“Oh yeah remember that time in English?”Isabella asked “Oh yeah when I threw the chair and it rebounded and smacked the teacher in the face” Brad replied between fits of laughter “Hey lets put some music on” Heather said already turning on the music player “Hmm that’s odd” Heather stated “What is?” Royce asked trying to listen to Brad and Isabella “The music its …” Heather trailed off to let the others listen “The hell its playing backwards” Brad noticing immediately “What the F*CK IS GOING ON?” Royce snapped “Oh god” Isabella mumbled trembling with fear “What is it?” Heather asked trying to hide her fear “Look outside”Isabella replied in fear the others looked out “Now why does this happen now?” Brad remarked sarcastically “How are you not scared?” Royce asked surprised “I’m to sarcastic to actually show my fear plus video games” Brad replied “What?” the trio replied “I’ve played F.E.A.R Condemned Fatal Frame and even Silent Hill I don’t get scared much anymore” Brad replied proudly “Wow” Heather surprised at Brad. “Ok on a more serious note what do we do?” Brad asked half jokingly “Yeah he’s got a point” Isabella agreeing “I say we go outside” Royce replied trying to act brave “I bet he’s got a crush on Heather” Brad whispered to Isabella “What was that?” Royce shouted back “I said you suck” Brad replied cheekily . As Royce was about to reply the door slammed open and a young girl armed with a …. burrito came charging in “What the fudge” Brad shouted from the confusion “Trust you to not to swear”Isabella remarked on Brads phrase “Oh sorry” the girl said quietly “No its ok who are you?” Brad asked as he began boarding up the door “Cheryl” the girl replied “Wait Cheryl as in CherylMason12?” Brad asked in surprise “That’s right” Cheryl replied “Brad how the hell did you know that?” Heather asked “Well Heather its called the internet you should try it sometime” Brad replied in his natural sarcastic way “Ok enough look we need a plan” Royce said breaking up the argument “Yeah we do” Isabella agreeing “So lets do it” Brad Cheryl and Heather said in sync.

So the five began making a plan but why has it suddenly happened well you’ll find out when I say so muhahahahahaha on a different note I'm changing Eeshs name because I cant really see her being impressed ooops is now Isabella cuz I said so

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