• Part 18, already. I never thought it would acually get this, far, it seems super unsuccessful. But for you few fans out there, here you go, a sequel.

Angela ran out the huge hole and headed deeper into the forest. She hopped over rocks and any small streams in her way. She often looked behind her, she knew Mandy was after her...

"Get back here, Angela!"


Mandy ran after Angela, holding the heavy maul in her hands. The weight of the maul caused her to run a little slower, and her left side was heavier than the right, but she kept running. "I won't hurt you, Angela! Come back!" Now she wondered why she brought the maul in the first place. "Please? We all love you as a friend!"

Angela paid no heed to her words. She kept running into the forest, trying to get as far away from them as possible so she can commit suicide without anyone stopping her.


"Alex, truth or dare?" James said.


"I dare you to go to the attic..."

"What attic?"

"Oh, I was playing my DSi and I made a flipnote with that dare in it."

"... Okay, so, come on. A dare, gimmie a dare!"

"I dare you to eat an inch long piece of peeled paint."

"Ewwww!" Vincent said, sitting and rocking like a girl.

"Come on, Alex. Do it!"

Alex stood up and walked toward the wall. He went to it cautiously, thinking if he should actually do it.

"Come on and do it! Or are you... chicken? Bawk, bawk, baaaawk!" James said, bending his arms and flapping them.

"I am not chicken!" Alex shouted, and peeled off a long strip of paint, shoving it in his mouth. He chewed it, and the taste of rot filled his mouth. He swallowed the paint and coughed. He wanted to puke, but he kept it down. He couldn't even open his mouth without the risk of puking his guts out. "See?' he said through his teeth. He sat back down with James and Vincent.

James looked at him. "Jeez, I only asked for an inch, not two feet!"


"Angela, pleeeease!" Mandy shouted, begging Angela to stop. This maul was really getting heavy now. She wanted to drop it, but what's the point? So she held it and tried her best to catch up with Angela. They ran for a few minutes, and it seemed like Angela could run an entire marathon while Mandy sat at the benches. All this running had made Mandy tired, but she kept going. She ran, then a sudden pain hit her leg, making her collapse to the ground. "Ow! AAH!" She dropped the maul and immediately grasped her calf, trying to ease the muscles. "Aah! It hurts... it hurts..." Mandy was on the verge of tears.

Angela kept running until she heard Mandy start to cry. She hesitated to go back. "That's just a cramp. It'll go away. I need to go kill myself." So Angela decided to keep running and ignore Mandy's cried for help. As she ran, she heard strange noises. Branches fell off trees, low growling bounced around, and she saw a shadow run past her. "Wha... who's there?!" Angela asked, stopping and pulling out her knife. She started looking in all directions. "I-I-I have a knife! I know h-how to use it!"


"AAH!!" Angela screamed. Running back in the opposite direction, she flung the knife behind her and ran for her life. She ran away from the sound, terrified about what it might do to her. She kept looking behind her shoulder, checking if anyone's following her. "AAH! MANDY!! HELP ME!!!" she screamed as she saw Mandy still on the ground crying. "I'm being chased by a monster!!"

"Aaah... and you ha-have problems?! This is th-the most severe leg cr-cramp ever! It hurt-hurts..." she said as she tried to stop her tears.

"Give me your maul, then!"

"It-it fell down th-there..." Mandy said, pointing to the ditch in the ground next to her. "It looks st-steep, so be ca-careful..."

Angela looked in the ditch. It was steep, and it was muddy. It would be nearly impossible to get the maul back up to ground level by herself. "I'm going down there. You grab the maul when I hand it to you."


Angela looked down again. Should she do this? "Okay, I'm going." She placed her foot over the empty air near the edge of the ditch, trying to find a spot to step on. She the shifted her weight on her foot, and the mud collapsed under her weight, and she slipped into the ditch. Angela rolled down, and planted her face into the thick mud on the bottom of this small canyon. "Aww..." she got up and wiped the mud off her eyes. The maul was right in front of her, in plain sight. "Awesome!" she said, and leaned over to grab it. The mud under the maul started to bubble.

"Huh?" she said, and felt tense. The bubbling continued for a few moments, then it stopped. Angela sighed and relaxed, but then she couldn't hear Mandy. She looked up on the edge of the ditch and saw Mandy, just as she was before. As she returned to look at the maul, something rose from the mud, splattering some mud in Angela's face. Again mud covered her eyes, and in this darkness she heard what sounded like someone being strangled, gasping for air. Angela rushed to get the mud off her face, and when her sight returned, she saw one ugly monster.

It struggled to get out of the mud due to its hands, three sickle-like blades grafted on each wrists. The iron blades kept sinking into the loose mud, keeping this monster from getting a good grip. Angela scrambled out of the mud and backed away from the hideous creature. It was twitching slightly, and the vertical slit on its head was its only feature. It roared a distored "raaah" as it tried to get out of the mud. It swiped its claws around, trying to hit Angela.

