking at Heather.

"Need the phone? Well, I'm done. Jeez," Heather said, and started walking away.

"Heather! I need to speak with you. My name is Douglas Cartland. I'm a detective."

Heather turned around and said, "A detective? Really? Well, nice talking to ya."

"This is very important. It's about your birth."

"I'm not interested."

"Just give me an hour- no, half an hour of your time."

"My daddy always told me not to talk to strangers." Heather said, and walked away from Douglas.

Douglas followed her down the hall.

"Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?"

"Sorry. I'll wait here."

Heather looked at him, then walked into the women's bathroom. The fourth stall was closed, unlike the others, which were open. Heather got curious and knocked in the door. It knocked back. "Guess someone's in there," she said. Heather looked in the mirror. She disliked mirrors because she knows the person in the mirror isn't her, but an imposter. "What the hell is this?" Heather asked herself when she saw a mysterious symbol drawn on the mirror. The deep smell of blood was emitted from it. "Ew. Was this painted with blood?" Then Heather remembered that Douglas was just outside the door. "Screw him, I'm going out the window," she said, and started climbing out.

Her boot got caught in the bottom edge of the window, so she fell face-first outside. "Ow." Heather got up, and looked at the trash on one side of the alley. Boxes, newspapers, and pallets were blocking that way, so Heather had to go the other way. She wanted to leave the mall, but some idiot parked a huge van in the alley. "Great. Now I gotta go through the mall. Again," Heather said, opening the door leading back into the mall.

The batteries in her radio died, so End of Small Sanctuary stopped playing. "NO! That was my favorite song! Damn you, cheap radio," Heather said, and kept walking down the hall. The double-doors were locked, so Heather had to find another way out. She walked until she found a door that was half-covered by a grate. Heather was curious to see what was inside, so she snuck in. The first thing she saw was a handgun and some bullets. "Check it out! Free gun!" she exclaimed, and picked it up. She examined it, and then heard a noise. She looked at her left, and saw a horrifying sight. A huge monster similar to the one in her dream was eating someone. "Oh. Shi-!" she started to say, but the monster heard her and stood up.

It started walking toward her, and Heather pointed the gun, and fired multiple shots. Heather shot and backed up until there were no more bullets. "Oh, crap! I'm gonna die!"

The monster stopped and lifted a huge arm. Then it fell over. It wriggled on the floor and bled out, finally dying.

"Woo, that was close. What the hell is this? It's no animal like I've ever seen. No way is it a costume. So... it's a monster. I... I killed a monster." Heather said, looking at the gun.


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