• This is my first ever attempt at a fanfic, so... try not to be so hard on the criticism- screw that, tell me the cold, hard truth.

This story has the events of Silent Hill 3, and Heather has the company of the entity named the Blood Knight.

Heather Mason had an errand to do today. Her father, Harry, asked her to go to Central Square Shopping Center to pick something up for him. Heather took the subway there, and got off near the entrance. It was noon, and Heather hadn't eaten yet, so she decided to go to Happy Burger. She walked in, stole a table by a window, and then went to order her food.

"Hello, welcome to Happy Burger. May I help you?"

"Ma'am, I do that. That's my job," the Happy Burger employee told Heather.

"Sorry. Some people just can't take a joke. Gosh," she replied, then ordered some food. Heather took her food and sat at the window table. After eating her food, she started feeling drowsy. "Should I sleep? I didn't get much sleep last night. Maybe I should..."

Some guy stared at her and motioned for her to sleep at the table.

"SCUH-REW YOU!!! I won't sleep here!"

Then someone hit the back of her head with a bottle and Heather was knocked out.

The employee of Happy Burger came over to Heather's table and shook her shoulder. "Excuse me, ma'am. Move, I have to clean the table."

No answer.


No answer.

The employee just grabbed his spray bottle and sprayed all over the table, some chemicals getting in Heather's hair and clothes. Her hair shone like grass after a rainy morning.

In Heather's mind was another world. She was in an amusement park. There were no kids or adults or any workers. Just rides and huge rabbit costumes. Some doors were nailed shut, and the bathrooms were blocked off by a costume, a "wet floor" sign, and a huge hole in the ground leading to nothing but pitch black darkness. Heather ignored it and looked at these cage-y things near the park map. "What are these things? Whatever they are, they smell bad. They look like people. Oh. I'll... just... leave... it alone," she said, and quickly tiptoed away from the cages in slight nervousness, nearly falling in the bathroom-blocking hole. "Oh, shi-! Whew, that was close." Heather walked toward the huge wooden doors leading to the other buildings in the park.

Heather walked in and peered over the fence into the huge abyss in the middle of the area. Trash blocked one way of the walkway, so Heather had to go the other way. While she was walking, she heard some low panting. "What's that?" she said, walking and becoming more aware of the place. The panting turned into low growling, becoming louder with every one of Heather's steps. She looked around, becoming more frantic. "Holy crap, I'm getting scared. Hello? Get out here, stupid! Lemme see you!" she shouted, and a dog leaped at her. Heather pulled out her knife and, with luck, she stabbed the dog in the head. "OMG! I cut this dog's head in half! Oh, I'm going down for this!" she said, and picked up the dog's body, and hurled it into the dark abyss beyond the railing. "No one will see that!" she said, and walked away, dusting her hands. She walked a few steps, and heard loud footsteps. "Oh, no. More?" she said, and kept walking.

She walked until she saw a souvenir shop. Lots of Robbie the Rabbit stuff in there. "What the hell is a 'Robbie the Rabbit'? And ooh, what the hell are those cookies doing in there without me?" Heather said, and walked into the shop, getting the cookies. She opened the box, and saw nothing. "WTF? Where are the cookies? Hello? You hiding in the tin box, little cookies? Hello... HA! YES! FOUND 'EM!! You can't hide from me!" Heather said, and stuffed her mouth with some chocolate chip cookies.

A window shattered in the shop, and Heather, her mouth still filled with cookies, turned around. A huge monster with huge arms was breaking windows to get Heather's attention. Heather looked at it, then went back to eating those sweet cookies. The monster broke another window and started stomping toward her, but Heather didn't care. All she cared about was eating the whole damn shelf of cookies.

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