"M-Mandy! AAH!"

Mandy looked over the ditch edge, having recovered from the cramp. "Wha- oh... Nasty. What's that?"

"I don't know! Help!"

Mandy didn't have any weapon besides the maul. "I don't have weapons! I only have my fists!'

"Better than nothing! Get down here!!"

Mandy jumped down next to Angela, splattering mud again. The mud covered Mandy's black spiked shoes. She might have to use her hands, so she dug in her pocket and pulled out a pair of leather gloves spiked at the knuckles. She slipped them on and said, "Let's do this, you ugly..."

The monster roared again, and it managed to grab hold of something solid, so it dragged itself forward.

"Aaah! Help me! I want out of this!"

"Calm, down, Angela. It's going down, not you," Mandy said, and walked toward the monster, cracking her joints.

"That's too epic, Mandy! You're over-epicing yourself! You'll die!"

"Not true. Let's go!" she said, and started pacing around the monster.

It lunged forward, swiping at Mandy with its wicked claws. Mandy leaped to the right, barely dodging the claws.

Angela tried to climb out of the ditch, digging in the side of the ditch to try to find dry dirt strong enough to hold her weight and let her out.

Mandy stepped back, waiting for the monster to come to her. It crawled at high speed, swiping at her. As soon as the monster was away from the maul, Mandy tried to do a dangerous stunt. She watched its movements, waiting for it to stop moving. When it did, Mandy leapt over its head, stepping on its back and then touching the ground again. She quickly picked up the maul, then started to bring it over her head. The monster had its legs bound by lots of peeling dead skin, so the monster had difficulty turning around, giving Mandy enough time to bring the maul down on its head, crushing it. Its rusty crimson blood decorated the maul and Mandy's clothes.

Angela managed to get back to ground level and she watched the entire thing. "That was much too epic. TONE IT DOWN!" she said, and helped Mandy up.

"So, then I said, 'nuh-uh, I can toooootally beat you in MW2.' And then he's like, 'What? I don't think so'..."

"Oh my gawd..."

"And so- hey, are we there yet?"

"We are not even close."

"Oh. How bout now?"






Dante and Jean walked down the same asphalt road they were on earlier. They even passed the bench they met Mandy at. "We met a hater here," Dante said.

"Yes, we did. Now, that should mean we are close to the warehouse again, right?"

"Yes, sweet. Hmm, just another five minutes and the warehouse should be in view."

"Yeah... yeah I see it! There!" Jean said, pointing at the warehouse. "Woo hoo! Now kill the haters!"

"Oh, I will. I will." Dante said, holding his sword again. "They will die today. TODAY. I GUARANTEE IT."

"You sounded like the guy on the 'Men's Wearhouse' commercial."

"I'm hotter, though."

"No duh. He's like, 50 years old."

"Oh, really? Then I am TOTALLY hotter than him."

"Let's just get to the warehouse, yeah?"

"Yeah. Down this hill. KI-KI-KI HATE-HATE-HATE!" he screamed again, holding the sword.


"Did you hear something, James?" Vincent asked.

"Yeah, I heard another Friday the 13th reference from Dante."

"What? WHAT?! What kind of name is 'Shroomster'?!"

"MY name. Is that a problem...?"

"What, is that a nickname for something?"

"Yes. I'm not tellin' ya my name, Nosy."

"Fine. But what the hell are you doing?!"

"Killing people."

"For what?!"

"For my amusement."


"I'm kidding, idiot. I just found those here, and I wanted to drain the blood out of it. And apparently, to scare you, too."

"You sick, sick man."

"Who said I was a man?"

"... ... ... ... ... You're a ghost?!"

"Never mind. Now, what are you doing out here?"

"I was given a letter by a stalker named Walter and I was going to see if what it said was true."

"Huh. It's dangerous here. Do you have a weapon?"

"Uh, yeah, um... a katana. Why? It doesn't look dangerous here, It just looks like its dying."

Shroomster sighed. "What are you looking at?"

"Um, nothing. Why?"

"Who are you talking to?"

"A weirdo named Shroomster."

"Weirdo? Ugh. I am a freaking evil monster!!!"

"You just told me you were human..."

"AGH! Just... hold on a second," Shroomster said, and jumped back up into the trees.

Heather waited patiently, looking at her boots and her car.

A few moments later, Shroomster came back down.

"What took you so long?"

"Grrhmm, don't ask such questions in my presence..." it said in a distorted voice.

"Hey, Shroomster... your voice changed..."

"Who's that? What's a 'Shroomster'? Such stupid questions cannot be tolerated. Now, come here and let me tear your soul apart..."

"What the...? Who are you?!"

