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James watched Vincent being threatened by Alex with a bloody kitchen knife.

"I said I'm sorry!"

"Sorry won't cut it now, boy!"

"It should! James, help me!"

"No, that's your fault. He gave me a warning, and you should have listened, too," James said.

"No, Alex! Put that down! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"I said sorry won't cut-"


Alex fell on the floor, the knife falling out of his hands. James and Vincent looked up to see a library employee with a shovel covered in dirt and blood standing by Angela.

"I have a shovel and I am not afraid to use it. I will not tolerate any fighting in my library! Get out or I will kill the girl!"

"I have no business with her," James said.

"Ha, yeah, me neither," Vincent said, and ran out the front doors of the library.

"Let me go, King Kong!" Angela yelled at Shovel Guy.

"No! You do not talk to me that way!" Shovel Guy said, and whacked Alex with the shovel again when he tried to get up.

"Stop hitting him already! It's annoying."

James started tiptoeing backwards, and the as soon as he reached the doors, he bolted.

"Put that shovel down! There's no more fighting!"

"Quiet! You listen to me! I will not allow screaming in this library! You hear me?!"

The Shovel Guy's screaming triggered the memory of her father's abuse, and how she freed herself from it. Angela ran away from the Shovel Guy's side, and ran up the stairs.

"Hey, bitch! Get back down here! I don't want running in the library with those dirty shoes!"

Angela's running gave Alex time to get up again. He heard Angela running around upstairs and picked up her knife. Alex was ready to kill.

Angela ran back down the stairs, Shovel Guy following close behind. Alex hid in the aisle, waiting for him to come by. The Shovel Guy followed Angela past the bookshelves, and Alex lunged at him, knocking him down. While Shovel Guy was down, Alex stabbed him in his chest. Shovel Guy cried out in pain, and Alex rose from the ground. Now more blood was on the blade.

After the Shovel Guy lie gurgling to death on the library floor, Alex and Angela went back outside. James and Vincent were leaning on the wall around the corner.

"What the hell, guys? Why did you leave us in there with Bigfoot?" Angela asked.

"Sorry, I had nothing to do with you three. I'm innocent," James said.

"But you were talking to us. You are now in business with us," Vincent said.

"I need the knife back. Give it to me, Alex," Angela said.

"Oh, here ya g- no way!" Alex said.

"Give it to me! I need to clean it!"

"Oh, no, I don't believe you! You're just gonna kill yourself with it! And besides, you're handcuffed! What are you gonna hold it with, your teeth?"

"Yes. Now gimme!" Angela said, trying to grab the knife with her mouth.

"No! Uh-uh! Get away!"

"Give it to me, Alex! Now!"


Angela pushed him down, trying to make him let go if the knife.

"Whoa, what a fight. Good thing I don't know you's," James said.

"You do now, James. Welcome to the Suicide Club," Vincent said.

"Suicide Club?"

"Yeah, this one here, Angela, wants to kill herself, so now we gotta stop her from doing it."

"Hey, you! Angelica! You wanna kill yourself?" James asked her.

"My name's Angela, stupidhead, and yes, I want to kill myself, now let me get this knife!" Angela wrestled Alex for the knife.

"You are not gonna get this knife, Angela! I won't let you kill yourself!" Alex said, and threw the knife in the busy street.

"Damn it!" Angela said, and stood back up.

"Whoa, so she's serious?" James asked.

"Oh, yeah. I stopped her from killing herself like, ten times," Alex said.

"Really? Wow. It seems you need help. Put her on suicide watch."

"What? No! I will not be watched 24-7 by cops!" Angela yelled.

"I suggested travelling," Vincent said.

"Traveling does sound like a good idea," James said.

"I agree, Angela. You should go visit some landmarks," Alex said.

"Why should I? I am handcuffed! How will I ever take a picture or even hold a ticket?"

"If you agree, I'll take off the handcuffs..." Alex said.

"Damn it. Fine, I'll go. But all of you have to come!"

"Sure, Angela. I'm your best friend. I won't leave you alone. Shut up, Vincent."

"Darn. I'll go too, if it keeps you from slashing your throat or jumping off a building."

"I'll go so you never have to see a burning staircase!" James said.

"Burning staircase?" Angela asked.

"Yeah... um... just ignore that."

"We gotta get packed. All we need are cameras, flashlights, radios, and some money. Lots of money," Alex said.

"Okay, agreed. When do we go?" Vincent asked.

"Today," Alex said.

"So, Missionary, what is the message you will give the police station?"

"I have a missing persons report. My friend Heather Mason is missing in Lakeside Amusement Park. I need help."

"Yes, that sounds just about right. How are you doing, Dad?"

"Nyaah! Nothing! Stop it! No more bunnies!"

"Never mind... Walter, what will you say to Heather?"

"Douglas's body was found in Lakeside Amusement Park! We need you here pronto!"

"Awesome! I think this will be successful! Unlike those other plans which always fail in books, movies, and video games."

"Books, movies, and video games?" Missionary asked.

"Did I say that? Yeah, right. I did not say that."

"You did, Master Claudia."

"See? My daughter is a fool."

"Shut up, Dad!"

"Make me!"

Claudia lit the costume's ear with her power.

"Oh! Oh, gawd! Put it out! Put it out!" he yelled, and ran in circles. Walter got a fire extinguisher and covered Leonard with the cold foam.

"Now do you see my power, Dad?"

Leonard was angry, but he said, "Yes, you fool, I see your power... so what."

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