• Part 7. So, there were references to short stories in the last part. Did you notice them?
  • So off we go with part 7! Woo hoo!

"Ha, some scare, huh, Angela?" Vincent asked.

Angela was shivering in the back seat of the taxi.

"Okay, um, Alex, could you explain why you wet your pants?"

"N-n-no, I don't w-wa-wanna."

James sat in the front seat, talking to the driver. "So, how many fares do you get a day?"

"None of your business," the driver said.

"Jeez, it was just a question. I didn't know a girl could have that much attitude. Gawsh. How bout I put on the radio?"


with the light,

tell me one

more time..."

The driver swatted James's hand away from the radio. "Don't touch," she said, and turned off the radio.

"Jeez. Hey, Vincent! Let's switch seats! Please!"

"Uh, no. Why would you? And besides, why waste so much money moving the seats around?"

"You know what I mean! Come on! Please!"

"No. So anyway, Alex. When did you meet Angela?"

"Please! I'm dying up here!"

The car stopped abruptly, and James lunged forward, cracking the windshield with his head. "Get out," the driver said.

"What? I didn't do nothing!"

"Get. Out."

James stepped out of the taxi.

"Look, lady, just leave our friend James alone. He's naturally stupid. Give him a break," Alex said.

"Hell no, unless he pays double the fare."

"What exactly did he do that pissed you off?"

"He wants to switch seats, which means he cannot handle being around my prescence and will not shut up until he switches."

"That really is no reason to-"

"You wanna go, too?!"

"No... see yah, James."

"What? You can't leave me here! I'll pay double the fare, just don't leave me!"

"The get in and shut the f up during the drive."

James climbed back in and sat down silently.


An hour later, The three made it to South Ashfield Heights.

"See, Angela? That's South Ashfield Heights, an apartment building," Alex said, taking a photo.

"Hey! My dad lives here!" James said.

"Really? Well, then, shouldn't you go see him?" Vincent asked.

"I guess... though, I don't know if he wants to see me."

"Let's go in anyway. Surprise visit! Woohoo!" Alex said.

Inside the apartment was dull and boring. No one did anything cool. There was no noise at all. But there was a weird hole in the wall.

"Whoa, what's that?" Angela asked.

"Um, I don't know, but I'm taking a photo. Snap! Oh, I'm good," Alex said.

James looked around the first floor, looking for his father's room. "Um, what room is it? Oh, the superintendent's room. Er, what num- oh, here it is!" James knocked on the door. "Dad? You home? Hello? Dad? Where are you, Dad? Daaaaad, I can't see your face..."

"You sound like a little boy. Stop that," Vincent said.

James ignored him and knocked again. The door sqeaked open. James walked in and looked in the apartment. "Dad...?" He looked around in all the rooms, and then he approached the bathroom. "Dad?" he called, and opened the door. Inside the tub was blood, and lots of it. Whatever was at the bottom was obcured by the deep red of the liquid. James decided to stick his hand in it, as he has had experience sticking his hands in dirty things. He felt around the blood and felt some fabric. "Oh, no..." he said, and his eyes were tearing up. He pulled on the fabric, and a stained blue sweater came up to the surface, covering up a decaying body.

"Hshyahaa..." Alex said as he fainted at the sight of the body.

Vincent noticed the pained look on James's face as tears streamed down his eyes.

Angela glanced at the body James pulled from the tub.

Its face had no skin whatsoever. The eyes were being eaten away by bacteria in the blood. The jaws were open, and yellowed teeth lined them. James pulling on the sweater had caused the front of the neck to tear, making the head fall backwards. The rotten smell had filled the room and has escaped into the rest of the apartment. James then let go of the body, and it sank back to the bottom of the tub. James and Vincent walked back out of the bathroom, and Angela dragged Alex's fainted body out of it.

James wiped the tears off his face. "Who killed him? What did he do? And the body looks like its been dead for weeks. Why didn't anyone notice?"

"It looks like no one has been in the apartment for a long time... is it condemned?" Angela asked.

"Then shouldn't there have been some yellow tape or something blocking the door?" Vincent said.

Alex stirred and got back up. "Wha happen?"

"My dad was murdered. You know, I feel like this has happened to someone before. Weird."

"We should leave..." Vincent said, and headed for the door. He ran out as soon as possible, and the others followed.

