• Wow. Angela's age. Huh. Anyway, here's the next part for those who are interested.

Heather listened to Shroomster ramble about its existance.

"Yeah, so, awesome. I wish I was an awesome, powerful, Hellraiser Cenobite-like being. Oooh, that would be cool."

Shroomster heard a ping in its head. "I gotta go. Nice talking to you. I'll see you later... Heather."

"How did you know my name?"

"When you shook hands with Wervenzen, he processed a lot of information from you... it's hard to explain. So, we know everything about you now."

"Scary... wait! I don't believe you!"

"Didn't your father, Harry Mason, die last year because because a crazed priestess named Claudia Wolf killed him so you could create hatred?"

"Wow, you do know everything."

"Yes, we do," Shroomster said, and dashed back into the woods.

Shroomster perched on a high tree branch, watching Angela and Mandy talking to each other. Shroomster stood still, watching their every move. It had nothing much to do besides spare Heather the trauma of those demons again. The ping was a signal that those demons wanted to exit the one main body and be in their own. All they brought was pain and suffering, but retaining those entities would rip the main body apart, letting those heathens wander unbound to the body and wreak havoc on humans. Shroomster's arm twitched, then its leg, then its head. It lost its balance on the perch, falling toward the ground.


"Yeah... sorry for running out here. I just, really need to kill myself," Angela said as she and Mandy sat by the edge of the ditch. "I mean, I don't think you'll ever know what it's like to be me. My life is just hell, and it will always be."

"Aw, don't say that. It won't always be like that. Maybe the hell would freeze over and your Otherworld will be full of ice!"


"Nothing. Man, these monster flesh pieces really stick to maul spikes," Mandy said as she tried scraping the dried blood and flesh off the maul. "What is that thing made of?!"

"I think we should just go. I heard monsters out here."

"Why? We're fine. You've got ME! I'm epic!"

"Of course you are..." Angela said. "But I know there's something terrifying out there. I heard it."

"I think my maul can handle it. It just killed that thing," Mandy said, and pointed at the headless Lurker corpse. "And if the monster looks like THAT now, than anything that comes at us will look the same."

"I guess so, but, what if you're gone, and I get lost or something? I lost my knife earlier. I am now weaponless."

"Eh, don't worry about it! I'll stay right next to you at all times."

Angela felt slightly better. " Shhh... I think I can hear it."

"Naw, it's just paranoia from your sui-"


"Never mind, what was that?!" Mandy jumped up, looking at all sides. "The-the-the monster!!"

"Told ja."

"What will we do?!"

"We should just wait till the monster shows up, so we know what we're dealing with..."

"Are you crazy? Now I know you're just being suicidal!"

"That's left my thoughts for now. Come on, Mandy! Don't be a sissy!"

"I'm not a sissy!"

Sickening tearing sounds came from behind them, startling the pair.

"What was that?!" Mandy said, shivering. She held the maul in her sweaty palms.

Angela was waiting for the threat to show itself.

"This way, Agents. They're here somewhere. They shouldn't be too far."

"Hey, Douglas! You know what?!" Brad said, pulling out his wallet. "I remember I took a hundred dollars from Isaac's pocket yesterday! See? I haven't spent it yet!'

"I don't care! Shut up and let me drive, goddammit!"

"Just take a quick peek at it," Brad said, and started shoving the wallet in Douglas's face.

"Get your hands out of my face!" Douglas shouted, and pushed him away, unwittingly turning the wheel, swerving the car off the road. The car drove right through the railing and hit a tree.

Douglas's face was hit with an airbag, and he popped it with a screwdriver nearby. He looked over to Brad, and he was looking at his credit cards. "I stole this one, I own this one, this is my mom's..."

Douglas couldn't take it anymore. He lunged at Brad and wrapped his hands around his throat. "You-stupid-kid-you-trashed-my-car!!"

"It *haaa* wasn't my fault!"

"Of course it was! You shoved your stupid wallet in my face and I turned the freaking wheel and you made us crash! I wish you weren't in my life! Ever!"

Brad was hurt. Besides the fact that he was being strangled. Now he realized what a nuisance he was during this whole trip. He managed to choke out the words, "I'm-sorry! *haaa!*"

Douglas let him go. "You better be. You are gonna have to use all those credit cards to repair my car."

"But I don't have any work..."

"Then I'll give you some! Here! Go sweep the entire park!"

"Dad, I'm in control, not you!"

Leonard smacked her face. "You do not talk to me like that! Go join your stupid friend over there and help him clean! GO!"

"Maybe I should have killed you just like her," Claudia muttered.

"What?! Do you want me to smack you again?!"

"Chill out, old man," Walter said.

"Me? Chill out? Screw you! I've had enough of this! All of you are going to do my bidding! And if any of you don't, then you can kiss your pretty face goodbye!" Leonard threatened, holding up his costumed blade.

"A fluffy rabbit's hand doesn't scare me," he said.

Leonard punched him in the stomach, forcing all the air out of his body. "Do they scare you now?"

Walter barely managed to say "Yes".

