Stupid boredom

The amusement park which Heather knew seemed like a stranger to her now all of it did. “This is great” she mumbled she couldn’t figure it out at first she was having fun with her friends in a lively amusement park now it a ghost town. Wondering she soon found herself on the coasters tracks in which she could hear its upcoming strike. But before it had hit her she awoke with a scream “Hey hey hey what’s with the screams?” asked a voice “Yeah your not the only one trying to sleep” shouted another “Sorry another bad dream I guess” “Silent Hill?” the first voice replied “Yeah sorry I’ll try to keep it down Royce” “No sorry I snapped I mean I’ve been under a lot of pressure from work and moving out” Royce replied quickly “Yeah sorry Heather” The second replied “Don’t be you guys are my best friends what’s the point of an apology when its not needed Isabella “ “I know” Royce announced cheerfully “What” the two girls replied instantly “Lets go out see a movie” he replied “What one though”Heather replied “I KNOW I KNOW” Isabella shouted cheerfully “What?” Royce questioned while reaching for his hoodie “Well see Paranormal Activity 2”Heather shouted with glee while Royce drank from his Pepsi not paying attention “I guess it’s a plan” Isabella replied not wanting to break Heather's spirits “AWESOME”Heather shouted as she grabbed her jacket “What about Douglas?” “He never came home” Cheryl replied quietly “Ahh I’m sure the old guys fine”Isabella remarked cheekily “Ok so were going I’ll drive” Royce announced “No I will I don’t want you pulling a Grand Theft Auto 4”Heather opposed “Fine lets go” Royce replied quietly

The trio went in the car but something troubled Heatherl she’s been cautious over the events what killed her adoptive father she doesn’t want to lose any more close people from thisHeather realised how much she missed him and nearly started crying but she didn’t want to look week in front of her friends. “Paranormal Activity 2 right?” Royce remarked “Better then nothing I suppose”Heather replied trying to hold her tears.

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