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"Srsly, we need to find sumthin to do."

"We're right here James, you don't need to text," Alex said.

"I don't like mah voice."

"I do," Vincent said.

The others looked at him weird.

"What? Is it bad to like some other guy's voice?"

"I see 'em! I I SEE DAH HATERZ!!" Dante said, looking through binoculars.

Mandy just wanted to whack him because of how annoying he is. "How do you cope with this boy?!"

"I'm awesome. He's awesome. Awesome people get along," Jean said.

"It's time. Mandy, pick up your crushed radio, it's by my feet."

"Bossy bit-"

"SHH! I SEE A HATER!" Dante said, looking at Alex. He was looking out the broken window.

"Why do we have to be out in this rain? It's my bedtime," Mandy said.

Dante looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Ten at night is your bedtime? PUH-LEEZ. My daddy lets me stay up as long as I like."

"Mine does, too, Dante. You're hot."

"No duh, my sweet. Hey! MANDY! PICK UP THEEZ DAM RADIOH!"

"Not with that tone I won't," Mandy said.

Dante's face became red. "What? Did? You? Say?"

"You heard me."


"Pffft. You're not my mom. Though you do act like her. You seem feminine."


"If you think it is, then yes."

"You traitor! You will diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!" Dante screamed, and picked up his sword.

"Oh, I'm screwed," Mandy said, and ran for the warehouse. "AAAAH!"


"Did you hear something?" Angela asked, looking at her wrists.

"Angela, please tell me you are not thinking what I think you're thinkng..."

"Too many 'thinks'. Get a thesaurus."

"Hey, there's someone coming! Get you're weapons ready!" Vincent said.


"They're getting closer! I'm scared!" James squeaked. He sat on the floor and started rocking back and forth.



Alex aimed his laser pistol at the girl's head. "Who are you and what are you doing here?!"

"My name's Mandy and I am running away from that annoying little boy Dante."

"Why is he chasing you?"

"I supposedly was a traitor to him and now apparently I'm a Dante Hater."

"Dante Haterz!!!"

"Frick! There he is!" Mandy shouted, and pointed at him through the huge hole in the wall she made.

Dante was running with his sword above his head, stepping on rocks and slipping on mud. "I'm coming for you haterz!! Ki-ki-ki hate-hate-hate!!"

"That boy's insane, ain't he?" Mandy asked.

"Yup," Alex agreed.



"That's taken," Vincent interrupted James.


"See, Missionary? I can take this one plastic bean, stick it anywhere on the container, and it won't tip over."

"Liar! Lemme see that happen!"

Claudia picked up a plastic bean and threw it on the container. "Ha! See? It didn't tip over."

"Oh, yeah? I can do that too!" Missionary said, and picked up a bean. He threw it on the container and all the beans spilled. "Fu-!"


"I don't wanna play this anymore. Let's play something else."



Heather was driving her awesome car on Nathan Avenue. "I hate this road. So bogus," she said. Each sign she passed got more and more depressing.

Silent Hill Dead Ahead

You just hit a raccoon

Have you seen Mary?

A man just died

Another man just died

You just keep killing people, don't you?

A girl's gonna kill herself if she doesn't have her boyfriend with her Damn you, Vincent!!

"I hope Douglas is okay."


"Douglas Cartland, come to my office now."

Douglas was working in his paper-cluttered office when the email popped up. "What does Isaac want now? Jeez, can't he leave me alone for five minutes?" Douglas walked around all the cubicles of other workers, stepping over spilled papers and staplers. He made it to the captain's office soon. "What do you want, Isaac?"

"Some random girl I have a crush on was just murdered. Go check it out. Take Brad with you. Oh, Gawd, I'm gonna cry..."

Douglas opposed the idea of Brad coming with him, but if it's what the captain wants, it's what he gets. He exited the office and called out Brad's name. "Where are you? BRAD!! NOW!!!"

Brad heard his name being called and he hurried to the source. "What is it, Doug-AAH!" He said while tripping over a small trash can.

"You clumsy boy. Get up. Captain says you gotta come with me and go to a crime scene where some random girl he has a crush on was murdered."

"Will there be blood? Ewww!"

"You are so girly, Brad."

"That was a joke!"

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