People who can't mind their own buisness. Don't you hate those? You're doing something that involves a fictional character and you don't want to hear the obvious truth from an obnoxious pupil? It's been happening to me a lot lately.

I was drawing a comic of me snuggling a certain homicidal religious favorite in the games and a girl in my class leans over and sneers. She says something along the lines of: "He's not real, *name witheld*. Plus, you'd never get a guy this hot with those looks!!" Which is an insult to my intelligence, because I know I am moderately attractive and I also know that Walter is fictional. I just have a huge "What if" complex. As in: What if Walter was real? What if he was snuggling me? What if he gutted this bitch in my honor? I just HAVE to know.

I simply get up and move to a different table, wishing Pyramid Head would flay her alive.

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