• This is my second FanFic, but I'll still continue Heather's adventures with Robbie.

This FanFic is not based entirely on any game's storyline, so most parts are completely made up.

The adventure's plot- Fourteen characters are held hostage by six villians. Ten other characters, who most likely never get along, must band together and save the hostages, and possibly stop an even greater disaster.

  • This is not Part 1, but an introduction to the characters and what's happening with them. Enjoy what I have... hopefully.


"What is it, Walter?"

"The hostages are in their cells. Now what?"

"Go check on Eddie and Joshua. See how far they are in their calculations."

"Okay," Walter said. He walked down the prison block and spotted Lisa Garland and Judge Holloway speaking to each other.

"Walter!" Judge Holloway called.

"Yes, Judge?"

"What are you doing?"

"I've got orders to check on Eddie and Joshua."

"Really?" Lisa said. "While you're at it, look in the seclusion cell. See if our subject is anywhere near ready."

"Okay, um, check Eddie and Josh, and check the subject, got it!." Walter said, and he ran down the hall. He looked in the guard tower and saw Eddie and Josh working on computers and writing things down, and solving math problems. "How far are you in your calculations, boys?"

Joshua turned to look at Walter and said, "Eddie and I calculated that the arrival of God should be in about four-point-two days."

"Good. Then the subject should be ready... mwahahaha!"

James Sunderland was sleeping in the hospital for a few hours, then he was awakened by the hospital doctors. He was hoping his wife Mary would get better, but it didn't look like she would. He entered her room and called her name. There was no answer. He thought the worst had happened. "Mary?! Are you dead? No! No! No! Waa!" He cried out, but he saw her bed was empty. Her stuff was still there, so she wasn't dead. And the bed was still warm.

Eileen Galvin was walking down to her apartment after a party. She was glad Henry helped her the year before, so she decided to thank him again. She knocked on his door, and no one answered. "Henry? Could you come out here? I need to talk to you." There was nothing but silence. She then opened the door, and saw there was no one there. The TV was on, but all there was on the screen was snow. "Henry?!" she called again. She ran to his bedroom, and looked around. He was not there, but his instant camera was. There was a photo sticking out of it, and Eileen looked at it. It was a photo of Henry being pulled out the window.

"Heather! Are you home?" Harry Mason called.

"Yeah! What is it, Dad?"

"Could you help me with the groceries? I bought way too much."

"Okay," Heather Mason said, and walked into the kitchen. A man with glasses was putting the stuff away. "Who the hell are you? You aren't my dad!"

"And who the hell are you? You aren't my daughter!"

"Where's my dad? What did you do with him?!"

"What did you do with my daughter?!"

"I don't know!"

"I don't know, either!"

"Raaah! I've got to find my dad!"

"I need to find my daughter!"

"Okay... whoo...Let's find them together," Heather suggested.

"Okay, let's get out of here," Harry said, and they exited the apartment.

Elle Holloway was back outside stapling "Missing" signs on the bulletin board. Her stapler ran out, so she stepped off the chair. She used her walkie-talkie to contact Alex Shepherd. "Alex, you there?" she said. There was just static. "Alex? Are you there? Answer!" There was still no anwser from Alex. "Damn it, Alex, where are you...." She dropped that, and headed into the sherrif's station, looking for Deputy Wheeler. She walked to the front desk and called Wheeler. There was no answer from him, either. "Wheeler! Damn, you too?!"

"What are you doing in here, Elle?" a voice called from behind.

Elle turned around toward the doors. "Curtis! Aah! Get away from me!" she screamed.

"Whoa, calm down. I won't do anything to you, I promise. I'm looking for Judge Holloway. Where is she? I must talk to her," Curtis Ackers told her.

"I...don't...know. Where's Alex and Wheeler? What did you do to them?!" Elle yelled at him.

"Whoa. I didn't do nothing. I didn't see them."

"Well, I'm gonna go look for them. Goodbye, you terrorist," she said, and walked past him.

Curtis turned around and grabbed her throat. "Listen to me, you little idiot. You're coming with me to look for Judge Holloway, you hear me?! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"

"Yes, yes! Just don't hurt me!"

Curtis released her and said, "Good. Let's go."

Laura was sitting on the painted wall in the alley, just looking in the sky. She looked too far back, and she fell off the wall. "Aah!" she screamed, and hit something hard, but it wasn't the concrete floor, and it said Oof! "Aah! Who said that?!" Laura yelled, sitting up.

"I did," whatever Laura was sitting on said.

Laura looked down and screamed. She then stood up and ran away. Then Laura crashed into trash cans and fell down.

"Are you okay?"

"Who are you?!" Laura screamed.

"Angela. Angela Orosco. And you are...?"

"Laura. What are you doing here?"

"Contemplating suicide. What about you?"

"I was looking at the sky, but then I fell and landed on you. I don't wanna be here anymore. Goodbye."

"Wait. Where are you going?"


"Where is that? And you shouldn't be wandering this town alone. Let me go with you."

"Okay. Let's go, Angel!"

"It's Angela...."

"No! That's not right. No! No! No! Why did he send her to my father?! Not important. This isn't right either! Gah! Damn you, Heather! DAMN YOU!!! You ruined our dreams... Why didn't you just do what was planned... This time, it's foolproof! Yes! GOD WILL COME AGAIN!!" Claudia Wolf rambled over and over. She just had the master plan that will bring God again. "Last time, that really hurt. Really hurt. This time, it won't be me! Mwahahaha!!"

A little kid walked in on Claudia's work.

"And who are you? What are you doing here?"

"You're cool. If you... if you can bring God, then you can let me see my mommy!"

"Why would I waste time taking you to your house? I have more important things to do. Besides, who are you?"

"I don't have a name, but people call me Walter Sullivan."

"Go home, Walter Sullivan."

"But I want to see my mommy..."

"So? I have to bring God to earth, not bring you home."

Little Walter started to cry.

"Shh! I have work to do!"

Little Walter cried louder.

"Okay, okay! Jeez, just stop crying! Where do you live?"

"I don't know..."

"What?!! You don't know where you live?! *sighs* I'll just take you to Wish House," Claudia said, and picked up Walter, putting him over her shoulder.

"No! No Wish House! Noooooo!"

So you've met the villians and heroes of The Unlikely Heroes. Are you anxious for a sequel? Phhht, I doubt it.

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