• Rosalina Townshend

    Charred Journal

    February 9, 2012 by Rosalina Townshend

    These visions, images in my head,

    Something horrid, cannot ever be said,

    Fiends of despair, truths of sorrow,

    Nobody's here, no light of tomorrow,

    I am left here, in my hollow of insanity,

    Nothing is left, under the sun-- all is vanity,

    See them all for what they are, and see very carefully,

    For once understood, you cannot fight mercilessly,

    Survive and behold-- the truth doth rot,

    But perish evermore-- the end will not be sought


    Blinded by misfortune,

    Holding on to tight,

    Looking for missing notion,

    Reality, I cannot fight, much longer it seems...

    Environment so cold,

    Surroundings so dark,

    My soul has been sold,

    To- here- make my mark...

    ...where are you...?

    I came here to find you...

    All I found was home...


    Clenching my fists tightly,

    My fiery r…

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  • Rosalina Townshend

    ...what the...?

    Where am I...?

    ...this place... head...ow... I can't remember anything...

    I found this journal in this abandoned bookstore... Something tells me that I should probably write this stuff down... my thoughts...

    ...maybe somebody'll run into it when I die...

    Why do I say that, you ask...?

    ...I'm in Hell now...


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  • Rosalina Townshend

    Rosalina's Journal

    November 10, 2011 by Rosalina Townshend far, I've actually ran into two guys through my journey in Silent Hill. Surprisingly sane ones... Ed and Riley. I wasn't sure of trusting them, but I suppose I can give them a chance. After all, I've been betrayed one too many times, and I'm not gonna let the next traitor live...

    I'm looking out on Toluca Lake right now and I'm wondering... where are you Alex? You said you'd be here... but so far, all I've found of you was your cross necklace...

    I have to find my way to Alchemilla Hospital. On his letter, he said I'd find a part of our past waiting there... but what does he mean by that...?

    Since my arrival here in Silent Hill, I haven't been able to understand why this place isn't popular. Sure, The Otherworld creeps in at the most una…

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  • Rosalina Townshend

    Take a moment to think about SIlent Hill and all its horrific glory.... imagine that you're inside this demented realm!

    Which Silent Hill Character would you take the role of?

    Harry Mason?

    James Sunderland?

    Heather Morris?

    Henry Townshend?

    Travis Grady?

    Alex Shepard?

    ...or would you rather be a Silent Hill creature? >:)

    Either way... why would you choose to be that paticular person? ...or monster?

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  • Rosalina Townshend

    To get to know a little more about everyone out there, let me just ask this:

    What's your top favorite SH game and give me a good reason why.

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