“Well that sucked” Royce said gladly after it had finished “I swear Uwe Boll directed that” Brad remarked cheekily “I can’t believe I actually watched that piece of crap” Heather groaned “What are you on about that was awesome” Isabella replied in defence “Then how come you kept screaming?” the trio replied in remark “I heard a mouse” Isabella replied embarrassed “Yeah like that time at..” Brad was cut off from the attendant telling everyone to leave “What’s his problem?” Heather asked to no one specifically “He’s an ass” Brad replied instantly “You sure we haven’t met?” Heather repeated her question before “Nyet” Brad spoke Russian again “Ok how the hell do you know Russian?” Isabella asked annoyed “Ahh but am I really or are you going insane?” Brad replied “I vote for insane” Royce remarked “Why are you so quiet today?” Heather asked worried “I dunno I just am” Royce replied ignoring Heathers worry “Hey do you guys mind if I go back with you?” Brad asked “What about your folks?” Isabella and Royce asked “Ahh I don’t care if they ask I’ll say I was out with a few buds” Brad replied with no lack of care “I guess it’d be cool to know you” Heather agreed hesitantly “Awesome lets go” Brad jumped with glee. The four went in the car “I’m driving” Royce announced “Fine whatever” Heather replied “HELL YEAHHHHHHHH” Royce screamed with joy “LETSA GO” Royce screamed like Super Mario “What an idiot” the trio remarked As the group made conversation they arrived “So this is your place huh?” Brad asked impressed “Yeah it is” Heather replied proudly “Not bad not bad at all” Brad stated in an inspector kind of way “Hey Isabella, Brad tell us some of the times about you guys at school” Heather asked “Ahh ok” the two replied

Stoopid rushing I blame Uwe Boll

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