"Wervenzen. Now, come here. I want to hear the sound of your soul being ripped away from your body."

"Whoa, you're crazy! I never did anything to you! I just freaking met you!"

"And? It doesn't matter. You seem... resistant. I can't take you alone, now, can I?"

"The hell you can't!"

Wervenzen put his arm in the air, pointing with a clawed finger toward the branches. "Now, see, here. In those branches are a few of my... agents, if you will."

"What are you talking about?!" Heather exclaimed, backing away from this thing.

"Faruark and Scraugolen. They are my followers. Please applaud as they appear on stage," Wervenzen said.

"Crazy... guy... thing! You evil demon!"

"Demon? Oh, so insulting. I wait anxiously for your next remark. Just expand your imagination a bit more. Maybe you'll find something to hurt me."

The branches rustled, and two more things came down from the branches. One of them had missing armor pieces, and the skin underneath was rotting and bleeding. The monster's head never stopped twitching. The other one had five blades running down its back. The blades pierced its back and protruded out the demon's chest. A reverse porcupine, in a way.

"Where did you come from?!"

"Ah, a question every victim asks. We come from, what you say, a schizophrenic? No, much more complicated. Let me show you..." Wervenzen said, and jumped up into the branches again. A bit of rustling, and he and a body came down.

"Hey, that's Shroomster!"

"Ah, yes, whatever you wish to call it. This thing is an amalgamation of three different people. But they are no longer human. Instead, we look like what you call a 'demon'. We are like multiple personalities, but each one has their own body. We can exit the one main body and create our own. We may also return to it as well. We ourselves are not sure why. But now, since you know, please come forward. We must now remove your soul. Come along now, it won't hurt..."


"Very well. We are asking nicely. Go get her, Faruark."

The twitchy monster quickly moved around the trees, jumping off their trunks and stopping behind Heather, grabbing her shoulders.

"Let me go! AAH!"

Wervenzen walked calmly toward her. "You see, it won't hurt at all. We promise," he said, and held out his hand. "Now, grab my hand."

"Why should I? Egh! I won't do it!"

"Please? I said it won't hurt for a reason. Now do it."


"Ah, still resisting. Scraugolen, please."

The monster reached behind its back and grasped a blade. It slowly pulled it out, a sickening slicing sound poured out of the wound. After it was out, Scraugolen held it like a katana.

"Now, one more time. Grab my hand, or it will hurt."

Heather didn't want to, but she had no choice. She hesitaded, then she held out her arm, grabbing his cold armored hand. Immediately after, Wervenzen's head started twitching violently. He let go of her hand, and stepped backwards into Shroomster's body. The other two followed after. Bloody fog rose from Wervenzen as soon as he stepped on the body, obscuring the three demons and Shroomster.

"What the hell?!" Heather said as she watched the trees become covered in the fog. "Oh, it might be like at the haunted mansion!" she said, and ran for her car. She opened the door and quickly climbed in. She watched the fog disappear into the air. She saw the same Shroomster rise from the ground, twitching slightly. After completely rising, Shroomster stopped twitching, and looked at Heather's car. It headed right for it. Heather started feeling nervous. "OMG what will it do?! OMGOMGOMG!! It's gonna kill me!"

Shroomster just went up to the window and signaled to lower the window glass.

"What the hell do you want, demon?!"

"I showed you what you were talking to. Three different, twisted, monstrous humans. Now you know how powerful a thing with the name 'Shroomster' is?"

"But... if you are three demons, why did you say you are human?"

"We are, we just don't look like it. Spending so much time in one armored human body does things to you."

"You are sooooo confusing me. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who is confused."

"Those other humans were evil serial killers. Their actions had also influenced their grotesque appearance. What do I look like? This. This armor is grafted to my skin. I can't remove it. Technically, we are four humans, but the three hidden humans are the cause of my existance. Without me, they don't exist as 'demons'. Mwahaha. I know this doesn't clear anything up, but it is so interesting."

"... ... ... ... It is, actually."

"But I loved Hungry Hungry Hippos!" Missionary said.

"You loved it because you kept winning!" Claudia said.

"So? But I loved it! Yet your father has to break it!'

"Seriously, Dad. What for?"

"I told you! It's a heretic!"

"It's a freaking game!"

"It can still plan against God!"


"You know how much anti-religious things are out there!"

"Plastic hippos eating plastic marbles has nothing to do with religion!"

"Oh, so you think that?! HA! They're hippos eating all of our faith!"

"... How?!"

"We are spending time playing around with plastic hippos and not practicing our faith!"

Claudia thought for a moment.

"No! I want to play HHH!" Missionary butted in. "Fix it!!"

Leonard smacked him in the head. "Screw those damn hippos! Get back to work!"

Wow. That was pretty long. And sooooo confusing. But maybe you are able to process it all and understand.

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