• So, part 21. Who just won the card game? No one. Ugh. I hate that game. Anyway, so let's just get back to the story.
  • There's gonna be a huge scene at the warehouse, so there won't be much in the others.

The night was unpleasant. Lots of small squirrels and rabbits being killed outside. Owls hooted every five minutes, and wolves howled at the moon for three hours straight. Alex was still up, trying his best to bandage himself up without fainting. He used a random shirt he found and lots and lots of duct tape. After blood wasn't dripping on the floor anymore, he relaxed and fell asleep.


The next morning, Dante was practicing his sword moves outside of the warehouse. "Oh, you think you cool, Demon? I don't think so! Whaa! Oh, you want some too? Harraah! You want to taste Rebellion blade? Well, you got it! Kaaa!" He kept striking the same tree in different spots, leaving deep cuts in it. Clear tree sap bled out slowly after every strike. Dante hit the tree over and over, coating his sword edge with sap. "Aww, you dirtied my blade. You're going down!" Dante shouted, and with all his strength, he struck the tree, slicing right through it, felling the tree. "You don't mess with Dante. Now go ahead and tell your descendents that," Dante said, and put the sword on his shoulder. "You're so epic, Dante..." Jean said.


Since they couldn't speak, both Mandy and Angela were given dry erase markers and a small whiteboard. Mandy wrote down, "Give me your gun, Alex!"

"Pfft. Why should- oh, yeah. Here," he said, and handed her the gun.

Angela wrote down, "Give me the laser pistol so I can blow my head off help me kill myself turn myself into swiss cheese blow my brains out help you fight the demon."

Alex hesitated. "I think you just want to use it to kill yourself." Angela wrote "DAMN IT!"


James and Vincent were conversing about stuff, mostly about dead people. "So, yeah, I ended up killing my wife. And then I ended up killing Eddie. I'm a murderer."

"We know, James. We know. I didn't kill anyone, but I know people who did. Claudia's one... well, was one. She's dead, now."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I died before that."

"It's kinda interesting how I'm talking to a dead person right now."

"Ain't It?"


Dante and Jean returned to the warehouse, getting ready to fight. "Yeah, so, I'm gonna go look for the demon, so you all can stay here and I'll go ahead and be super-epic and leave you all in the dust."

"What?! You can't leave us here! We're gonna die!" James said, cowering in the damp corner.

"Of course I can. I work alone. So see yah," Dante said, and headed out. "See? Working ALONE." He continued out the hole until he heard a loud thud. "Okay, guys. I know I'm hot and you don't want me to leave, but I have to so I can kill some demons and some humans in one day. That's an epic thing to do. So stop distracting me from doing my job!"

"We didn't do anything..." Vincent said.

"Liar. So just stop it and-"


"Stop it! Ahh! I must do this!"

"That wasn't us!" Alex said, changing the duct tape on the shirt.

"Liar. now I will- oof!" Dante said.

"Dante! Are you okay?!" Jean immediately rushed to his side.

"Yeah... I just tripped over this root. I'm fine. Oooh- my spider sense is tingling! There's a demon around here!"

Mandy looked at him and wrote down "Spider sense?"

"Don't judge me! Now, WHERE ARE YOU, DEMON?!"

"Grrhmm, you called?"

Dante was startled by that distorted voice. He turned around and saw three grotesque humanoid monsters. "Who-who-who-who the hell are you?!" he asked, trembling and holding his sword.

"Agents. But apparently you like the word 'demon'. Very well. Go ahead and call us that. We don't care. Now, are you going to show us the power of that puny sword?"

"Puny? Wha- my sword is not puny! Fine! You will go down, demon!" Dante shouted. Before he could attack, he wanted to examine his enemy thoroughly, so he would know what he was fighting. He first looked at Faruark, the twitching demon.

Its head was covered in a mask which looked like it were made of rotten skin. There were small bars on the visor of the mask. Its head constantly twitched, swishing the small triangular pieces of metal on the back of its head around. On its arms and legs, pieces of its armor were missing, and underneath was bleeding, pinkish flesh. A piece was also missing on its torso armor as well. There were plates of armor on its hands and wrists. It wore a torn robe at its waist that covered one of its legs, and one of its toes was torn off its foot.

