Using this blog to track various thoughts and ideas that occur to me regarding Downpour. It doesn't necessarily reflect my actual beliefs. I will likely alter the original post as my thoughts progress, deleting some things while adding others, so keep that in mind if you choose to comment.

Falling off cliffs seems to be a theme

  • Jumper on the wooden outcropping
  • Anne falling off cliff
  • Bus crashes down a cliff
  • Murphy can be seen plummeting down a long chute
  • The traditional "all roads cut off by cliffs" of the series

-on the surface could represent suicide
-deeper it may represent a loss of control in one's life; a freefall

Other prisoners survive

  • Moustachioed man seen on bus is later seen hanging from a tree. Later on(in the trailer) he is seen getting his throat cut/ripped out.

-Otherworld may be an amalgam of many prisoner's Otherworlds
-did he come back after death or were the events in the trailer simply out of order? Perhaps the choices you make affect his fate, and those are two different outcomes.

Jumper says, "Livin your life inside someone else's lie."
-on the surface it could be a reference to the Otherworld
-deeper it may represent a person being wrongly convicted of a crime

Some monsters seem to have a "victim" feel to them

  • The hag monsters resemble decomposing bodies
  • The naked monster resembles a barbie doll, hair looks wiggish (the murderer that spawned this creature may have liked to treat his victims like dolls)

Currently I'm leaning toward Murphy being an innocent man. My view of the "call" to Silent Hill to be more of an urge that an individual feels, but some view it more as a kind of force that causes people to simply "end up" in the town. In line with the "end up" view, consider what would happen if an innocent soul were travelling with a bunch of murderers, rapists, and arsonists. In order for them to end up in Silent Hill, he would have to as well.

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