Ok I was thinking well why not do a story about my character this doesnt have much humour and is a more serious story

“The past haunts those who make it” Lozano muttered to himself after inspecting his dogtags “That mission was a death-trap no way that they knew we were coming” Lozano shouted “Hello what oh hey Heather” Lozano spoke in a calmer tone on the phone “Yeah I’m still getting the nightmares looks you didn’t see what I saw my friends were butchered” Lozano announced with his guilt “Look I’m going to go to Silent Hill” Lozano boomed “Look if you want to meet me there you can but you don’t have to” Lozano said trying to not make it obvious about his feelings for her “I’ll probably go on Tuesday ok I’m gonna go bye” Lozano cursed. He wondered around his house seemed like a ghost there was a reason he survived and he will find out and his condition was not helping either Lozano wished that sometimes the suffering would go but at other times he understands it motivates him to go plugging in his mp3 player and preparing his old desert eagle he realized how much he missed using a firearm he want suicidal but it helps knowing he can defend himself struggling to repress his memories he finally drifts into sleep and wakes up realising its Monday “Might as well go now” Lozano muttered as he phoned Heather and announced hes going now. Lozano had always knew about Heather being a reincarnation and struggled to keep his feelings hidden as he made his way into his car he wondered if Heather felt the same.

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