• So, Here we go with Part 14! Dante's insane, don't forget that.
  • I wrote this with help from Brad. Thanks. ☺
  • I'm on a roll with these parts! You're welcome, Jean.

"KI-KI-KI HATE-HATE-HATE!!" Dante screamed as he ran down the hill.

Jean followed him down. "I LOVE YOU DANTE! YOU'RE INSANE LIKE ME!"

"Oh, gawd, oh, gawd. See yah!" James said, and ran away. He ran around all the boxes and trash in the place screaming "Durr durr durr hurr!" and flailed his arms around.

Vincent sat on the floor pondering something. "Hmmm... Will that work?"

"I'm a soldier! I CAN KILL YOU!!" Alex shouted and picked up the laser pistol. "You gonna die!"

Angela sat on the wire spool. Sticking out of Alex's back pocket was a handgun. "... Should I?"

"KI-KI-KI-HATE-HATE-Aah!" Dante slipped in the mud. He fell forward and his sword hilt whacked him on the head. He was out cold.

"Dante!" Jean shouted. She tried to pick him up, but she slipped on the sword. Her killer burrito fell out of her pocket and Jean's head landed on it, shoving it down her throat. "My burrito! Nooooooo!!" she screamed as she noticed the taste of burrito in her mouth.

"Why did I have to be put with YOU?!" Douglas said, banging his head on the dashboard.

"Why? Don't you want me here?" Brad said as his voice cracked and tears filled up his eyes.

"No, no, I didn't mean it... like... that... oh, jeez."

"Naw, I'm just fooling ya!"

Douglas sighed. "Well, I'm stuck with you and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Blue sky to forever, the green-"

"Oh, sorry. My cellphone is ringing. Yellow?"

"Douglas! Did you find the girl?"

"We haven't left headquarters yet."

"Well, then go! GO!"

"Okay, okay! Jeez! Brad, put on your seatbelt so we can go."

"I'm a big boy! I don't need a seatbelt!"

Douglas sighed again and he drove out of the garage. He got on the road and started driving, increasing speed.

"Yeah! This is my kind of drove!" Brad said.

After a couple minutes, Douglas abruptly hit the brakes. Brad lunged forward and his head hit the windshield.

"OW! My head! Ow.. Why'd ya do that for?"

"To teach you that you need your damn seatbelt!"

"Dante! Dante! Please get up!" Jean begged. Talking wouldn't help, but she knew what would. She pulled out a first aid kit and opened it. Inside was a warm slice of pizza. "If this doesn't get you up, I don't know what will." Jean took the slice and waved it over his nose.

Dante opened his eyes. "Is that pepperoni?!" he asked. He got up and grabbed that slice and ate it in two bites. "Mmm, that was good."

"F! Dante's up again! CURSE YOU, JEAN!" Mandy yelled.

James still ran around the warehouse, but he stopped when Vincent tripped him.

"Get up, boy! We need you to fend off Dante again!" Vincent shouted at him like a drill sergeant.

"But my mommy says violence is not the answer."

"She's dead! I think. But we need you goddammit! And Alex!'

"Huh?" Alex said.

"Go kiss your girlfriend. This might be your last day together!":


"Good! Now get that anger towards Dante!"


"My name's Jean!"


Claudia was pulling a block out from the Jenga tower. "Aaaalllmost got iiiiiiit.... YEAH! OH!"

Missionary saw the tower. It looked like extremely swiss cheese. "Aw, I'm screwed." he said. He picked out a block to pull out. Then the tower immediately fell when he touched it. "F*CK!"

"Aww, don't be a bad sport, Missionary. Let's just play something else."


"Hide and Seek. I'm sure you can play that, right?"

"Um, I guess I could, but... you're it, bitch!"

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