• Oh, gawd! The series just got hit by a .22 caliber bullet! Oh, it's spilling a lot of words! What is it trying to say...?

"Er... I was never good at opening sentences. Maybe you could make one up for me?" Brad asked.

"No. Make one up yourself," Douglas replied.

"Awww... but I can't!"

"Make. One. Up. Yourself."

"I. CAN'T!"

"Then forget it! You don't need an opening sentence! Just shaddup!"

"Ugh, fine. You dropped your pocket."


Wervenzen stared at his opponents fumble with their swords. "Ha ha ha... looks like this won't be too much of a challenge..."

"Not too much of a challenge?! You are talking about two half-demons! Put us together and you got one full demon!" Dante said, leaning on his sword.

"Yeah, he's right. What a miracle..."

"Shut up, Nero! And anyway, you can't stop moi!"

"Have you arrogant idiots ever thought of what your opponents are? We are each a full demon, and one of us can easily break you both like twigs."

"And you call us arrogant? Ha! You're soooo overconfident. You're saying that we are weak and you are the best. Phaaa! You suck! Bring it! Bring da pain!"

"Shaddup, Dante! I mean, look at them! They look weird! And they have a living knife block on their side!"

"And? Knife blocks have the blades inside them so no one gets hurt. Duh! So it won't hurt us!"

"You are an idiot, Dante. Now come on! Get ready for a long fight!"

Dante picked up his Rebellion. "Kyaaaa! We can do this! Wahoo! Jya! Bring it!" he shouted, and dashed toward Wervenzen, the blade of the sword straight out in front of him.

Wervenzen grabbed the blade with both hands and swung Dante around twice. He then let go, flinging Dante into a pile of cardboard boxes.

Nero looked at Dante, then at the demon. Back at Dante, back at the demon. Dante, demon. Dante, demon. Dante, demon. He then decided to rev the sword and charge. "Die, mother--" he was cut off when the beast punched him in square the face, knocking him on his back.

His sword flew out of his hands and into Dante's knee. "Aah! Ow! Not again! That hurts! Oh, gawd!" Dante shouted as he clutched his wounded knee.

"You fools can hurt yourselves? Wonderful. Less work for us. Please... do it again."

"Shut up! That was just an accident! And get your smelly foot off my face!"

"No, but I will hasten your death," Wervenzen said, applied more pressure on Nero's face.

"Aah! It hurts! Gah! I need... Jean!"

"No, I'm only gonna help Dante."

"What?! You're not even helping him! He's bleeding and you are standing there looking at your nails!"

"... um... LIAR! I am helping my sweet, sweet boyfriend. See? So you are officially a liar!"

"Oh, thanks for the hugs, Jean," Dante said.

"No problem, honey," Jean said, and hugged him some more.

Nero scoffed. "How will that help him?"

"Silence!" Wervenzen shouted, and kicked Nero's head.

"Aaah! My perfect jaws!" he shouted.

Wervenzen took his foot off Nero's face and walked backwards. "A blade, Scraugolen," he ordered.

"How will Birdmask here help you out?" Nero asked, rubbing his face.

Scraugolen put an arm behind its back and grasped a blade. It slowly pulled out the blade, and thick crimson blood dripped onto the floor. The vein texture disappeared when the blade was no longer in contact with the demon's body. It handed the bloodied object to Wervenzen.

"Like this, you stupid idiot," he said, and drove the blade right through the center of Nero's neck.

Mandy looked at Nero. "How could a powerful half-demon like you be owned by a full demon like him? You suck! Next time, I think I'll go for Vergil. No 400 dollar payment for you! I'm gonna spend it on cookies."

Nero collapsed on the floor and started gurgling blood.

"Yep. You totally suck. Now, Dante, do you have Vergil's cell phone number?"

Faruark stared at Dante through the bars in its mask. Its growls were gutteral sounding.

"Hey, what up, Ugly? You checking me out? I am that hot, huh?" Dante asked.

Faruark hopped over to Dante and clawed his face over and over.

"Aah! Demon kitteh! Halp!" he shouted, and used his arms to try and block its scratching.

Faruark emitted growling and cat-like snarls while scratching Dante's face and clothes.

"Oh, this hurts! Jean, help!"

"Hey! Hey you! Leave him alone!" Jean said, and pounded on Faruark's back with her fists.

The beast stopped scratching and turned to look at Jean.

Jean stood with fright, and she managed to say, "Leave m-my boyfriend alone..."

Faruark growled and lunged for Jean.


Faruark was a few inches short of grabbing Jean, and it fell on its face. Dante had grabbed its foot and pulled it back.

"AAAA- oh, haha! You didn't get me! Oh! Dante to the rescue! Yes! Hahaha!" Jean said as she danced around the demon's head.

Faruark growled and grabbed Jean's leg, knocking her down.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

Vincent and James watched as the others were fighting with the demons. "I think this is getting kinda boring," James said,

"You said it," Vincent replied. "And I can't believe they made a movie with me looking nerdy!"

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