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  • RacketyEsperus

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if there is any interest in adding a 'Did You Know..?' style gadget to the Silent Hill Wiki homepage, similar to the one featured on the Final Fantasy Wiki?

    The one there presents several interesting tidbits of trivia that concern the series as a whole, rather than focussing on one particular game. So for example, a few relevent Silent Hill 'Did You Know?' examples would be:

    Did You Know...

    ...Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is set in a different universe to the rest of the games' canon?

    ...Silent Hill 2 is the first game in the series to use the iconic 'Noise Effect' staple?

    ...the traditional Flashlight and Radio items were absent in Silent Hill 4: The Room?

    ...Silent Hill: …

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