The four were walking down the road, trying to look for more interesting things. Alex was looking through the photos in the camera. "Hey, here's the bathtub. I took a picture of that? Wow, I'm really good!!"

"This really isn't a time to be an idiot, Alex," James said.

"Oh, really? I'm not the idiot! You are! I'm not the one who sticks their hands in filthy toilets! And apparently, in filthy bathtubs, too!"

"Hey! Shut up! That's not cool...*sobs*"

"Uh, guys, there's another place we could check out: The Gallery of Ugly Art. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?" Vincent said. So the four friends decided to enter the gallery, and like the name says, it's ugly. There were portraits of people with huge noses and ears, there were ugly sculptures of monkeys and people, and other stuff. "Who would buy this crap?" Vincent asked.

A person browsing had passed by and said, "I would."

"Then you have a bad, bad taste in art, bro."

Alex took some photots of the ugliest art and said, "This is sooo going on Facebook."

"What the hell is a Facebook?" James asked.

"What? Facebook? I don't know, it's a phrase now. I have no idea what a facebook is. Is it a book full of photos of people's faces?"

Angela took some photos, too, of Alex and Vincent arguing again over what a facebook is.

"Wait, wait wait. I don't understand how to play this game!" Missionary said.

"Um, I think you take your little person, or something, and then pick up a card. There's a color on it, and you move the person over to the- forget it, I don't know how to play this, either," Claudia said.

"Now what are we gonna do?"

"We could try playing Hungry Hungry Hippos."

"Or maybe Ants in the Pants or Don't Spill the Beans."

"Or... how bout we play with a Ouija board?"

"Okay, cool! I wanna play that!"

"There should be one in the gift shop. Walter! Go by the gift shop and pick up a Ouija board!"

"Okay, Master Claudia. Anything else?"

"No, go buy something for yourself while you're there. So, Missionary, do you want to try playing Candyland again?"

"I don't know why it's called Facebook! Stop asking me those questions! You made up the word, you should know!"

"Oh, you're right. Ah! The official definition is... 'A facebook is the result of someone writing on someone else's face with a permanent marker'. Yep! That's the definition! Okay, let's get the f outta here. This art is too ugly to be around."

James and Angela followed them back out to the sidewalk. There was nothing really good out there. A lot of fast food chains like Konami Burger and Happy Burger were competing with each other and had taken up all the space on one side of the block. Alex took a photo of it. "I'll never see so many restaurants in one place!"

After another hour of walking, the group came to a place called "The one and only place with the longest name in the world. Nice to see ya." It didn't look interesting, but they entered it anyway. Inside had a lot of offices for the places nearby. "Boring," Angela said.

Later, they approached a place called St. Jerome's Hospital. "I hate hospitals. Let's not go there." He took a picture anyway.

James rented some stupid car and he took the other three to the middle of nowhere. "Where are we? I don't know. So, in order to have an adventure, I am getting us lost in the woods! HAHAHHAHAA!!" and he drove the car off a cliff. He bailed out in time, though.

"What the hell, James? What the hell?" Alex said.

"How will we get back?!" Vincent asked.

"Don't worry. All we gotta do is go to the edge of the woods. Okay? We should split up."

"NO!" the others yelled at him.

"Augh! I hate this game! It's annoying!" Missionary said.

"I hate it too, but Walter should be back any minute with the Ouija board. And, oh, here he is now. Walter, give me the board."

"Here ya go, Master Claudia. Happy contacting demons!"

Missionary and Claudia got on a table and set up the game. The board was polished and shiny, and the planchette was the same. "Okay, Missionary, now we gotta put our hands on this thingie. We gotta ask a question."

"Okay. You ask one first."

"Sure. O, Ouija board, am I talking to a spirit right now?"

The planchette moved over the "yes" on the board.

"You did that!" Claudia said to the missionary.

"No, I didn't! My turn! Ouija board, what is your name?"


"You are so doing that, Missionary!"

"I swear I'm not!"


"Oh, so your name is Heather, huh? LIAR!!"


"Dammit, stop moving it!"

"I'm not! So, are you a demon here to kill us?" Missionary asked.


"Lies! Effing lies! Prove that you are a demon with an unusual name like Heather!" Claudia yelled.

The roller coaster car on the Star Travel derailed and crashed into an abandoned building.

"Damn... you are a demon with an unusual name like Heather, aren't you?"


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