• What exactly is happening between Vincent, Angela, and Alex? Even I don't know.
  • Awesome! Let's do this.
  • A shout out to CherylMason12 and Heather Beam96- Keep up the good work, buddies!

"Ow! What the hell?!" Vincent said, holding his nose.

"I told you, I'm not Angela's boyfriend! And besides, you said Angela wasn't gonna get up for two months!"

"That- ow, was a lie. I wanted to get your reaction."

Alex was pissed. Angela just stood behind him, wanting to know what he was gonna do.

"I'm gonna break your nose, break your face, break your leg..." Alex said.

"Wow, you're overprotective... why is that?"

"Shut up! You're evaluating me like some kind of psychiatrist!"

"They're simple questions, Alex. Oh, why fight the asker and not the questions?"

"You are sounding like Hannibal Lecter! Cayatay!"

"What did you say?"

"Cayatay. You know, Spanish for 'shut up'?"

"It's 'cállate', stupid."

"Hey! I'll break your pointer finger!"

"It's called an index finger, dummy. I wonder why your girlfriend ever got together with you..."

"Vincent, Alex is not my boyfriend. And besides, he is only here to prevent me from killing myself," Angela said.

"So Alex here got in a relationship with you to keep you alive? Huh, interesting..."

Anglea started to get mad, too. "I said he is not my boyfriend! Okay, that joke has gone far enough already! I'm tired of it! Stop it!"

"Okay, okay. I guess I overused it. So, Alex, boy, will ya forgive me... ow...?"

Alex hesitated, but then he agreed. "Fine, you old witch. Just stop saying Angela is my girlfriend and you are forgiven."

"Okay, boy. You and Angela are now officially divorced."

Alex and Angela both got pissed.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!"


A few minutes of violence later, the three sat peacefully at a table.

"What exactly are you two going to do when you leave the library?" Vincent asked, holding tissue all over his face.

"I have to stop my friend from killing herself, yet I don't know how."

"Try traveling."


"Yeah, traveling. Seeing sights of different areas may get her mind off suicide for a while."

"Hmm, but I don't know where to go."

"Ask Angela."


She was fast asleep.

"How the hell did she fall asleep in here?!"

"It's a library, Alex. I've seen homeless people sleep in here easily. And besides, probably the lack of blood made her tired."

"I guess... but now what will I do if traveling is out of the question?"

"It's not out of the question just yet. Next time she's in your car, say you gotta run an errand or something, and actually take her to another city or something. Yeah, a surprise... hmmm...surprise."

"Yeah... yeah! I'll do that!" Alex said.

Then some guy fell down the library stairs.

Alex was startled, and he headed over to this guy. He was lying on the floor, and he moved slightly.

"Ow... what the hell just happened..." the man asked.

"You fell down library stairs," Alex answered.

"Wow, am I that clumsy?" he asked.

"Uh, yah," Vincent added.

"What's your name?" Alex asked.

"James... Sunderland. How about you?"

"My name is Alex Shepherd and this soon-to-be faceless guy is Vincent. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. Hey, who's that sitting at the table?"

"My friend Angela. Don't say anything bad about her or me, or you'll end up like my friend Vincent here."

James then knew not to make Vincent's mistake. "What are you three doing in here?"

"I was dropping Angela off here, but I stayed cause I was thinking about killing Edward and What's-Her-Face from Twilight."

"I was here first, though!" Vincent said from behind the Kleenex.

"And what about you?" Alex asked.

"I was here... um... looking for medical books."

"Interesting. I'm gonna go check on Angela," Alex said.

"He loves his friend over there. It's like they were in a relationship!"

"Vincent! Shut up!" Alex said, and held up his fist.

"Yes, ma'am."

James then took Alex's warning even more seriously, and was glad he wasn't Vincent.

Alex headed to the table, and Angela was still sleeping. "Damn, you're a heavy sleeper."

Angela moved, and she fell off her chair, waking herself up. "Ow! Alex, did you push me?!" Angela asked. She remembered the nightmare, so she was a bit freaked out.

"No, I would never do that. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. Are you? And- whoa. What happened to Vincent?"

"I beat him. And you did too, don't you remember?"

"No... Why would I do that? I'm not violent..."

"You killed your father, Angela. Of course you're violent."

"Oh, sure I did. And I killed him with a knife I still carry in my pocket!"

"You mean this one?" Alex said, pulling the bloody knife from her pocket.

"Holy crap, I did kill him?!"

"Uh, yah."

"Wow, I'm amazing!"

"You sure are."

"Aww, how cute..."

"Vincent!" Alex yelled, holding the bloody knife up toward him.

"I'm sorry!"

"Now, all we gotta do is somehow get Heather and Douglas back here... but how?" Claudia asked her crew.

"Grr, hadambravalaergrrrr..." said Missionary.

"Damn it, put this on!" Claudia said, and gave him a dog barking translator collar.

"Maybe this thing doesn't work..." Missionary said.

"I can hear ya loud and clear, stupid. Oh, how I love Fan Fiction..." Claudia said.

"I'm starting to think Robbie the Rabbit doesn't fit my style..." Leonard said.

"Too bad, Dad, that's what you picked."

"You foolish girl. I cannot forgive you until you change your ways! You cannot boss me around!"

"Quiet! I'm in charge now, Dad! I have the powers of God!"

"Sure you do, Claudia. Sure you do..."

"Can you two please stop arguing and let's think of a plan to lure them both here?" Walter asked.

"Yes, we should... Dad. We need to think of a plan. Now, what will lure them here?"

"We can fake a call for help in Douglas's department and say we need him to look for someone here in the park."

"Great idea, Missionary. Walter, rewire a phone and call Douglas. Say Heather has gone missing in the park. Now, what will bring Heather here?"

"Say that authorities have found Douglas's body?" Leonard suggested.

"Yes! Exactly! That should bring those two idiots here in like, two days, max. When one comes here, entrap them and knock them out and hide them. And we do the same for the other when they arrive."

"You are so smart, Master Claudia," Missionary said.

"I know I am. Ha, ha. 'Master' sounds so cool, it's cool. Ah, I want to be called that forever."

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