Dante looked at this beast and said, "Whoa. Lay off the caffeine, dude. Too much could kill you. Switch to decaf and you won't twitch as much. So, you seem to be one of the agile ones. 'Kay, I can take you. YEAH!!" he said, and then looked at Scraugolen, the violent demon.

This demon had five blades puncturing its chest inward, with blunt ends on its back. It was wearing a bloody bird mask, but the eyeholes were broken and its glowing yellow eyes stared directly at Dante. A robe also covered the demon's leg, but it was much more torn that the one on Faruark. It had spiked metal plates on its knees and black spiked shoes that matched the color of the armor. Blood had stained the armor and most of the cloth. Dante looked at its hands, and its knuckles had long spikes on them.

"Whoa, what is this, extreme acupuncture?"

Scraugolen pulled out two blades from its body. The vein-like texture immediately disappeared when it held the blades in its hands.

"Whoa. You're a knife block, too? Wooooow, multitasker! Amazing!" Dante finally looked at Wervenzen. "And you, you are uuuuugly!"

Wervenzen stepped forward. "I see. I am ugly, yet you see yourself as..."

"Having extreme hawtness."

"Yes... whatever you say. There is no such words in our world. We are all the same. Our faces are covered by whatever we have on hand. And so will you and your friends. So, you will no longer have your 'hawtness' when we take your soul. And oh, I almost forgot. We must finish off those we saw yesterday."

"Wai-wai-wait. Lemme see you. I want to know what I am gonna kill later."

"Very well."

Dante scanned Wervenzen's outfit. It wasn't much different from the other two. "Isn't there something called 'originality' where you come from? I mean, you all look the same." He wore a helmet wich had two metal horns on them . Part of it was broken, so his mouth was partly visible. The armor on his chest had six triangular holes on it, and part of the armor dug into his left arm, apparently circulating some kind of liquid. Sharp spikes ran across his shoulders and upper arms. On Wervenzen's right arm was a metal gauntlet which covered everything up to his elbow. He also wore a robe at his waist. It covered most of his legs, but a lot was torn off the front.

"Are you done? I have business to attend to," Wervenzen said, tapping his foot on the ground.

"Yes, I am, Madam Ugly. Now, shall we go on and fight?"

"I won't, but my agents will. Go on, kill him. I will go find our friends..." he said, and left Dante to fight the agents.

"Awww, sissy! You leave me to fight two demons? CHEATER!" Dante shouted, and got ready to fight the devils in front of him. "I am the best! HAHA! EPIC DANTE OF EPICNESS!" he shouted, and leaped toward Scraugolen, his sword over his head. "KIIIAAAAA!!"

Scraugolen made a scoffing noise and stuck one of its blades in front of it.

"Oh, fu-" Dante said, and he landed on the blade's point. It pierced his chest and Scraugolen brought the blade up to eye level, with Dante balanced on it. The blade, having had contact with blood, had returned to its vein-like appearance. "What the hellllll kind of sword is that? Egh. I can... beat you!" Dante said, and tried swinging his sword at the demon's head. The beast easily grabbed the sword's blade, and pulled it out of Dante's grasp. "Awww...."

SG called Faruark over, giving it the other blade. Dante watched the twitchy thing hold the blade with skill and was ready to slice him apart. "Hey, hey, hey! You don't want me! You, uh... you want that guy!" Dante said, and pointed to James.

"Who, me?" James asked.

"Of course you! You gotta die so I can live!"

"Oh, hell no! I already see one of those things strangling Angela- wait, what?"

Wervenzen had picked up Angela by her throat and started thrashing her around.

"Oh, damn!" James exclaimed, and picked up a pipe. "Die, bitch!" he shouted, and started swinging the pipe, hitting Wervenzen in the back multiple times.

He paid no attention to the beating he was being given. Instead, he kept focusing on tearing off Angela's head.

