• Actually, I'm gonna borrow Mandy's intro thing again. Just one more time! Please don't sue me.

Okay, so the Four Buddies are now in a rotting warehouse waiting for the rain to stop. And Dante (with his girlfriend Jean and the recruit named Mandy) is on a mission to kill all the Dante Haters of the world. And maybe Justin Bieber too. Dante is near the warehouse and is ready to kill...

"Dante, maybe this is seriously taking it a bit too far...?" Jean asked.

"No, it isn't, my love. And you! Man-dee! Get over here!" Dante said.

"What do you want?"

"You go take this magnifying glass-"

"And sneak around the warehouse and find a way in?!"

"No, silly. I want you to take this magnifying glass and burn the ant on my boot."

"Ugh, fine. But I'm still cooler than you, Jean."

"HEY! I'm the one with the bad-ass boyfriend! You got an epic fail of a friend! Shroomy? WTF kind of name is that? 'Shroomy's Petcare?' WTF x2!!"

"Hey! Shroomy is as epic as moi."

"Liar! I heard she looks like this!"


"So? She's my best friend. You don't treat friends badly because of the way they look, Jean."

"Ugh. Mushrooms? Uncool. You? Uncool. Me? Awesomeness."

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE F UP! YOU! KILL THE ANT!" Dante said, looking and Mandy.

Then he turned to Jean. "YOU! KISS ME!"

"Ugh. Your boyfriend may be cute, but he's like, so rude."

"The rain just won't... stop," Angela said.

"Let's just go. I can't take it anymore. It's boring!" Alex said.

"Just a little longer. Maybe the rain is running out, now," James said.

"Don't seem like it. Maybe I should just... make a joke..."

"NO!" Alex yelled.

"It was just a joke..."

"Aah! Get that light out of my eyes!" Angela screamed, and fell off the wire spool.

James looked out the broken window. Beyond the shards of glass was a person's hand holding something reflective. "Hey! Hey you! Stop it!"

The hand and the glass disappeared, and the sound of twigs snapping and splashes in mud was covered by a loud clap of thunder. James wanted to go after that guy, but he didn't want to get wet. So he decided to stay inside. "Ang, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But my name's Angela."

"Whatev's. Now, what are we doing again?"

"There, Dante. I did what you asked," Mandy said.

"Good. Now I will look in my magic crystal ball and-"

"That's a belt buckle."

"Shut up! My father gave it to me! So anyway, I'll look in my magic-"

"Belt buckle."

"Hmph. Belt buckle and find out what the Haters are doing." Dante closed his eyes. "So, magic belt buckle, I command you to tell me the activites of those haterz!" Dante opened his eyes and looked in the buckle. "I'm am so sure they are not checking me out... though I am hot. Hot hot hot. Hotter than Mandy."

"Idiot, it's your reflection!" Mandy said, starting to get ticked off.

"So hot even Cindy Crawford is jealous. I'm even hotter than the sun."

Mandy was pissed.

Claudia took her time finding out the perfect place to set the plastic bean. "No, not there. It's guranteed to fall there, hmm... right here!" Claudia put down the bean. The container didn't tip over. "Ha ha! Your turn, Missionary!"

The Missionary didn't take any time at all. He immediatly placed a bean somewhere on the thing. The container was rocking back and forth, and... it tipped over, spilling the beans. "Damn it, I lost again!"

"Ha! Loser! Loser! HA HA HA!" Claudia shouted as she did a victory dance.

"Master Claudia, that dance is ridiculous."

"F you, I love this dance! La la la la...."

"But Master Claudia-"

"Silence! Let me dance in your tears of loss!"

"Master Claudia, I demand a rematch!"


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