Why am I doing this?

The trio arrived to the movies “Do you always drive so slow?” Royce complained “Shut up Royce all you do is complain” Heather retorted “That’s not true” Royce snapped back “God you two are almost like a couple”Isabella remarked Heather and Royce both looked at each other in silence and then glared at Isabella “What?” “Ahh lets go and see this piece of shit then” Royce mumbled “Hello and what movie would you like to see?” “Paranormal Activity 2” Heather and Isabella said eagerly “Ok there are your tickets” the man replied “YAY” Heather shouted “Fantastic” Royce replied sarcastically “Frank West right” a voice remarked jokingly “What?” Royce replied “Oh Brad quit it”Isabella noticing the young man “Your no fun” Brad mumbled grumpily “So who is this?” Heather asked “Oh yeah this is Brad a friend from school” Isabella replied almost forgetting her two friends “Wait haven’t we met?” Heather asked “Erm no I don’t think so” Brad replied almost instantly “Say what movie you guys seeing?” Brad asked “Paranormal Activity 2” Royce replied grumpily “Aww man that movie sucks” Brad replied “You’ve seen it?” Isabella replied in disbelief “No I was in it of course I have” Brad replied sarcastically “Ah well might as well watch it again” Brad said as he bought a ticket “We going then?” Heather asked “Yeah” Royce replied again grumpily “Chyort” Brad cursed “When did you speak Russian” Isabella asked “I never have I only know a few” Brad replied proudly “That so?” Isabella replied “Da” Brad replied again in Russian “Can we just go and see this piece of crap?” Royce shouted losing his patience “Yeah lets” Heather replied

Heather went into a deep wonder why does she feel she’s met Brad before and how maybe she would remember if she didn’t have the nightmares and missed her dad the one who saved her from birthing the horrid God. Ignoring it she went with her friends and "new" one to see the movie

Damn you peer pressure I blaim you Ross

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