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  • Rm2kking

    I don't know if you guys have read the Moviepilot article regarding Silent Hills and the series in general, but parts of it are nearly nauseating to read. here's the link: silent-hills-what-does-the-future-hold

    On the whole, it's a decently written article, but certain things are unforgivable. Here we go.

    Apparently, the author thinks the movie had "no ties to the video game storylines," and "was its own identity."


    Furthermore, this individual also claims Revelation was "the first time in Silent Hill history, the storyline had a direct sequel", also complaining that "Heather is dressed exactly as the character from Silent Hill 3" clearly unaware that the character in SH3 IS Heather. Though they also claimed to have no interest in the plot of saiā€¦

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  • Rm2kking

    I edited together a music video that pays tribute to Alessa Gillespie. I used a song by Marilyn Manson (don't worry it fits, I swear), and scenes from the movie and Origins. What do you think?

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