• So, instead of another part to a story, I decided to do something else. So here, I'll list a couple fails of mine, a few things that scared me, and a few questions. So, please read this, at least, and answer some questions, too. That would be highly appreciated.

Silent Hill

  • So, earlier in the year, around Christmas, I played the original Silent Hill. I was getting the Keys for Eclipse, and I got them all. I headed to the back door of the Levin St. house, and I put in the keys. It didn't open. I was like "WTF?" and it turns out the game froze. Ugh... it was the first time I played it, too.
  • In Nowhere, I was getting the five objects for the door, and I headed into the kitchen to get the Dagger of Melchior. The game said "the chain is broken" or something, and I had the Ring of Contract. I took the dagger out of the fridge or whatever and I walked away. I didn't repair the chain, and I ended up getting killed. I had to start Nowhere all over again. Fail.
  • The very first time I played, I didn't have a PS1 memory card, so I couldn't save. I had to finish the game in one run. That rhymes. Anyway, I faced the Incubator, and I got the Bad+ ending. I didn't get the bottle from the kitchen and I didn't know Annie's Bar even existed. So, poor Harry lost his daughter. Fail.

Silent Hill 2

  • A lot of monsters scared me. The Lying Figure under the van nearly made me die. The first encounter with a Mannequin was scary. Pyramid Head didn't scare me much, but he did when he found me wandering the Labyrinth.
  • Some music really scared me. The music which played when you entered room 208 in Woodside Apartments kinda made me uneasy. When I entered, I wanted to do what I wanted fast. The same thing also happened in the hospital, when the music intensified when you approached a monster.
  • Earlier today, I was listening to The Reverse Will for the first time. At first, it sounded like one of those tracks that was soft didn't have many instruments and stuff. So I played it and the beginning was all soft and stuff. So I "let my guard down" and I didn't expect the music to suddenly get louder, and it startled me. It also had happened at night. Fail.
  • Noises in the game scare me really bad. In the apartments, that crying sound was weird. In the prison, the man screaming after inserting the plates and the crash in the bathroom made me jump the first time I heard them.
  • This wasn't scary, but saddening. In the hospital, James made it in the elevator, but Maria didn't. So Pyramid Head was right behind her and stab! I got to know her character well (I don't look like a ghost, do I?; I've never been so scared in my whole life!; then stay with me!), and her death made me cry a little. After Maria returned, I was kinda happy. But her dying twice more kinda annoyed me.
  • Mary reading her letter was sad, and her emotions put into the letter were depressing. It made me cry, and it apparently did the same with Monica Horgan.

Silent Hill 3

  • The monsters just jumping at you from nowhere was just plain creepy.
  • It took me forever to solve the Crematorium Puzzle.
  • So many wheelchairs in this game! The one in the sewers made the environment creepier.
  • There were sooo many scary noises in this game! The falling cookie tins made me jump. The yelp in the Chapel near the elevator frightened me. The random growling and roaring in the subway was unnerving. The underpass... oh, the scariest, man! The ghost-like moaning in the hall was creepy, and the scream (No!) later was the worst. I am now officially uncomfortable with entering the Underpass and the Sewers.
  • I was in the hospital once, and I was beating a Nurse's head in. I finished it off, and I suddenly got shot in the back. I was like "OMGWTF" and I wondered where the shot came from. Lucklily, I was wearing a bulletproof vest. Less damage, yeah!
  • I died many, many times. I died in the subway by trying to get past a locked gate by getting on the tracks, I fell off the train, I got hit by a roller coaster, I ignored the warning about the Sewer Monster, I was killed by God, and I was killed by a Closer when I tried the Flamethrower out on it. Each of these happened twice. Fails.

I could only think of scares and fails in the first three games at the moment. Okay, so, here are some questions. You don't have to answer all of them, though that would be kinda hard to do anyway:

  • Did anything like these ever happen to you?

Character-Related Questions

  • After getting to know a character and are familiar with their names, if you see someone on TV or in books with the same first name, do you think of that particular Silent Hill character? I.E.
    • James Patterson= James Sunderland
    • Harry Potter= Harry Mason
    • Maria Shriver= Maria
    • Heather Graham= Heather Mason
    • Claudia Wells= Claudia Wolf
  • When Maria first died, what was your reaction?
  • After Claudia's final act, what was your reaction then?
  • Do you hate it when a character falls on the floor and doesn't get up fast enough *coughHeathercough*?
  • Does a character's death make you cry?
  • Do characters with sad backgrounds (like Angela) make you somewhat care for the character?
  • Do you play the games solely to see a certain character?

Sountrack-Related Questions

  • What is your favorite Silent Hill track of all time? Mine is You're Not Here.
  • Which track is kind of unusual?
  • Do you like tracks similar to Resting Comfortably or tracks similar to Theme of Laura?
  • Are there tracks you listen to all day, or whenever you can?
  • When you find a track you like, do you keep listening to it until you find a better one?

One more question and I'll probablly kill you with annoyance, so, no more. That's the end of this post. Please be a friend and answer at least one question.

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