We know that Alessa has very powerful mental powers,so much so that the Fog world and the otherword became distorted by her and the creatures that reside in those worlds are her manifestations, thereforth we can safely say that she can bend reality to her will at times. At the end of Silent Hill 1 we see Harry Mason defeating the incubus (canon). We also know that part of her still lives in Heather. However what if she is doing the same thing she did with Cheryl? personally I think that Alessa is still in Silent Hill but is now taking full control over it, Luring people Like James Sunderland in order to make them "better" i.e. they feel no more guilt. In SH2 we see this happening with Angela Orosco, in that she felt guilt and so was attracted to silent hill. Should my theroy be correct then Alessa was making her fce the lying figure to try to help her see that her father was the real monster, not her. In the Case of Eddie, he seems as if he feels no guilt later on, which may have cause Alessa to feel as if she must punish him by constently reminding him of what he has done and forcing him to lose grip on reality.

Does anyone else think this is possible?

All comments Welcome!!

Ryancsh 11:24, May 31, 2011 (UTC)RCS

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