"Let her go, goddammit!"

Wervenzen then turned around. "Oh, you want to go, instead? Well, then. Agents! Stop what you're doing. We're gathering this soul first," he said, and dropped Angela. "Scraugolen! Hand me a blade!" Wervenzen ordered. "Now, my boy, how would you like to die? A severed head? A slit throat? An... extracted eye?" Wervenzen asked, circling James with the blade point near his neck. "Oh, please tell me. I don't want to kill you and your friends in the same way. That is... boring. Please make it as gruesome as you can. Or, if you'd prefer, I could make one up for you."

"In your dreams," James said, and lay the pipe on his shoulder.

"You have such confidence," Wervenzen said, and turned James around, putting the blade's spine against his neck. "Are you still confident? Well? Are you?"

"No..." James squeaked.

Wervenzen moved the blade from his neck and kicked him down. "Now, leave my sight, or you will join your friends in death sooner.

"Hey you! Ugly face!"

Wervenzen turned around.

Alex was holding up his laser pistol, aiming at the demon's head. "Step away from the idiot and no one gets hurt..."

"You will not order me around...!"

Alex pulled the trigger three times.

Wervenzen used the blade to deflect all three shots away from him. One ricocheted off the blade and nearly hit Alex's foot. "Guns and other weaponry won't stop me, especially your stupid makeshift weapons. But, unfortunately that's how it is. Goodbye, Alex," Wervenzen said, and suddenly from behind Scraugolen tackled him and knocked him down. The two blades still in its body had pierced Alex's back, and started to absorb his soul from his blood. "Heh, heh, heh. How very sad, Alex. You seemed to be the 'epic' one, but now you seem like the abandoned kitten on the highway..."

"BITCH!!" someone shouted, and impaled Wervenzen through the gap in his armor. Blood spurted out of his body and splattered all over Mandy's face.

"Ewww, gross! That tasted nasty! That was just- I can talk! Ha, ha! I can talk! YES!! But, aww, I still can't walk. Damn."

Wervenzen reached over his head and grabbed whoever was there, pulling them over and throwing them on the floor. The blade was still in his body, so he pulled it out. He examined the bloodstained blade. The blade was long, and it had a red handle and emblem. He held it in his hands, and turned the handle. Vrrrrrrm.

"Hey! Give me back my sword, Jackass!"

Jean looked behind her. "Nero?! How the hell did you get here?!"

"Long story. Now, give me my sword, you ugly bastard!"

"You want it? You can have it," he said, and threw it at a high speed toward Nero.

"Oh, crap!" he exclaimed, and tried to get out of the way.


Nero barely dodged the sword. "Ha! You missed me!"

Wervenzen used his demonic power to pull the sword back into his hands. He revved it once more, and threw it once again.

Nero moved his arm quickly, grabbing the sword's hilt as it flew toward him. "HA! I am awesome! My sword is back in my possession, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Wervenzen tilted his head slightly. "I myself cannot do anything about it, but we can," he said and summoned the agents to his side. He laughed as Nero's expression changed dramatically from a cocky grin to a dropped jaw.

"What the f are those?!"

Dante hobbled back in. "Nero?! What the hell?! Anyway, augh... help me..."

"Ugh, no! I have better things to do, like, accept a $400 payment from Mandy for some love..."

"Whatever! Mandy's right here, and she's missing her soul because these things stole it. And I'm sure they took Angela's and Alex's, too."

"But the good thing is, I can talk!" Mandy butted in.

"How the hell did you manage to do that?!"

"Nero stabbed the demon and its blood covered my face, and some of that nasty stuff went in my mouth. Ewww!"

"So... we gotta spill its blood and make you drink it...? Nasty," Nero said.

"VAMPIRE!" Dante shouted.

"I guess so. And look- Angela can't speak either. And Alex, too."

"Stop talking and fight me!" Wervenzen shouted.

"Okay, Demon. We're ready," Nero said, and he revved his sword.

"Me, too!" Dante said, and held his sword.

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