• No catchphrase yet. So anyway, of there are any actual fans out there, what are you actually looking for in a story? Mine are obviously falling through the cracks. What makes Heather Mason's Epic Journey and The Quest for Mary so popular? Please, answer me. I need to know, but not to steal ideas, though. I'm no criminal.
  • So, let's see what exactly is happening with Angela right now.

"I just can't touch her blood, okay?! I just can't!"

"Fine, fine. I'll just do it."


"Then you do it!"


"Then what are you going to do? Let your girlfriend blind herself with her own blood?"

"She's not my girlfriend, goddammit! If I take the damn Kleenex, will you leave me alone?"

"Sure, sure."

Alex took a tissue or two from the box and headed toward Angela. She banged her head on the window so long it was half-covered in sickly brownish-red blood. "Angela..." Alex said, nervous.

Angela ignored him, hitting her head with more force than before.

"Angela, let me wipe the blood off your face..." he said, a bit afraid.

Angela stopped banging her head. She stood there for a few moments, not doing anything.


Angela reared her head back, and with as much force as possible, she hit her head on the window, shattering it. Pieces of glass stuck to her face, and she collapsed on the floor.

Alex saw more blood spilling out of her face. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted at the sight of the red liquid touching his shoes.

"Ah, you are hemophobic, aren't you?" Vincent said, and wiped the blood off Angela's face.


Alex woke up sitting at a library table. He calmly looked around at the shelves and carts. He wanted to keep reading Twilight, still. He thought about how he wanted to kill Edward and What's-Her-Face so bad, and then he remembered the blood on his shoes. He jumped out of his seat, knocking his chair over. He picked up his foot and looked at his shoes, and they were clean. He sighed a breath of relief, then he saw Angela. She was also on a table, her head lying on the surface. The glass still embedded in her face kept the blood flowing. Alex fainted once again at the sight.


Alex once again awoke from fainting, and he stood up. He felt lightheaded. He balanced himself on a chair, and once again looked at Angela's table. Vincent slipped on some rubber gloves and started pulling out the glass shards in Angela's face. Down went Alex again.


"Alex! Hey! Get up, boy!" Vincent shouted in Alex's ear. "You have got to get up from that floor! Who knows how many germs are on it!"

Alex slowly got up from the floor.

"Do you know how many times you fell? Five! And you're gonna go down again if you don't control that hemophobia."

"That's a medical term for suicide, ain't it? Oh, I knew it! I'm gonna kill myself! I knew I shouldn't have befriended Angela!"

"Hemophobia is a fear of blood, dummy. And your Angela is on the table. She's out due to loss of blood. Eh, she'll awaken sooner or later."

"Are you a doctor?" Alex asked.

"Nope. But I know everything, so, yeah I am."

"Idiot! Then help her!"

"Nah, she'll be fine. She doesn't need my help. I'm sure in a month or two she'll be trying once again to commit suicide!"

Alex grabbed Vincent by the throat and pinned him to the wall. "Do you think this is funny?! I could lose a friend, and yet you make jokes about her hemophobia!"

"He-hemophobia is not the same a-as being suicidal!"

"I don't care! She could die and yet you don't help her!"

"You seem to care very! much about her."

"She's suicidal, dammit!"

"Even a family member wouldn't show as much! care as you are showing now."

Alex loosened his grip on Vincent. "What are you talking about?!"

"I'm saying it seems that you care for her even though her family members don't... Does she have any family?"

"Not that I know of... What does that have to do with anything?!"

"Maybe your girlfriend turned to you as a replacement for a family member."

Alex was confused. "This is confusing me... and our readers. She is afraid that I will hurt her! I remind her of her abusive father! How could I be a replacement for that cruel man?!"

"Did I say exact replacement? As in you must be identical to him in every way? No, I did not. You could be a replacement for that man... as non-abusive and non-drunk... you get it?"

"No, I don't. You totally changed topics, man!"

"Exactly. You care for Angela as if you were her father. Now you get it?"

Alex released Vincent. "That is so not true! I am not a cruel man! I'm not even that old!!"

"I know. You are the opposite. Maybe she turned to you because you were the complete opposite of her father. Maybe she wanted a better life, and then you somehow showed up to help her. Maybe you knew her pain?"

"My dad always yelled at me for everything, I always got grounded, and not my brother. Hmm... Maybe I did know her pain and suffering?"

"Possibly. But hers is worse. But because certain parts of your backgrounds are similar, maybe that's why you got along so well and formed a strong bond?"

"Why do you keep asking me questions? Why are you changing topics? And why do you keep using 'maybe'? And how do you know about her background?!"

"Look. You and your girlfriend have a bond much stronger than most people's. And that's why you care so much about her. That's why you pinned me to the wall when I made jokes about her past. That's why I corrected your use of vocabulary. That's why I'm watching her approach your back."

Alex turned around and saw Angela. He started feeling afraid when he saw the cuts on her face, but he didn't care. He was happy that she was up, and he hugged her. Angela couldn't hug him back because her hands were handcuffed behind her.

"Aww, see? Your bond is really strong. Now, are you gonna kiss the bride?"

Alex punched Vincent in the face and broke his nose.

The real world amusement park was as equally creepy as the Otherworld version. No kids, no employees, no cheerful sounds and music, laughing, or screaming. All of that was absent. Robbie the Rabbit costumes littered the floor and benches. Claudia took no notice and just headed for the exit.

She knew what she wanted. Claudia wanted revenge for her death. She wanted Heather Mason to suffer just like she did when her death occured. There was no one else important enough to kill to get back at her... or so she thought. Douglas Cartland was still the same gruff old man he was before. Claudia knew Heather cared for him. So she thought, if Douglas died, no one would be left for her, and perhaps she would take her own life. But that was unlikely. Claudia decided just to kill them both, slowly and painfully.

She couldn't do this alone, she needed help. She could try to train a monster to do her bidding, but that would take a long time. She decided to resurrect the dead enemies of the past.

Claudia had decided who to go to first. After all, the corpse was still on the roof of the apartment complex. Claudia had brought a pail of blood from earlier sacrifices and tried to do the same thing that brought her back. She poured some blood on its corpse, and the monster's pooled blood was reabsorbed into its body. Its wounds healed soon after. Its heart then restarted, bringing the Missionary back to life.

The next enemy was her father, Leonard wolf. She decided, that since he was violent, he could help her bring pain to Heather and Douglas. It was hard finding the hospital basement since the stairs were inaccessable, but she managed to get down there. The Gears stopped turning, Wolf's body decomposed, and Beams were rusted. Claudia pulled her father's body out of the dirty, murky water and took him to the first floor. Claudia performed the same ritual, but Leonard's body had the same look as when he died. The look of decay remained, and Leonard did not want to look like that. He wanted to find something to cover his hideous look.

Far away, in South Ashfield Heights, Claudia entered Walter's otherworlds through her powers of teleportation. The Killing Machine still turned, the blood inside having already dried up. Walter's body was near the machine. Claudia did not really want to resurrect him, but since he killed 19 people, she decided to reanimate him. The ghost of Walter Sullivan had returned, and his immortality returned, as well. Claudia was happy with her new group, and planned to give Heather and Douglas the worst kind of pain imaginable.

Claudia and the group returned to Lakeside Amusement Park, and Leonard, desperate to have his look covered up, squeezed inside a bloodied Robbie the Rabbit costume. He now felt like the toughest mascot ever.

Now all they had to do was lure them both back to the Park.

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