• Three fanfics... can I handle it? I can try... Anyway, here's another shot at a hopeless attempt at an epic story, by your friend Bob!
  • In this fanfic, I'll try to add as much detail as I can, so it might be a while between parts. If you are a dedicated fan, then hopefully you could be that patient...
  • Plot- Angela Orosco, a teen who wants to die, is convinced by Alex Shepherd, James Sunderland, and Vincent to travel and see the sights of Silent Hill, South Ashfield Heights, the Nameless Town, and Shepherd's Glen to get her mind off suicide. Will it work?
  • Subplot- CLAUDIA WOLF HAS RESURRECTED!!! She wants revenge on Heather for causing her death, and has the aid of Walter Sullivan, the Missionary, and Leonard Wolf in a Robbie the Rabbit costume to help her. I think she wants to try to rebirth Paradise again, but I'm not sure. That's what's she's gonna do! Yeah! I remember! She's gonna once again try to witness the beginning... the rebirth of Paradise despoiled by mankind. Yeah, that's right!
  • Okay, here we go... whooo, part 1... I'm nervous...

"No! I won't do it!" Angela Orosco yelled from her bedroom. "I'm going to sit here and slit my wrists, right now! And you can't stop me!"

"Angela! Please! I'm trying to help you..."

"Oh, get that therapist crap out of this! It won't work!"

"But Angela..."

"No! Goodbye, Alex! I will never talk to you again!" Angela shouted.

"Don't do it, please!"

"You sound like a boyfriend begging for forgiveness from his girlfriend after ditching her for another girl. Ugh! Men like you disgust me!"

"But I never did those things!"

"I will not travel, okay? I have my mind set on one thing, and it's suicide. Now go. I have some suicide to attend to..."

"Angela! No!" Alex Shepherd begged. He had been begging Angela not to commit suicide since the day he met her. That one day, he watched Angela stand at the edge of a five-story rooftop, getting ready to jump. He remembered the event clearly.

"Hey! You! Don't jump!"

"I cannot hear you!"

"Don't jump! You have so much to live for!"

"I don't want to hear those lies...! I can't believe you did that... Thomas. You are no longer my father."

"Don't do it! Please! I don't want you to die!"

"I don't even know you! *Gasp* you just want me... for your needs, don't you?!"

"What? No! Just come down from there!"

"Don't order me around! My fa- Thomas did enough of that to me when I was younger... That's all he did."

"I feel sorry for you, and I want to help you! But I can't when you are all the way up there!"

Angela had stared at Alex, then headed for the other edge of the building.

"No! Don't! Please!"

Angela didn't hear him, and approached the other edge. She stared at the street, watching the cars pass by in order... perfect order...

"Come down! Please? What do I have to do to get you down?!"

"Nothing!" Angela told him, and stepped down the fire escape, suicide having left her thoughts.

In the present, those thoughts came back, and once again Alex had tried to stop her from killing herself.

Inside her bedroom, Angela thought she was looking at her room for the last time. The beige walls, the white bookshelves, the black desk supporting the television, the grey bed frame, the worn mattress decorated with dried blood from previous suicide attempts...

"Angela! Please come out! Please!" Alex said, banging on the door.

Angela stared at the knife, then her wrists. She drew the blade closer to her wrist, ready to break the skin covering her blood vessels...

"ANGELA!" Alex shouted in desperation to keep her from spilling her own blood.

Angela took one final look at the knife, and thought for a moment. She then set the knife down, and stepped away from her bed. She slowly walked to her door, and opened it. Alex then knocked on her face a couple times.

"Oh! Angela! You didn't kill yourself!" Alex said, and hugged her.

"I was gonna do it, but then I thought, 'I can think of a better way to kill myself', and I put down the knife. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the library to find information about famous suicides. If I do something they did, my name will be in a book. I can see it already: Angela Orosco... finally killed herself after many years..."

"No, you won't. You are coming with me. I have to show you something."

"Well, since I'm out here, okay," Angela said, and followed Alex out of her house. He led Angela to Toluca Graveyard, and said, "Angela... do you really want to be in the ground at 19?"

"Yes, I've made up my mind. Is that all?"

"Nope," Alex said, and pointed at the broken gravestone not too far from them. There was a hole there, ready for a burial.

"Alex... what is this?" Angela asked.

Alex didn't asnwer her. Instead, he whacked her in the back of the head with a shovel, causing her to fall in the hole.

"Alex! What are you doing?!" she shouted from the bottom of the hole.

"Your wish!!" Alex screamed maniacally. He started shoveling dirt into the grave, and dirt started surrounding Angela. Some got in her mouth, and it was making it hard for her to breathe. By the time she was able to breathe normally, most of her body was already covered by damp, worm-filled earth. She tried climbing out, but Alex threatened to hit her with the shovel again. She was being buried alive by someone she trusted.


"Aah!" Angela screamed. "Am I dead?" She looked at her arms and noticed nothing unusual. "Damn it!"


After waking up, Angela climbed out of bed and put on a pair of slippers she keeps by her bed. She took a shower, brushed her teeth, then put on some light clothes. After eating breakfast, Angela headed back to her room to change. She opened her wardrobe and took out a long-sleeved shirt, her usual beige turtle-neck sweater, some jeans, another pair of socks, and her shoes. She got ready and headed out the door, rubbing her arms as if she were cold.


With the light
Tell me one
More time
My blood, your line
Is this you inside?

Death to the living
The flame has no living heart
In the order of life, they know you there
As you saw it, your plan, a real shot in the dark,
Came a little too late, is over..."

Alex sang along to his car radio, carefree. He was driving down an unknown road, but he didn't care. He needed a road trip.

Angela was walking along the side of the road, and spotted Alex's car, with the license plate number 106 102. "Hey! Alex!" she called.

Alex saw her, and stopped his car. He put down his window and said, "Hey Angela. What's up?"

"Hi Alex. Take me to... to the library."

"Oh, sure, Angela. Hop in."

Angela opened the door in the back seat and got in. During the ride, Angela just looked out her window with a melancholy emotion.

In the inner chapel, the corpse of God and Claudia's robe remain. Worms, flies, and maggots eat away at God's face. Her eyes and tounge were eaten away, and Her head still remains in the position Heather left it when she broke Her neck. By then, most of the flesh on the corpse was gone, so the bones were loosely connected to each other. The stench of the rotten flesh filled the air, attracting more flies and producing more maggots. God looked like a discarded piece of meat.

The robe just lay on the floor, longing for a body to wear it. It absorbed the horrible smell the corpse was giving off.

Above the hole, members of the Order were going to perform a sacrifice to appease God. A passerby was unlucky, and was going to be killed for God. One of the higher members was given a dagger, and prepared to kill the victim. After a few prayers, the Order member plunged the dagger into the victim's chest. Their blood fell into the hole, landing on Claudia's abandoned robe. The black fabric absorbed the blood, and it was somehow pulled closer to God's corpse. When it made contact, the faint shadow of a human appeared over the robe.

Whatever was left on God's corpse was taking a different shape, a human's. Bones were formed from God's, and blood vessels from God were being transferred into this strange thing. Internal organs and muscles formed as well. God's corpse was slowly disappearing as this new form was taking shape. Finally skin and hair were made, and this thing was formed inside Claudia's robe. God's corpse was gone, and this figure had "recycled" what was left of Her. The thing stood up, and it was the resurrected Claudia Wolf. There was only one difference, though.

This new Claudia had the same powers as God.

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