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    • So. Um. Part 23. So. Um. 'Ello. Part 23. How exciting. So.

    I just got an idea: I'll use both bullet points and a bold heading. Boom! An awesome idea! Now that is awesomeness. I think I'll do that from now on! Yep! I'm so awesome. Please don't sue me, Mandy.

    "Why do I look like a nerd? Why, Michael J. Bassett, WHY?!" Vincent said as he got on his knees.

    "I feel sorry for you, Vincent. Good thing they're not making a movie about me!" James said.

    "You're a great help, James. Now, what else is that Bassett Hound ruining?"

    "Um, I don't know if Claudia is getting eyebrows. And I think you look nerdy."

    "I know that! And what else?" Vincent asked, and he turned to Angela. "You're not getting much attention are you?"

    Angela picked up her whiteboard and wrot…

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    • Oh, gawd! The series just got hit by a .22 caliber bullet! Oh, it's spilling a lot of words! What is it trying to say...?

    "Er... I was never good at opening sentences. Maybe you could make one up for me?" Brad asked.

    "No. Make one up yourself," Douglas replied.

    "Awww... but I can't!"

    "Make. One. Up. Yourself."

    "I. CAN'T!"

    "Then forget it! You don't need an opening sentence! Just shaddup!"

    "Ugh, fine. You dropped your pocket."


    Wervenzen stared at his opponents fumble with their swords. "Ha ha ha... looks like this won't be too much of a challenge..."

    "Not too much of a challenge?! You are talking about two half-demons! Put us together and you got one full demon!" Dante said, leaning on his sword.

    "Yeah, he's right. What a miracle..."

    "Shut up, Ner…

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    Never.. do this...

    July 11, 2011 by Shroomish7

    Wow, I got seriously startled when I did this. So I was listening to my Silent Hill soundtrack on my laptop. Sounds normal, huh? So anyway, it was about... 11:30 at night. I was searching through the tracks I had saved on my laptop, and I decided to listen to some I never listened to yet. So I chose A Monster in Her Eyes from Silent Hill 4. What's wrong with that, you say? Well, like I mentioned before, it was dark... really dark, and I started playing the track. It started out okay, then I heard the whispers in it. I was like "Okay... creepy." So I decided to keep listening to it. There goes the rest of the track, and I hear parts from The Last Mariachi. So I said, "Okay, something familiar," and then BOOM! At the end of the track was this weir…

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    • So, part 21. Who just won the card game? No one. Ugh. I hate that game. Anyway, so let's just get back to the story.
    • There's gonna be a huge scene at the warehouse, so there won't be much in the others.

    The night was unpleasant. Lots of small squirrels and rabbits being killed outside. Owls hooted every five minutes, and wolves howled at the moon for three hours straight. Alex was still up, trying his best to bandage himself up without fainting. He used a random shirt he found and lots and lots of duct tape. After blood wasn't dripping on the floor anymore, he relaxed and fell asleep.


    The next morning, Dante was practicing his sword moves outside of the warehouse. "Oh, you think you cool, Demon? I don't think so! Whaa! Oh, you want some too? Ha…

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    • Ah, yes. Part 20. I expected it to end on the very first part. But, thanks to good friends, Jean, Mandy, Brad... you know who you are. Thanks for making this series keep going. ☺
    • Enough talking, let's get to the story already.

    Claudia was scrubbing the floors to the Sweet Factory Store. So many spilled cookies, drinks, and other food stained the floor. Robbie the Rabbit merchandise was scattered everywhere. Leonard came in and saw Claudia stop scrubbing for a second. He immediately strode over and kicked her. "Why did you stop?! You are to clean this place non-stop! I should put a camera in here so I can make sure you don't stop again! This is the last time, Claudia! Get back to work!" he shouted, and exited the shop.

    He headed over the Mount…

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