• So, here we are at part 15. Like... Where are we going with this? I see no reason to continue it.
  • We left off on some part where Dante is awakened by pizza.

Dante got back up and picked up his sword. "Those haters are going down... the traitor, too! But my sword is dirty..."

"Who cares, Dante? It's a sword. Why don't you kiss me instead?"

"Jean? Please. I need to- oh, what the hell."

"They're idiots. That bought us some time. So, get ready. We're gonna handicap that guy in an instant again," Alex said, readying his pistol.

Angela still pondered whether she should grab the gun or not.

"Vincent forced James off the ground and gave him a steel pipe that was lying around. "Take this, and do you see that guy?"

"Yes..." James said.

"Good. You will take this pipe and beat him 'til he dies. Got it?"


Mandy was by the window, looking at the shiny shards of glass. She then looked up at the sky, which was still a monochrome grey. "When will the rain stop..." she muttered, and picked up a Justin Bieber CD maul that was lying around. Mandy picked it up and walked over to Alex and Angela. "I can't believe this..."

"He's gone crazy. I simply asked for directions and he just totally lashes out at me and wants to kill me," Alex said.

"He almost broke my neck!" Angela added.

"He nearly killed me too. Idiot. He even thinks a belt buckle is like a magic crystal ball. The fool."

Dante and Jean stopped what they were doing and headed for the warehouse. They were close now, and Dante just wanted the sword to go right through Alex's eye. "He will die. The suicidal one will die. Hell, all of them will die!"

"I'm with you Dante, my sweet."

She and Dante entered the warehouse through the hole Mandy made earlier. "Guess who's here, haterz?!"

"And idiot?" Mandy asked.

"Yes- NO!! An epic super-epic awesome cute awesomely-epic hotter-than-Mandy guy!"

"And I wonder why you sided with him in the first place..." Alex told Mandy.

"Don't ask," Mandy replied.

"KI-KI-KI HATE-HATE-HATE!" Dante screamed again.

"WTF does that mean?" Angela asked.

"I don't know, but it sure sounds stupid," Vincent said. "Like James."


"Now, Brad, do you know the importance of seat belts?"

"Yes..." Brad said, rubbing his forehead.

"Good! Now, we should be almost in Silent Hill."

"Aww, I just wanna go home..."

"NO! You have to come with meh. You can't go home yet."

"But I wanna..."





"I never said that."


Heather kept driving on this depressing road. The trees beyond the railings were sick and dying. The leaves were browning and falling off. The wind rustled the branches, shaking more leaves off. A few trees had fallen and obstructed parts of the road. "Poor trees. Glad I'm not them," Heather said, and looked ahead. A few fallen trees had completely blocked the road. "Damn it," Heather muttered, and stepped out of the car. The fresh air of the area replaced the stale air of the car. Soon the smell of nature dispersed and a strong, rusty smell took over. "What the hell?" Heather said. She took a step away from her car and stepped in some liquid. "Oh, fu-" Heather looked at her boot. A small streak of blood flowed like a river toward Heather. She followed the streak, and it led to the woody area of the woods beyond the railing. "Who's there?" Heather called out.

No answer.

"I said, Who's there?!"

Heather saw a shadow quickly run past the trees. "I saw you! Get out here!"

Whatever that was did not respond, and Heather was tired of it. She stepped over the railing and walked in the forest. "I'll find you! Oh, I will!" Heather shouted as she pulled out her submachine gun. "Get out and I'll let you live for five minutes! That's a good deal!"

The sound of scraping metal echoed twice through the woods.

"Oh, I'll find you! Those noises don't scare me!"

Light growling came from the trees.


The high branches rustled and something jumped off. Whatever it was pounced on Heather and knocked her down.

"A'ight, haterz, let's play!" Dante said and held the sword.

"Oh, Dante, you're so tough!" Jean said.

"I know. *click click*"

Alex pointed the pistol. "Get ready, this might be a-"

"RAAAH!" Mandy cried as she swung the maul on Dante's foot.

"OW! Sonofa-!" Dante said as he held his foot and jumped up an down.Ales aimed and fired the pistol at Dante's knee. Again.

James came from behind and whacked Dante's back.

Angela grabbed the handgun and pointed it at her head.

Vincent pushed the others aside. "I'll handle this." He stood on front of the others and said, "Dante? Jeans? You ready for this?"


"Okay, then." Vincent stood still a few moments. The suddenly he started waving his hands around and making crazy hand gestures. He bounced around and started waving his hands in Dante's face. "Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!!!!!"

"No! Stop! Crazy... hand gestures... can't... handle it... uuuuhhhh." Dante flopped on the ground.

"Dante! Again! Nooo!" Jean sobbed. She then turned around and said, "YOU!! YOU WILL DIE!"

Mandy immediately raised the maul and was ready to bring it down when


Jean made another burrito and stabbed Mandy with it, making her drop the maul.

"Mandy!" Alex said. He pointed the pistol at Jean and blew her head off.

Just kidding. His aim was way off so he blew off a finger.

"Ow! My finger! Oh, no! Dante! My Dante is dead! Curse you fools! I'll love his brother and we'll live happily ever after!"

"I'm alive, I can hear you," Dante said.

"Oh! Dante! You're alive! Mwah!"

"Now go. Go before I crush your head with the maul."

"Come on, Dante, you look sick," Jean said and she dragged Dante away.

"She's gone now. Let's do something," Angela said.

"Missionary, come out here..."

"Hee-hee," Missionary squeaked. He was hiding under the table he and Claudia were playing games at.

"I know you're out here. Because If you weren't, I'd kill you."

The Missionary accidentally hit the leg of the table. "Crap."

"I found you, you dummy. Under the table? Seriously?"

"I can't fit in that trash can, durr."

"Whatever. It's my turn. Go count."

"Count what?"

"Numbers...? Count to ten. And cover your eyes."

"Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 5, 7, 8, 1, 25, 38, 51, 765, 234567876543..."

Claudia looked all around the park to find the perfect hiding spot. On the Mountain Coaster seemed perfect.

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