Okay, I was playing SH3 with riddle difficulty set to hard. At the crematorium puzzle, I got the solution "9721". This didn't work, so I kept reading and changing things and couldn't see how the solution could be anything other than "9721", so I turned to the internet.
The answer was "9271".
These are the second and third verses of the clue, which correspond to the second and third digits of the solution.
And now the pining hunter
The flames longing for his rebirth
A distant breath within the earth
Burn up that heavy body of his
Make it wind, dancing in the sky
That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh.
This is the memo that goes with #7:
"He seeks out her soul by his own
black ambition
Frightening her out of her wits
Whispering love songs into her ear
What cruel Linnet wants, he gets"
This is the memo that goes with #2:
"The Owl who forgot the sky
Resigned to his poor earthbound state
Hungry or full didn't matter at all
He ate and he ate and he ate"
It seemed logical to me that the second verse referred to #7 and the third verse referred to #2.
Everybody everywhere seems to be grasping at straws when it comes to why it's actually deliberately the other way around, but surely, surely, it was just a mistake on the developers' part?

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