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    Using this blog to track various thoughts and ideas that occur to me regarding Downpour. It doesn't necessarily reflect my actual beliefs. I will likely alter the original post as my thoughts progress, deleting some things while adding others, so keep that in mind if you choose to comment.

    Falling off cliffs seems to be a theme

    • Jumper on the wooden outcropping
    • Anne falling off cliff
    • Bus crashes down a cliff
    • Murphy can be seen plummeting down a long chute
    • The traditional "all roads cut off by cliffs" of the series

    -on the surface could represent suicide
    -deeper it may represent a loss of control in one's life; a freefall

    Other prisoners survive

    • Moustachioed man seen on bus is later seen hanging from a tree. Later on(in the trailer) he is seen gett…

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    Read most of the comics years ago, but only recently have I read "Hunger".  One thing that was apparent to me ever since opening the books was just how much inspiration the author drew from Lovecraft. "Hunger" seems to take it to another level.

    The most obvious parallel is to "The Dunwich Horror".  It is about a family called the Whateleys; 2 major members of which were albinos (like Whately).  Wilbur Whateley had an unknown father, though later it's revealed his father was the extradimensional elder god Yog-Sothoth.  Whateley's role was to take the necessary steps to bring his father into this world.  Yog-Sothoth himself would act as a gate once here, allowing the others of his kind to enter our world as well. This is pretty much exactly …

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    Love of nightmares

    March 17, 2011 by Shoggoth1890

    Every time I tell someone that I love having nightmares, I am met with blank stares and odd looks. My reasoning is this: when you see a horror movie or play a horror game, no matter how involved you get there is always the fourth wall there that prevents complete immersion. Nightmares remove the fourth wall. For all you know, you are actually there experiencing the terror firsthand. Upon awakening, I have never been upset by one. This makes me have to ask if they can even really be considered nightmares, or if the dislike of them is a defining characteristic; like how "wanting to be raped" is contradictory. Anyone else enjoy their nightmares?

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