"Who do you voodoo?" Brad sung to the song, "What?" Heather replied "Its a stupid song he listens to anyway I thought you listend to rock?" Isabella asked "So what I dont like Call Of Duty but I'll play it" Brad replied in a sharp tone "Whos it by?" "Sam B he was born N'arlens and raised to be awesome" Brad shouted "Who?" Cheryl asked "Hes from Dead Island jeez where have you people been?" Brad asked surprised "How the hell did you find the time to play it in this situation?" Royce questioned "Its called time when you guys were sleeping I wondered off you know to patrol........." Brad suddenly went quiet "What?" Heather asked "Nurses and no not these ones some crazy nurse chick on Rumble Roses XX" Brad explained "And so what about it?" Royce asked "Ahhh look basically when I played the first one as her crazy character she wants to make em cyborgs and crap guess like the Lin Kuei" Brad replied "Wow thats stupid" Royce laughed " Oh look at you I'm not the one who screamed when the cat ran past me" Brad shouted "So what it was a cat theyre annoying" Royce attempted to hide his embaressment "Both of you shut up or I'll ask the girl you like out Brad when we get back" Isabella threatened "Oh really have you forgotten it doesnt bother me if shes mentioned" "Shut up all of you and lets just go" Heather groaned

Yeah so they carried on yadyadayada I dont exactly intend to finish this series due to my exams and me trying to find a work experience place

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