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Soundtrack for the Entire Series

These are the songs I like to listen to when I draw SH monsters. They remind me of Silent Hill's theme.

A Pain That I'm Used To. -Depeche Mode

Wake the Dead -The Used

Medicate -AFI

Bad Romance -Lady Gaga

The Fad -Chevelle

Wrong -Depeche Mode

Dead is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.) -Emilie Autumn

The Trick is to Keep Breathing -Garbage

96 Quite Bitter Beings -CKY

Burned -Android Lust

Blood On My Hands -The Used

Letter from a Thief -Chevelle

Heads Will Roll -The Yeah Yeah Yeah's

House of Wolves My Chemical Romance

Looking Glass -The Birthday Massacre

Make a Star (Afterparty Mix -Dope Stars Inc.) -The Birthday Massacre

Adoration -Mortal Love

This Fire -Franz Ferdinand

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