"Good! Now all of you! Clean this messy park! I want nothing out of place! NOTHING!"

Claudia now felt like killing him, now that she had the chance to.

Alex sighed. "Here comes the idiot and his pants."

James giggled. "Idiot and his pants..."

Vincent was ready to use is crazy hands again.

Dante crashed into the wall, making yet another hole in it. "BOOYAH! Who's ready for deaaaaath?!"

"Oh, Dante, you're so awesome. Come here, Dante... mwah!"

"Aww, Jean. Now, one of you step forward so I can skewer you with my awesome sword. Come on, now, don't be shy..."

"Don't be shy, my ass," James said, and picked up a stray pipe. "Kiyaaaaaah!!" he shouted, and swung the pipe.

Dante put up his sword and blocked it. "Oh, weak. Go to the gym and train, little boy."

"What did you call me?!" James said, and thrust his pipe at Dante. Again he blocked the attack.

"I think you should also lose a little weight, too. It'll make you a little faster."

"Goooooo Dante!" Jean cheered, and jumped up and down.

"I am tired of your stupid makeshift weapons. Get actual weapons like this baby: My very own Rebellion. Haaa-ah-ah-ahhh...anywho, let's just finish this," Dante said, and swung his sword in a circle, cutting into Vincent and Alex.

"Ah! My leg!" Vincent said, flopping to the ground.

Alex was cut in the stomach, and he felt like his intestines were spilling out of his body.

James dropped the pipe and ran. "AAAAH!!!"

"Ahhh... See Jean, I'm sure you would never date wimps like these."


"I'm scared...!" Mandy said, frantically looking everywhere.

"I hear them, Mandy... I hear them..."


"Ahhh... there you are," Wervenzen said, and pointed in their direction. "They're right here. I knew they wouldn't be very far. It's time to take their souls..."


"Aah! I heard them, too! What the hell is after us now?!"

"I don't know, but they sound menacing."

Footsteps came from behind them, and Mandy turned around. "Holy crap, what the hell is that?!"

Faruark leaped from the tree trunks, quickly getting nearer to the two. It was close to Angela, so it leaped off the trunk and pounced on her.

"AAH! Get it off me!" she screamed.

"AAH!" Mandy also screamed, since Scraugolen was grappling her.

Wervenzen approached them slowly. "Ah... two souls this time. I'm sure this will be good for the Domain. Now don't worry. If you don't struggle, it won't hurt too bad. Stand still, now."

Mandy spit in Wervenzen's face.

"I see. You want to make this harder for yourself," he said as he wiped the saliva off his face. "Very well." He walked behind Scraugolen and pulled out one of its blades from its body. "Now, here's the consequence for your actions," he said, and quickly ran the blade on Mandy's face.

"Ow!" she quickly said, and blood ran down from the wound.

"Painful, wasn't it? I'm sure you don't want to do that again. Now, where were we? Oh, yes. It's finally time to give me both your souls. So, get ready for it." Wervenzen ordered Scraugolen to release Mandy, and he pushed her against a tree. Wervenzen opened Mandy's hand and drove the blade right through it, embedding it in the trunk, making sure Mandy would go nowhere. He did the same for Angela, using another blade from Scraugolen's body. "Now, say goodbye to each other. You might be able to see each other in Hell- with us," Wervenzen said, and grabbed Mandy's shoulder. He also grabbed Mandy's hand, and then started pulling.

"AAAAAH! STOP! STOP!" Mandy screamed in agony.

Angela painfully watched Wervenzen start to tear off Mandy's arm. Then Faruark placed its hand on Angela's head, starting to dig its bony fingers in her skull.

Wervenzen had dislocated Mandy's shoulder, so he stopped. "Oh, please, save your tears. Here, it is a waste of good suffering." He turned to Angela's torture. "You can stop now, Faruark."

The demon released all the pressure on Angela's skull, and Angela turned her head away from it.

"Was that enough suffering? Or do you wish to just give up now?"

Neither answered.

"Very well. You may, Scraugolen."

Scraugolen stepped up to both girls, holding one blade in each hand. It drove one into Mandy's chest, and the other in Angela. Each blade started to absorb blood from each body, and they got a vein-like texture as a result. The blood was stored in the hilt of the blade, and when it stopped absorbing, Wervenzen pulled out both blades.

"This should be enough. We may go," he said, and ordered the other two agents to follow him back to the Domain, the main body.

The blades in their hands were removed, and both Mandy and Angela's bodies were limp now, having lost a great amount of blood. They were not dead however. Instead, they could not walk or speak without their souls.


Wervenzen and the two Agents had returned to the main body. "Two in one day. The least we've ever gotten. We need to be in more populated areas. It must be the great plan, then. We must not do anything against it," Wervenzen said, and plunged both blades into the gaps in the main body's armor. The blood in the blades channeled down the vein-like structures in the blade and drained into the main body. "Today is done. Now we wait for tomorrow," he said, and he and the two Agents stepped on the body to return.

OMG. What are Angela and Mandy gonna do? Stay tuned for part 20! Or not.

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