• Ah, yes. Part 20. I expected it to end on the very first part. But, thanks to good friends, Jean, Mandy, Brad... you know who you are. Thanks for making this series keep going. ☺
  • Enough talking, let's get to the story already.

Claudia was scrubbing the floors to the Sweet Factory Store. So many spilled cookies, drinks, and other food stained the floor. Robbie the Rabbit merchandise was scattered everywhere. Leonard came in and saw Claudia stop scrubbing for a second. He immediately strode over and kicked her. "Why did you stop?! You are to clean this place non-stop! I should put a camera in here so I can make sure you don't stop again! This is the last time, Claudia! Get back to work!" he shouted, and exited the shop.

He headed over the Mountain Coaster, where Walter was working. Walter was playing around with the controls in the control room. Leonard pulled him out from there and threw him down a flight of stairs. "What are you doing? You are supposed to be polishing the metal coat on the coaster!"

"Calm down! Ow... I did that already!"

"I don't think so! Look- this is rusty!" Leonard picked up a can of paint and threw it at Walter's head, causing him to bleed.

"Ow, man, what the hell?! What is your problem?!"

"Do it! Now!" he screamed, and jumped off the stairs.

He want to the Swing Rocket, where Missionary was working. The Missionary was riding one of the rockets. Leonard pulled him off and threw him down. "You are supposed to be fixing the buttons in the control box! Why are you riding it?"

"Because it's fun?"

"IDIOT!" he screamed, and whacked him on the head. "Get the hell off and fix the damn buttons!"

"Maybe I shouldn't have been the King of Noms..."

Now since Brad made him crash the car, Douglas now had to go the 20 miles to Silent Hill on foot. He was so furious at him. And yet, he still wouldn't shut up.

"Yeah, then, so I planned to like, play every game I had in one week. And you know what? I did it! I am soooo awesome!"

"I don't care, yet you keep talking! Shut up, please!"

"Naw. My stories are super awesome."

"Oh, gawd, that's it!" Douglas shouted, and pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Brad.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop!"

Heather just didn't know what to do. These trees were blocking the road, and there were too many trees in the woods to go around it safely. So Heather decided to ditch the car and go on foot. "I hate fanfictions. They make me go through some hard things- wait, what did I say? Where did that come from? What the hell is a fanfiction? Whatever, to Silent Hill... again."

"Aww, see? I'm epic, they're not. Especially that one," Dante said, pointing at James running out the hole in the wall.

Vincent tried to get back up, but Dante put the sword tip in his face. "I'm sorry, honey, but you can't go anywhere. You gotta stay here. I'm gonna kill you, but I need to find your other friends first. Would you care to tell me where they are?"

"I don't know!" Vincent said, looking at the sword tip.

"Oh, come on. Tell me, and I'll make your death quick and painless."

"I'm telling you, I don't know where they are!"

"Fine. I'll find them myself- with Jean, I mean, and I'll bring them back here, and so, I'll behead you all with a single swipe. Whoosh! Chop chop chop chop chop!"

"I doubt you'll find Angela. When we play hide and seek, she always wins," Alex said.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"You won't find her. Durr," Vincent said.

"Shaddup! I will! Watch! Come on, Jean. Let's go find them, my pretty. And the little boy, too. Ah hahahahahaha!!"


Mandy and Angela were unconsious in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing they could do now that they were empty shells made of flesh and bones. They were in a forest, but in Mandy's head, she was somewhere else.

On a subway train in Silent Hill, Mandy sat down next to a stranger. She looked around at the train's interior. It was a normal train, except it was covered in blue ice and frost. This frost spread everywhere like a disease, covering the entire train. But it seemed nobody had noticed. Mandy felt slightly cold in that train, but she shook it off. The stranger she sat next to stood up, and decided to stay there. Mandy wondered why he did so.

This man had stood in the middle of the train, but it wasn't crowded in the car. What he did was slightly strange, because everyone started looking at him. What is so unusual about this guy? Mandy thought. Mandy turned to look to her left, and the door to the next car opened. It was unusual for that door to open, since it was just for emergencies. A human-like creature hobbled in and started placing its hands on the wall, trying to keep its balance. Its fingers left trails of blood behind on the train walls, and the streaks dripped. Mandy held her breath when she looked into the car that thing was just in. It was not there.

The monster walked by the shocked, seated passengers. It wasn't interested in them. Instead, it wanted the standing one, right next to Mandy. The standing man didn't notice the monster's interest in him. He was texting on his phone. Mandy tried to get the man's attention, but he lashed out at her. "Don't touch me! Get your ugly hands off me!" Mandy was hurt, but now she thought he deserved to die now. She turned her attention back to the monster. It was closer to the standing man now. As soon as it was in range, it stopped moving, and watched the man text on his phone. The thing then reared back and jumped on him.

The guy was knocked down, and his phone flew out of his hands, breaking when it hit the floor. Mandy watched the man wrestle against that beast, trying to escape from its grip. Mandy backed up a little in her seat, trying to increase the amount of space between her and the monster. She watched the man struggle against it, to no avail.

The fiend brought its hands up to the man's face, and used its fingers to strech open one of his eyes. The poor guy started screaming as the monster started to suck out his eye. Mandy watched, nearly wanting to vomit. The monster took the eye and showed it to the victim when it was taken out of his eye socket. Then it put it in its palm and crushed it, letting any liquid in it drip on his face. The beast then picked up the screaming man and took him outside the car, out to the tracks. Mandy got up from her seat and looked out the window, curious to see what that thing would do.

