Wow I like picking on Royce

“So this is the plan?” Brad exclaimed much to his distaste “I guess it is” Cheryl replied in surprise “Its not that bad” Royce retorted trying to defend his plan “Err it is Royce” Isabella and Heather replied “Shut up” Royce whined “Never” Brad replied jokingly “Well if were gonna go outside we need weapons” Brad announced “Hang on then” Heather replied as she went “What the hell” Brad gasped in surprise as Heather arrived with many weapons “Where the frick did you get these” Brad asked again in surprise “The internet you should try it sometime” Heather remarked back from Brads previous comment Brad didn’t reply all he did was chuckle “AWWW you have such an adorable accent” Cheryl said “Well its…” Royce began to say “Not you dumbass I was talking about Brad” Cheryl interrupted harshly “Not this again” Brad sighed “Awwww is Bwady embarrassed?” Isabella mocked him “Nyet I have no accent” Brad replied harshly “Well to you maybe not but everyone else yes” Heather replied after listening “Hey hey guys leave him” Royce stepped in “My god someone defends me” Brad remarked sarcastically “Ok enough of his accent get a weapon” Heather announced Brad grabbed a machete and throwing knife “What makes me feel like Danny Trejo” Brad announced “Plus I prefer bladed weapons” Brad remarked again “I guess I’ll take the axe” Royce announced “Dibs on the tire iron” Isabella shouted “KATANA” Heather announced childishly “I don’t need your weapons I have my burrito” Cheryl announced childishly So the group went outside “AHHH SPLIT HEAD” Cheryl screamed the group had soon beat it to a blood pulp “Man you guys hit like wimps I do it like this” Royce said as he drop kicked the carcass “I do it like this” Heather announced as the roundhouse kicked Royce “OWWWW” Royce screamed in pain “I do it like this” Cheryl announced as she attacked Royce’s throat with her burrito “Cheryl” Royce whined “I do it like this” Isabella announced as she smacked him in the face with her tire iron “Well I do it like this” Brad announced as he hit him in the face with the stock of the machete and punched him in the chest knocking him down “Do that again I will hit you” Royce growled “Yeah right” Brad replied sarcastically “Yeah lets just go” Royce moaned so the group went to fine anyone else.

Oh yeah I did a little Call Of The Dead reference

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