Yeah this pretty short deal with it I'll add more to it soon

Lozano arrived although he didnt seem optimistic about it Heather had said that she would meet him there so as he dawdled in his vehicle he had realized his hatred for the goverment and politicians. "The goverment couldnt even achknowledge my friends had bloody died all they say is there was no intel heh bullshit" Lozano cursed. As he dawdled more he heard the noise of an approaching vehicle "Sorry I'm late kinda hard to get back here" Heather announced as she exited her car "No problem hows the old man?" Lozano asked "Douglas hes still trying to be Sherlock Holmes" Heather replied "Ahh well should we go?" Lozano asked "Yeah" Heather replied smugly "So why exactly did you leave Delta Force?" Heather asked "Ahhh thats a story for another day" Lozano remarked "Please please" Heather pestered "Soon" Lozano sighed "I heard that normally soldiers end up unstable" Heather said with a sound of care "Heh not me it'll only happen to those who let it" Lozano grunted "You still upset bout your dad?" Lozano asked "Yeah sometimes I wish I could kill that bitch Claudia again and again" Heather growled "Sounds like you would do well in Delta Force but half the time theyre sexist pricks" Lozano replied sadly "What do you mean?" Heather surpised at the comment "After a few months a few young ladies were assigned to the squad smart, courageous and able however most of the guys kept hitting on them and I could tell they getting sick of it so eventually I went to the LT and just started attacking seeing as he was the squad leader and he did the same with the guys leaders are meant to be mature not dickheads like that I got in deep shit but the ladies stepped in for me saying that I was protecting them" Lozano chuckled "Wow I knew you would go against order but attack a superior officer" Heather gasped "If they do something wrong I'm not gonna stand there and let it happen" Lozano laughed

So the two went on and all that crap part 3?

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