No sound came from either the monster or the man. Mandy watched the thing change from a human-like thing into a snake monster, and started swallowing the poor victim. Blood and pieces of flesh were being spit out of the fiend's mouth and soon the last of the guy had gone down the monster's throat. Mandy then saw the windows drip with blood, obcuring everything. People in the train started bleeding and dying, and then Mandy felt the effects the passengers were...


"AAH! HE'S COMING TO GET ME!" James screamed, and tripped over Mandy's body, landing face first on a tree root. "Aah! Ow! My nose! My teeth! My face!"

Mandy immediately left the hellish subway train and was back in the woods, watching James clean the blood off his face.

James turned around and saw Mandy and Angela. "Whoa! Ahh! Oh, it's you two. Where were you? Alex and Vincent are hurt!"

Mandy tried speaking, but no words came out. She tried saying something, but there was still silence instead of words.

Angela tried to talk, too, but nothing.

"Come on, I don't wanna play charades. We gotta go now!"

Mandy used her hands to tell James she needed a piece of paper and a pen.

"I don't think I have it- oh, here's a pen. Now, a piece of paper... hmm.. oh! Here's Mary's letter. Here, you can write on the back of it."

Mandy took it and wrote down something. She then handed it to Angela.

After they were done writing, James took the paper. "Um, 'Agents stole our souls. We can't speak or walk without them.' Huh. What do these Agents look like? Are they men in black? Heh, heh."

Mandy took the paper and wrote something again, then handed it back to James.

" 'No, you idiot, they are evil demons!' You didn't need to use harsh language!" James said, and gave Angela the paper.

Angela wrote down what they looked like and what they did.

"Sounds harsh. Are you guys dead?"

Mandy started to become irritated. She angrily took the paper and wrote, "Take us back to the warehouse. It's not too far".

"I can't do that! Dante's there!"

"Hey! There they are! Get over here!"

"Never mind, he's right there! See yah!" James said, and ran.

Dante came over to Mandy and Angela. "Well, well, well, what have we here?"

"Ugly girls!" Jean said.

"Of course they are. Now come on, get up. We gotta go back to the warehouse."

James left the paper there, so Mandy handed it to Jean.

"Dante, I think they need help," Jean said as she read the paper.

"What? Oh, so now you wanna side with them, too? DANTE HATER!" he shouted, and raised the sword.

"No no no no no! I'm not siding with them!"

"Oh, then, why did you say to help them?"

"Read the paper."

Dante took the paper and read it. "Who's Mary?"

"Other side."

"Oh. Duh," he said, and turned the paper over. "Oh, you guys had your souls taken away? By who?"

Mandy took the paper and wrote it down.

"Demons?! Well, then, you DO need help! I'm the most epicy-epic demon slayah out here! Come on, Jean. Help me take these two back to the warehouse."

Mandy thought if what he said was a lie. Maybe he's just taking us to a secluded place to kill us?

Dante carried Mandy while Jean dragged Angela back to the warehouse.

"Wow, you're so hot, Dante," Mandy mouthed, and looked at his face.

Jean smacked her forehead and said, "HEY! He's mine! You can take your $400 and go buy yourself some Nero love, instead!"

"Ugh, fine. But I don't see a Nero, so, hey, Dante!"

Jean smacked her again. "HE'S MINE!!"

"Okay, okay! Jeez!"


"AAH! Blood!" Alex shouted, and he fainted.

"Oh, why did you have to be hemophobic?" Vincent said, and tried to get up off the floor. Alex was now out, and Vincent was now the only one in the warehouse capable of doing something. He tried to walk, but the pain in his leg was too much, so he just got back on the floor. "Ugh. This sucks."


After a few long hours, the four were on the hill near the warehouse. "Okay, I'll put you down so you can roll down the hill. Sound good?" Dante asked Mandy.

"What? No!" she mouthed.

"Okay, fine. I'll just run down the hill. Remember that there's a risk that I can drop you and you can end up cracking your head on a tree root."

"Thanks for that."

"Okay, so, here we go. Down this hill. That I hate so much. So, here we go. Woohoo!" Dante said, and started running. "This is fun!"

"Wait for me, Dante!" Jean said, and dropped Angela and let her tumble down the hill. Her head hit a couple rocks. "Wait, Dante! Wait for me! I need you!"


Vincent looked out the hole. "Aw, maaaaan, again? Wait- hey! There's Mandy! And... Angela, hitting a couple trees. Huh. And Dante and Jean!! OMG, I'm gonna die!"

Alex recovered and sat up. "What did you say?"

"Dante and Jean are coming back! And they have Mandy and Angela!"

"What? Oh, yeah, Mandy and Angela. But what about James?"

James jumped through the shattered window and landed in some boxes.

"Where did you come from?" Vincent asked.

"Nowhere! I'm back and that's all that matt- AAH! There he is!" James shouted, pointing at Dante.

Dante and Jean entered the warehouse. "Change of plans, you wussies. I'm gonna help these two slay some demons, so I'll hold off on killing you all. Thank your soulless buddies. So! Here ya go. Say hello to your friends again. They're back. And oh yeah, I'm slaying the demons tommorow. I'm beat and it's the middle of the night. Good night. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

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