• Part 2. Don't know if this story is even worth a second part. I'm sure it isn't :(
  • So! We left off on the part where Heather doesn't stop stuffing her face with cookies, even though she's in danger.

Oh, those cookies. They were so sweet, so delicious, so ecstatic... and Heather couldn't stop eating them. Cookies were like drugs to her. One cookie is never enough, and too many cause her to appear like she's high. So far she had eaten three tins of those things, and she couldn't tell her hand from a cookie. The huge monster was behind her, and it used its huge arms to swat the cookie tins far from Heather's reach. Heather stared at the empty floor in front of her. She started becoming angry.

Heather stood up, turned around, looked the monster straight in the eye -er, face slit- and said, "You idiot! Those were MY cookies! MINE! Get your own! RAAAH! Taste knife, bitch!" and she jumped on the monster, swung around to its back, pulled out her switchblade, and stabbed the hell out of it. It was losing lots of blood, and it toppled to the ground. Its blood spread everywhere, and it covered the entire floor. Heather dusted her hands, picked up a cookie, and bit into it. Her eyes widened, and she spit out the treat. Monster blood had soaked into the cookies. Heather's rage built up and she screamed, "GODDAMMIT, MONSTER COULDN'T GET ITS OWN DAMN COOKIES SO IT RUINED MINE! I HOPE YOU'RE IN HELL!!!"

A few minutes after cursing at the monster's corpse for five minutes, Heather walked out with a fresh tin of cookies, and walked the direction she intended to. The huge doors were blocked, so she entered through the staff door on the left side. She opened the door and spotted another dog. "HELL NO, THESE ARE MY COOKIES!!" Heather shouted, and she pulled out her switchblade, defending her cookies with all her strength and might. The dog pounced, and grabbed the cookies. "GIMMIE THOSE COOKIES!" she said, and stabbed the dog multiple times. When it died, it jaws still clamped on the cookies, so Heather sawed its head off and took her cookies. "I'm sorry, sweeties, that won't happen again."

Heather spotted a huge neon sign which read Mountain Coaster. "Look, cookies, a roller coaster! It looks like fun!" she said, and ran up the stairs to the tracks. "Where's the train? Hello? Management? There's no cars!" She looked in the window to the control box, and saw something similar to a man's hanging body. "Ew, gross. But hey! The coaster's on! It looks fun," Heather said, and stepped on the tracks. She walked up the tracks, her cookies in her arms. Loud noises like horse's neighs and monster roars echoed through the prop mountains of the Mountain Coaster. "They really did their part in making this coaster, huh, cookies?" Heather said, and started to walk a little faster. Then, metal grinding echoed with the neighs and roars. "Cookies, did you hear that? Or am I paranoid? Cookies? Why aren't you answering? Cookies? Cookies?!" Heather said, starting to sound hysterical.

Heather walked, then abruptly stopped. She heard the metal grinding louder, and then she saw a bright light. "Cookies, it's the light! I must be dead!" she shouted, spreading her arms out. Then she saw a roller coaster car. "Crap! It's a roller coaster!" she shouted, and tried to jump off the tracks, but the car got to her and hit her, knocking her off the tracks and into a dark abyss.

Heather woke up when an employee sprayed her face with some Windex.

"Finally you're up! Jeez, do you always sleep in restaurants?"

"Screw you. Go away," Heather replied.

"Bitch," the employee muttered under his breath.

"I heard that, Pizza Face!"

"Nyah, nyah blah, blah, mah, mah, mah," the enployee mocked while walking through the "Emplyees only" door.

Heather soon brushed off that incident, and stood up. She placed her pendant inside her vest and looked at her watch. 8:35 PM. "I slept that long? Wow." she started getting ready to leave, and then remembered something. She looked under the chair, under the table, in her pockets, on the counter, in her boots, everywhere, but didn't find it.


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