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July 9, 2010
  • I live in The Great Goth Club in the Sky
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Ball-buster
  • I am Femme fatale

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    'Tis risen again!! Explaining myself to you guys as to why this is so early is pointless and unnecessary. Blame Wavesteel for everything.

    Jean: Wait... Why am I here again?

    Dante: Why am I here?!

    Me: Baby shower!!

    Dante: *takes bite of unknown food product* EGH!!! *promptly spits it out* WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

    Walter: Baby food.

    Henry: Not too brainy, huh?

    Me: Smart as a coconut with Down syndrome.

    Walter: *pokes Scarlet's belly*

    Me: *bites*

    Vergil: *snicker*

    Alex: *bites Vergil*

    Pyramid Head: *falls over because his head is so heavy*

    Wavesteel: BANG BANG!! IMMA COWBOY!! *runs away*


    Walter: Not me. Why are you so obsessed with symmetry?

    Alex: She's got a bun in the oven. She's gonna be wei…

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    It's a wedding story for me and Walter. ^w^ My apprentice is awesome!!

    It's Scarlet and Walter's wedding day! Uh...

    Me: *Setting up the tables* Dante! Pass me the White napkins will ya? And for the love of god, put on your tuxedo!

    Dante: *Helping Vergil set up the altar* Do I look like I can help you right now?

    Me: Please? *Bats eyelashes*

    Dante: *Dazed* Oh of course Jean ANYTHING for you!

    Nero: *Setting out the food and mocking Dante* Of course

    Isaac: *Decorating the altar with flowers* Hey Jean?

    Me: Yeah?

    Isaac: So when will we be setting up your altar?

    Dante: I'm sure WE'LL be deciding that huh Jean?

    Nero: *chuckles* Oh Dante, aren't you being a little modest? Jean and I will be making arrangements soon huh darling?

    Me: uh huh *Completely distracte…

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    I just haven't been feeling too motivated, lately. Between all the internet and offline bullying I've been dealing with and the practicing for the championships in derby, I've been pretty damn busy. And upset.

    Stupid Tekken wiki....

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    My Husband Vol. 2

    April 7, 2011 by Scarlet Fitch

    You wanted it, you got it! Now feast your eyes on the beauty that is my new blog series!!! Based on my marriage to Walter Sullivan! Watch the torment unfold! I love you people!!

    Walter: Honey? I made spaghetti!

    Me: *is pregnant and grumpy* I'M NOT FUCKING HUNGRY!! *Throws it in his face*

    Walter: T-T My... my spaghetti... It's good... ^w^

    Me: *starts sobbing* I'M SO SORRY BABY!!!

    Walter: Damn, I'm a great cook... I should have a tv show!!


    Walter: It could be called, "Walter's World"... or, "Edible Walter..." Nah... too cannibally...


    Walter: Or just "Walter". If I get my own talk show... Yeaaaah.... ^w^

    Me: .... *punches him*

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    Walter: Help... dear GAWD help.....

    Me: >3 Hey, you said yes.

    Walter: I WAS DRUNK!!! D< YOU DRUGGED ME!!

    Me: You have no proof. Now, gimme a footrub.

    Walter: Nuh.

    Me: *activates his shock collar*

    Walter: GYAAAAH!!!! OKAY!! OKAY!! *rubs foot*

    Me: =3

    Walter: *thinks* When I get outta this damn thing, I swear...

    Me: *purrs* Ooooohhhh.... yuuuush.... =3=

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