"Owwwww" Royce cried in pain "What now?" Heather moaned "You guys" Royce whimpered and incing in pain "Aw come on we barely hit you" Cheryl protested "Not you guys Brad" Royce groaned "What?" Brad asked completley oblivious to Royce's complaining "You!" Royce shouted as he went to attack Brad "No" Isabella spoke calmly as the two were about to start fighting a flash suddenly happened "Oh god damnit now where the hell are we?" a voice asked "Beats me you know Brian if you shut up maybe we could get back to Quahog" "You know what Stewie maybe if you listened we wouldnt be here" Brian replied "Yeah well wait hey you there!" Stewie shouted "Huh?" the group replied "Yes well my names Stewie and were kind of lost where in the deuce are we?" "Well youre in Canada Stewie" Brad and Cheryl replied "Aww for *bleep* sake Stewie" Brian moaned "Go to hell!" Stewie shouted back then another flash happened and the two were gone "Ok what the hell happened?" Royce asked in surprise "What DID happen?" Heather and Isabella asked "Family Guy" Brad and Cheryl replied "Can we go now?" Royce asked "Yeah" Heather muttered. "Awesome an internet cafe" Isabella jumped with glee "Whats so good about that?" Heather moaned "Brad can probably get into the password" Isabella replied completly ignoring Brad "So hes a hacker?" Royce asked "No I mean at school often people forget their passwords so Brad asked what was the password based on" Isabella replied "Whatever lets just see if we can get in first" Brad sighed the door was unlocked "Ok a computer works here" Heather announced "Ok lets try" Brad muttered "You know I cant focus with you guys CROWDING me!" Brad shouted so the four backed off "Ok there uh huh and presto" Brad called the four over "Get a map" Cheryl stated "Hang on dont you guys know where to go?" Brad asked in shock "No we havent been here long only since Tuesday" Isabella announced sheepishly "Thank god Speedy aint here to hear that eh ok I got that map lets go" Brad finishing printing the map.

The group left the cafe and started looking around Cheryl with her burrito, Royce plotting revenge, Heather annoyed, Isabella laughing and Brad hating stuff perfect team right?

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