"Where are we?" Royce asked "Gee if I knew we wouldnt be here" Brad shouted "Whats up with you?" Cheryl asked "Well I'm pissed because of the fact I don't know where we are who the *bleep* am I *bleep* Indiana Jones? Brad screamed as he ripped up the map "No but that was funny" Heather began laughing all Brad did in response was give Heather the finger "Hey Brad do you still like..." Isabella began asking "Do you want me to throw my shoe at you?" Brad shouted "Oh my god will you?" Royce asked to shut her up "I *bleep* will and why the hell is it whenever I say *bleep* it censors it?" Brad asked to himself as the group rested a sudden scream had startled the streets "Great a scream never heard that before" Isabella groaned sarcastically "You know why cant we go somewhere nice?" Heather asked "If I knew I would not be here" Cheryl grunted "All I know is when I'm out of here I'm gonna go to *bleep* Wiseman and say *bleep* you" Brad sighed "Why?" Heather and Cheryl asked "I dunno why is Justin Bieber famous, why does Uwe Boll keep making movies and why did *bleep* Neatherealm Studios kill *bleep* Kabal?" Brad mocked "Fair.....point" Cheryl and Heather replied carefully "Hey Brad so Kabal is your favourite character?" Royce asked "Yeah" Brad sighed "And dont try getting on my good side it takes alot and I mean alot to get on my good side" Brad said "Lets go" Heather groaned '

'''Ok so yeah Brad aka me has his rage moment blame the stuff at school and if you didnt like it why read it and if you dont like my fanons go on the internet and complain

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